My fantasy from the movie "Taken"
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So, my Master and I have seen previews of a new TV show called "Taken". Based on the movie "Taken" of course. So it got us in the mood and thinking.

So it's been sooooo long, we figured we'd watch the original movie again with Liam Neeson. This time around, I found myself getting that tingle between my legs when watching the scene at the beginning of the movie when the daughter and her friend get taken by the bad guys. Then right when I start calming down, I get the wet, tingly feeling between my legs again when I see her getting sold at the sex slave auction later in the movie. I'm not even going to mention what the scenes of her friend in the brothel did for me!

I know the situation depicted in the movie of course is wrong, but it also makes me so horny and excited imagining that it was me being "taken" like that. I know I know, before anybody sends me a message telling me that reality is nothing compared to fantasy ... I get it and I understand the differences. My Master and I talked a bit about it on a serious note to see if we could incorporate something like that as one of our hosted events, and it just simply can't happen with the same intensity as we see it in the movie. It's also something my Master won't allow me to do alone by myself (nor would I want to for that matter) due to the real dangers of it. I simply wish there was a way we could make it happen in a relatively safe way, where my Master could be included; it would be such an amazing event!! I can only dream Tongue

I've been asked a lot of questions and given suggestions about this fantasy before. So let me give another detail about it. My Master and I have already tried playing out this fantasy two times; one with my Master as the bidder, and the other time with others as bidders. The main problem with the first try was there simply wasn't enough realism to give either of us that "high" of playing out the event, and it ended up being dull and boring, realizing that it needed to feel "more real". The problem with the second attempt was that there was no [filtered word] part to it, and there simply wasn't enough men involved (only had 2 others) to make it have that realism effect.

If anybody has suggestions or any proposals, I'm all ears! And I might even owe you one Wink

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Re: My fantasy from the movie "Taken"

I'm glad you liked it. Let me know if your Master will decide to do it, I won't miss it Wink

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Re: My fantasy from the movie "Taken"

Thank you for the great reply redcamel Smile Definitely something to think about and propose to my Master Smile

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Re: My fantasy from the movie "Taken"


Of course it isn't as effective as a r/t experience, but I try to suggest it anyway, maybe it could be of inspiration for further ideas. You could try to make something like a pre-auction on line exhibition. All the people that would like to partecipate to the auction would like to know in advance if you meet their requirements, right? So any one of them asks your Master for a clip of you being submitted to anything they require.

Let's say: I'd like to partecipate to the auction, but I'd like to know how you manage, i.e., being belted on your ass, then I ask your Master for a clip of you being belted on your ass. You could say "Ok, isn't it enough if my Master says to you that I'm ok for belt on ass?", of course your Master opinion matters, but a video says better how you manage it: you could enjoy it, but you could hate it and submit just for obedience, you could enjoy the first ten strokes and hate from the eleventh... and, mainly, you will be mercyless exposed on the (virtual) slave market square.

It could be even better if you don't know before what it will be done to you: just your Master will set up the camera and start doing to you what has been required, without notice and being you unaware of what is going to happen. Of course any one of the auctioneer will receive all the clips, to have the widest possible knowledge of you, and will be informed also of the requests that will be not fulfilled because they are beyond your limits.

It's just an idea, I hope you'll like it.

Have a nice time.

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