Hucow want to be
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I do not need romance or seducing. I am a fuck slave. I am to be used. Not mistreated, but to be the receptacle for hard cocks continually. I need it. The cock owner does not need to even speak to me unless he wants to direct me in what position to be. He can talk to my Master. My Master approves in advance any one that has permission to fuck me. He is currently training my ass to take cock so I can be a 3-hole slut.

I am also pumping my breasts continually hoping to bring in milk and to stretch out my nipples hoping to get them to 3 inches in length permanently. I pump and massage any time I am home. I am naked any time I am home. When I am at work I have to go to the bathroom and massage them and pull on my nipples. I also can suck them. I would prefer to have someone come to my office and suck them for me every couple of hours for at least 20 minutes or more.

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Re: Hucow want to be

Still pumping and hoping for milk. My desire is to have my udders enlarged to the size of bowling balls when full and needing to be milked every couple of hours. I want to be fucked at least 30 times a day. Some of it needs to be done while I am pumping.

I know what I want is secondary to what my Master wants and I have no problem with that. Even when I cook for him I make his plate first and bring it to him making sure he has what he needs before I go back to fix my own plate.

I am pumping right now for the 3rd time today.


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