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Anatomy of a Scammer


For those that post to this forum, be aware that these posts often make you targets of scammers. Fortunately, the vast majority (not all though) are fairly unoriginal. If you get a message that looks like this:

Hello dear
My name is (insert variable name here), i saw your profile at www.slavefarm.com today and became
interested in you,i will also like to know you the more, please reply me on my Email box (insert a
yahoo, hotmail or gmail address here)so i can give you my pictures and tell you more about my self.

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Live in Female Slave/Submissive for Maid service and More

Hello Ladies Master James here i have now found my self a Apartment and it is needing a Beautiful Lady to come and keep Me companied and to stay on top of the Cleaning whilst im working and to have food Preped and ready for when i comes Home i am searching for a Female Submissive/Slave who is in Search for a Dominant to live with 24/7 i am caring and will look after you very Well if you are interested and wants to fill that position then email Me at tylernater59@googlemail.com or Get in touch with me on 07478452709 or you can message me here to get in touch...

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dom looking for sub or slave

currently looking for submissives or slaves looking for a master experience isnt needed but is preferred i have 4+ years experience in bdsm and have trained quite a few slaves, if interested feel free to message or comment on here or on kik:CJArmiger as i will be on there more

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master for sub/slave willing to let him control everything from cloths to hair etc ki k

Looking for a girl who likes to be controlled fully by kik. Give your self to me and let me look after you. Ill be a good master as i have been for many other girls. All i need is you to follow orders and be open with who you are

Kik MasterDom360 im waiting just say "hello master"

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looking for a kik slave

dom looking for a kik slave, pictures and videos will be a must, I send pics as a reward Kik:jege21

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What would you do if you were behind me?

January photo shoot with Master.
Simple question.. What's your answer?

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Are you an extreme female slave ready to take the stap into lifetime slavery, as fully owned property,than take this opportunity

I am looking for 24/7, but sessions are possible too. It is also possible to be my slave once, just for a week-end, a week or longer so that you can experience how it is to be an extreme slave. 24/7 is what i am expecting.


Permanent naked in house

Completely depilated

Body mods like nipple piercings, piercing of cunt lips and clit hood

Shared with others


Deep humiliation

Shown to others


Needles, clamps




Total control

Chastity Belt

Obedience training

Sensory deprivation

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Total Power Exchange Slave Needed

Hello my new slave.

I'm eager to get to know you.

This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle.

If interested put "I give my consent Master" in the subject line of your email/post to me

I know this shouldn't be said, but those who do not respond properly...especially those who use noreply emails like the new google+ email features, will not be read.

I am a new Dom/Master, in this lifestyle choice of consensual slavery.

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master looking for a female sub. ner virginia

My name is Jonas ive been in the s/m lifestyle for a long time , thought I would try to fine a female sub for a 24/7 s/m relationship. She must be between the age 18-49, must be willing to find her limits and go beyound, It also has to be something she also has been searching for, because it takes two to make it work, It must be coming from her heart not just her body, If this sounds like you then please contact me, please put i want you to train me in the subjuct line so i know its not spam.

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