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Where am I? I wake up to a dark room and my hands are attached to the wall. My legs are spread open, I'm naked. I shiver passes through my entire body. I'm chained up and it's so dark and musty in the room. I close my eyes trying to recall how I got here. My mind draws a blank last I remember I was at a fraternity party with some of my friends. I faintly remember the police, maybe a judge, was I arrested? Where am I? My body aches I know I was fucked hard. It feels like my pussy was split open. I call out.... hello????? Is anyone there???? A man comes through the door wearing a mask, he has a cup, you must be thirsty? I just realized the dryness of my throat. He pours the drink into my mouth. He says"I bet you have questions " I not yes, he slaps me across the face! "That is yes sir, cunt!" I choke back my fear, yes sir I answer. Well you made a deal with me to stay out of jail last night, you said you would do anything, so you will be my slave until your debt is paid off. He tells me how he is friends with the judge and he helps turn young girls lives around.

He turns and grabs a leather paddle and slaps my thighs. The pain makes made me wince, he then slapped the other leg. He then walked close to me and said "I bet the slut has to pee" he then grabbed my pussy and slapped it so hard I almost lost my bladder. He plunged 2 fingers in my slit and then 3 pounding me so hard that it feels like his hand will go through me. I whimper out, my body tenses up and I'm so extited inside. He bites down hard on my breast and I scream out in an orgasm. Oh my my body has never reacted like that before. I look down and can see teeth marks on my breast and a small trickle of blood. I'm so weak I collapse as much as I could just hanging in my chains. His hand lifts my chin up and he spits on my face, your a worthless whore, he yells at me.

Hours go by and I'm all alone in the basement I have pissed on the floor I couldn't hold my bladder anymore. I hear the door open and I get excitedly scared. He comes in with a hood on again. He releases the cuffs on my legs and arms and leads me to a table by the choker and leash he put on me. He pushed me face down and tied me up again legs spread and arms almost touching the ground but tied. "Worthless whore" he yelled at me and them I felt pain like no other. Across my ass something hard flashed over my skin. I was hit so many times I passed out from the pain for a moment. I came to with a handful of my hair lifting my head and his cock shoved hard down my throat. Instantly I gagged and choked and that only made it worse as he fucked my face. I felt excitement between my legs as I tasted his pre cum in my throat. My pussy loves it, how so? He pulls out and punches my nose off so I can't breath and shoves his cock in hard and long. He then tells me he is going to plant his seed in me and then grabs my hips and thruster deep in my pussy. He grabs a handful of hair and breeds my hole. He pulls out and leaves me alone again.

It's been hours and I desire him again as I lay face down on the table wanting more

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Re: Dungeon

its awesome that you can write these stories without getting so excited you have to stop
keep up the good work and thanks

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Re: Dungeon

Very interesting I
May be interested

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Re: Dungeon

Always amazing the things women do not want to happen to them...yet they do...nice little story. I enjoy the fact she wanted more. Thanks for the story.
There is another site I belong to and there is a plethora of writers on the site. I am not sure I can say it here being a conflict of interest, but if interested let me know.


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