Business trip
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My boss called me and told me I have to be on a plane in 3 hours we have an important client in Chicago that I have to meet and talk him into investing into our company. I've been known as the best motivator and always get what I want. I hurry up grab a few things from my apartment, I look in my closet and try to choose how to seduce our client, sexy, classy, nerdy, or just plain inocent. I decide on a strapless red dress and I grab a sweater for on top, I get a corset and a little red thong. I smile, this will do it! Sexy yet modest with the sweater. I pack it in my garment bag and slip on a simple sun dress for the flight. It's lightweight, and comfortable. Plus if I go with no panties I can get a cold breeze, which reminds me I better grab a toy for the long night after dinner. I grab my bags and purse and run out to hail a cab.

I check my luggage and start through security, I get to the X-ray machines and they pull me aside. They empty my purse in front of a huge crowd and pull out my vibrator! I'm totally embarrassed I thought I put it in my luggage. I looked and said "really? This is far from a deadly weapon!" The TSA Agent then confi[filtered word]ed it and asked if they can pat me down. I'm already embarrassed out of my mind and here I go spread legs and this guy feels me up in front of everyone. I turned with a shitty smile and said to him "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did" then walked away. I get to my gate and I have some time to kill so I head to the bar and order a much needed drink after getting felt up and my toy taken. I ask the bartender for a shot and a beer. I put the tequila to my lips and shoot it down and then sip the beer. The guy sitting at the bar gave me a huge grin and said to me how he wanted to buy my next shot and before I could decline it was in front of me. He then said "that was quite a show they put on with you" I rolled my eyes and let out a small giggle finished my drink and left without thanking him. It's time to board anyway. I snuggle into my seat and decide to take a nap since the booze was getting to me a bit.

I awoke when we landed and after I obtained my luggage there was a limo awaiting me for the hotel. When he dropped me off he said he would wait for me to get ready for my dinner date. I get to my lavish room overlooking the city and dress. The corset really makes my boobs look amazing. The dress fits so perfectly with it. I let my red hair down and put on red lipstick. I'm ready to seduce and sell.

I take only a clutch with my ID and company credit cards, a compact and lipstick. As I exit the hotel the limo driver awaits and opens the door. There is a glass of champagne waiting for me so I drink it on my way. I go to the dinner and I'm a little buzzed but ready. I sit down with an older distinguished man that just takes my breath away. I had him eating out of my hands and signed with the company before dinner was served. We talk for hours and drink a bunch of booze. I know he is fascinated with my breasts because you has his full attention there. I was feeling happy with the booze and I told him about getting felt up and my vibrator confi[filtered word]ed at the airport. We laughed and then he gets up grabs my hand and says "I have an idea" we walk to the door his hands go around my waist. The limo is waiting and we get in. He pours more champagne and tells the driver to go to 5th and liberty. I asked, where are we going? He smiles and says you will see. We pull up in front of a huge adult book store. I laugh and say I shouldn't do this. He hands me my drink and smiles finish this first and you will want to go in. I was intrigued and gratefully finished my drink and said what the hell lets go. I'm stumbling a bit from the booze but he holds me up. The last part that was clear in my mind was looking at vibrators.

He carried me into s back room, the X kicked in and I was floating. His touch was magical and my clothes were so heavy. He stripped me naked in front of this mirror (2way) and he started to kiss me. He tied my hands up in the air on the wall and my legs spread shacked to the floor. He pulled out anal beads 1st and inserted them then put a bullet in my pussy and turned it on. He then poured hot wax gown my chest and over my breasts. I cried out it was so hot it made me cum. Then the flog and my skin was raw the drugs made me love being bested I wanted more. I needed cock in my mouth ass and pussy and I wanted it now! He untied my hands so he could fuck my face. It was fierce and so demanding my jaw felt like it was going to break. Then he bent me over a table and removed the bullet and shoved his cock in my pussy until I screamed out in orgasm when he released the beads and finished in my ass. He left his seed deep in my ass.

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Re: Business trip

great story. Thanks.

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Re: Business trip

well done

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