The Cane
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I walk into the bedroom, and there you are, dressed to please. You’re sitting on the side of the bed, wearing a black bodice, gartered to a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings. The bodice is cut low leaving your breasts quite exposed, and then, I look down to your feet. The icing on the cake is the red patent leather ankle boots, with very high heels. I look more closely, and see the black cuffs secured firmly to your ankles, and similar restraints on your wrists and neck.

I walk over and stand next to you, “Have you been out shopping without your master today?”

You look up, and smile, “Yes, do you like it?”

“Yes, it is quite the proper outfit.”

“Why do you think it’s proper?” you ask.

“You’ve been a very, very naughty girl. And what you’re wearing fits a slave who is about to be punished for being naughty. Now, how do you think you should be punished?”

I reach up and cup one of your breasts, and pulling down gently, expose one of your nipples. I let the cup slide back up, and it catches every so slightly on your hard nipple, and you let out a gentle sigh. I do the same to your other breast, this time lightly rubbing and pinching your nipple, and pulling it until it is hard.

I move so that I am in front of you, and reach down to stroke your hair, as I say “I have a number of ideas, but I think you should think about it so you can tell me later what one of your other punishments should be for tonight.”

With a slight grin, you speak at almost a whisper, “I know I’ve been a bad slave. You could spank me. All over, even. I want to do what ever pleases you.” A little louder you say “I put the cuffs on so you could punish me in any position…”

“Somehow, I think that you will get spanked tonight, but I wonder if you would enjoy it just as much as I would” I start to motion for you to stand up, and moving partly behind you, I start to rub your breasts all over. As I tweak a nipple, I whisper in your ear “and I think the situation warrants a punishment much more severe than spanking alone.”

You start breathing more deeply, trying to be patient, while you are waiting, all bound up and blind-folded. Laying on your back, you have your legs tied so you are almost in a spread-eagle position. Your hands are tied down to your thighs, and you know I would be enjoying the view whenever I could. You can hear me rooting though a drawer, and after a little while, the noise stops. Wondering what I could be pulling out of the toy box, you feel me slide up next to you on the bed.

Stroking your thighs and then your breasts, which are almost fully exposed at this point, I ask “Do you know how many items I’ve chosen to use in your punishment this evening?”

You pause as if to say something, and then you start giggling. Trying to regain your composure, you say “Uhm, I’m going to say two.” Instantly after you give me your answer you feel my hand smack the backside of you thigh. “Wrong answer” I say commandingly. “Would you like to try again?”

“Yes, Master” you say with just a hint of defiance.

“How many items have I chosen to use for your punishment tonight?”

“One.” This time, I swat the inside of your other thigh, a little bit harder than the last. “You’re getting closer, another guess?”

“Four.” This time, my hand meets your butt with enough force to produce a slight sting. I continue to deliver three more well spaced smacks on your butt and thighs, the last one being very close to your freshly shaven pussy. You feel me move up more towards you, and with a hint of humor, I ask “Another guess? I think if I were to use four items in your punishment, you might not be able to take it all.”

Wincing even before you answer, “Three.” You breath more deeply once you realize you got the answer correctly.

This time, there is no sharp smack, but my hand rubbing moving all over you. “Very good. Now, I wonder which one I should use first?” Moving my hand between your legs, I run the side of it up along your outer lips, pausing to rub my fingers over the top of your mons, and then tapping lightly all over your pussy. “I see how wet you are, do you like being on display for me?” In the back of your head, you know that once I see you wet, that if I’m not hard already, I will be in seconds. The thought makes you feel even hornier.

You’re not sure how long has passed, but two of the three items have been used, one of pleasure, the other pain. You wonder what I will use next, and how I might tip the balance to provide a night of true punishment.

“Are your legs feeling cramped yet, Slave?”

“No master, they are fine for a little bit longer” you say hesitantly. You feel your legs spread a bit further apart, and not being able to see is starting to become a burden. “Master, can I please watch the rest of my punishment?” Seconds later, your eyes start to adjust to the lighting in the room. You notice that I have turned on a small light, and candles fill the rest of the room, leaving it in a shadowy but warm feel.

“Can you see what I’m going to use last for your punishment? If I recall correctly, it’s something you have never been punished with before.” You can barely make out what I’m holding up in my hand, but you see a small rounded handle in my hand, with a long thin pole attached to it.

“A cane?” you ask, with obvious concern in your voice. “But don’t you think that’s a little… Please, Master, no. I beg you. Please don’t punish me with the cane. You can do anything else you want, I’ll even do naughty things to myself.”

“I think you will do naughty things for me later. But first, a session with the cane should put a mark on your lesson.” I turn the cane over to hold it by the shaft, and slowly lower the handle to just below your stomach. I start to tap the handle directly on top of your clit hood, just a few times, with a slow cadence that starts to build in speed as I move to tapping over your outermost lips. Watching the handle intently, and then looking into my eyes, you understand that I intend to continue using both pleasure and pain in your punishment.

I start to use the handle as a dildo, working it up and down your pussy, and then a vibrator appears from the side of the bed. I replace the handle of the cane with the vibrator, which is already humming. I lay the vibrator where the edge of your panties would be, if you had any on. You close your eyes as you feel your next orgasm start to build, and that is when the cane’s shaft first makes contact with your flesh. It stings a little, but because I had hit the cane on part of an area covered by your stockings, the intensity wasn’t quite as bad as what you had expected. Your eyes are wide open, and looking to see if it’s being followed quickly or not.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt?” I ask with a mocking tone, but you know that if it was too much, that I would be actively listening for feedback to know that.

“No, Master. I deserve to be punished. Please, I want to be punished.” The last words almost being sucked in with your breath, as I swatted the part of your thigh closer to the knee. The pain is there, but you become completely engulfed again with the hum of the vibrator. I start to tap with more and more intensity as I move down your leg, stopping at your upturned ass.

I start lightly again, squarely on your butt, stopping every so often to run my fingers over your clit, and work the vibrator and a finger in and out of you. The tapping starts to make more noise, but the pain has increased only a little, but it is subsiding more and more slowly. You know that in a few more moments, your ass will be flushed and red with cane marks.

I start rubbing oil all over. Your legs come down a bit, as I release one of the ropes holding you, and as the blood returns to areas in your leg, the burning becomes a little bit more intense. I position myself further up towards your head, and you see that I am rock hard as I pull off my black boxers.

“Should I put a condom on, and fuck your wet pussy? Or should I finger your tight little hole, while I work my cock in and out of your mouth?”

“Please fuck me” you say in a begging tone.

Stroking my cock in your face, I ask “Fuck you? With what?”

“I want that big, hard cock inside my pussy.”

You see me open a package, and start to slide on a condom. I put some more oil on my cock, making sure I am very well lubricated. I look over to you, and say “I want to hear you say it again. But I want you to beg for it this time!”

You feel my hand start to work some of the extra oil into your pussy, and you look down to see. “I’m begging you, Master. Please fuck me with that cock! I need a big dick stretching out my pussy now!”

With that, I got in between your legs, and stroked my cock some more, then placed the head up against your clit. I lowered it and then pushed a little inside of you. Another gasp escapes your lips, and I pull out, and run my cock up to the top of your pussy, and then slowly down all the way to the end of your butt. I move it back up again, and push a little bit more in, sliding in almost to the hilt, you feel like you are being slowly filled up.

Trying to move, to get closer, you mew like a little kitten “Please, master, put your cock all of the way inside of me.” I pick up the pace, and bend down over you to kiss you firmly on the mouth. Your orgasm is starting to build, and my pace and thrust make your orgasm come even faster. As I thrust deeper into you, I explore your mouth with my tongue, and as I start to tweak your nipples you feel the ripple of pleasure starting to wave through your body.

You feel me tense up, and then a sharp grunt soon after, as you feel your climax hit with a force that makes you scream with pleasure.

Even before I remove myself from my position over you, I release the rest of the ropes. To sooth the pain on your tender ass, I rub oil all over your well abused areas, and it suddenly reminds you of just how hard it will be to sit down later.

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