Facesitting on women
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Its really rare, and I get to wonder what in the name of human anatomy causes this. Unlike the frontal genitals, which are clearly different in either gender, a nice bubbly booty isn't just exclusive to women and I'm not sure why a male sporting a nice ass for female attention is considered so negatively taboo. The male G-spot is located directly on the prostate region, close to the anus, so logically a man would get more sensual pleasure from a rim job rather than a blowjob. I know it rings true for me at least, but that just my mental orientation and I'm a straight male.

Of course it would be a real horror to witness a large man crushing a small woman by sitting on her face. For sure, I can understand that logic quite well and wouldn't recommend male on female facesitting with men who are above 6 foot tall and weight around 200 pounds. Not without a lot of precaution and a very idealistically spongy surface to keep the woman from being flattened.

However, its a Good thing that there is so much diversity in the human race. I'm 5'11 and weight around 175 pounds, and I have seen a lot of large, strong women quite capable of wrestling men, specially in western countries like the US and Canada. It would be a wild erotic fantasy come true if I ever come across a chance to dominate a big, strong amazonian woman quite capable of kicking my ass.

Regardless, I have many artworks designed on this. Here is a picture from a 3d animation of my younger self face sitting Harley Quin. Its kinda dark because I haven't completed the lighting and there is still some last remaining bit of animation left, but when its done, it'll be a treat for those who enjoy male on female facesitting.


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