punish me
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I am a 25 yr old slave. Its Master has caught it playing games online. It will be punished. It needs to be humiliated and begs for tasks to perform on camera. Its Master will make sure i obey and post pics online.

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Re: punish me

Stand on rice while u got a burning candle in your ass!

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Re: punish me

There would be many ways to punish a piglet, who has done wrong... As I have the tendency to make a punishment fit exactly the crime, it also is necessary to make the punishment befit an individual case and to make it fit perfectly the habits, likes and dislikes as well as the sexuality of the perpetrator. So, in order to find the best punishment for you, I will first need to know the little piglet a lot better, but I believe. that it shall be an effective punishment of her misbehaving cunt and tits, and it must be memorable... What about temporary orgasm denial while keeping the piglet aroused for most of the time ? The wonderfully large tits should be tied firmly and then the nipples clamped, pulled and finally pierced. A masturbation prevention device custom-designed just for her should also be affixed for the prescribed time. An even more sophisticated electronic stimulation apparatus could be used to keep the arousal up, while making an orgasm impossible. There will also be various whips and paddles plus a cane be available to augment the experience.

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Re: punish me

You should tie to the cross and have all body hair shaved from head to foot. They you should have a ice cube held on each nipple till there numb they push 10 ga needles though. You will not feel it at first but as the numbness wears off you will. Also should have the same done with your cunt and clit. for a starting punishment. >) >)

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