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i just returned from a trip to Bangkok, Thailand and WOW!!! what a city. The sex life there is right in the open and people are honest about their desires and hangups. Why can't we in the US learn from some of the "underdeveloped" nations on how to live happier and healthier lives.
Sex clubs are on every corner and cater to every type of sex drive i have ever heard of, and many that i didn't even know about. Some of the newer government leaders are trying to quell this activity but the people are standing up as one and saying that they will not accept any restrictions of satisfying their sexual appetites.
On my trip home i was thinking about this more and more, along with my lifelong fantasy of being a prostitute. Since this activity is [filtered word] here, and because i want the challenge of the unknown by being with a complete stranger who already knows what he wants and how to get it,that i have decided on another trip back to Bangkok next year. i plan to offer myself at one of the fetish sex clubs without pay and allowing myself to be sold to people/tourists from all over the world who go to Bangkok to satisfy their strangest sexual desires. The more i think about it, the more excited i am becoming, and just hope that i can afford several weeks there to experience the full gamut of satisfying sexual predators.
i wish there was a way to accomplish this here in the US but unfortunately our moreys and establishment are too set in their ways.

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Re: Prostitution

Why not just go work in brothel in Nevada?

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Re: Prostitution

Why not just go work in brothel in Nevada?

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Re: Prostitution

Blame it on the pilgrims and all the other religious sects that were not welcome in Europe, or anywhere else for that matter.
Their weird way of looking at a natural way of being (sex) evolved into something not natural
if you show a nipple on TV its a huge crime.
If you show someone getting dismembered and blood everywhere its called entertainment
Go figure

Good luck on your quest and have fun


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