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Affiliate program

Be our partner in promoting male domination

The affiliate program is now open again 

Webmasters get your affiliate code here (choose create new account on next page)

50% paid directly from billing processor on new and recurring sales

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Notification system disabled

The notification system has been disabled due to server performance. 27 million notifications was just too much to handle Wink

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Testing Bitcoins

We have decided to test a new and 100% anonymous type of payment. Bitcoins. It is relativy simple and will keep you 100% anonymous

Start by watching this video to learn how it works

Learn more here: http://www.weusecoins.com/

1. Start by getting a digital wallet https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Buying_Bitcoins_%28the_newbie_version%29


Pay using this link

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Media gallery fixed

Media gallery has been fixed. Tech error. Downtime apx 1 hour

Regards webmaster

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Common online scams

Scammers want your money and will make up ANY story to get it. Below are some of the most common scams you will encounter online... Feel free to contribute your own experiences.

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system update

System has been updated to latest version, enjoy Davie

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Banned words

Due to US regulations and the censorship of creditcard companies, we have now banned words that are not legal or not accepted. The choice er simple. We do this or we close.

We do agree with some obvious ones, as they have no place on a maledom site - we disagree with other. Such is life.

Keep to maledom BDSM and you will not experience any changes.

Regards webmaster

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Firefox problem in chat

There seems to be a problem with the browser Firefox and the videochat system - we are working on it, please use Microsoft Explorer or Chrome - untill it is fixed

Regards webmaster

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Status update system will be upgraded soon

Status update system will be upgraded soon to incoorporate with heartbeat, old data will be be lost (but it will be worth it)

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