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Anatomy of a Scammer


For those that post to this forum, be aware that these posts often make you targets of scammers. Fortunately, the vast majority (not all though) are fairly unoriginal. If you get a message that looks like this:

Hello dear
My name is (insert variable name here), i saw your profile at www.slavefarm.com today and became
interested in you,i will also like to know you the more, please reply me on my Email box (insert a
yahoo, hotmail or gmail address here)so i can give you my pictures and tell you more about my self.

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I am in desperate need of a Slave

I am searching for a Slave or submissive couple. If it is a submissive couple male would make enough Money to support female and himself. The Female Slave would be a domestic slave.

Please respond if you are looking for a Master or a Master wanting to get rid of slave(Drunk.

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master seeking little for live in submission

I am looking for a submissive preferring to live in 24/7. Am willing to start off online only with the endgame of living with me. Kik madgenius01

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Oral Sex

Was looking for slave to be a 24/7 365 Oral Sex Slave/piss whore I am ordering the Oral Seat Seat from extremerestraints and needed a slave for it. Also would have to lick pussies (clean and unclean) and suck dick. I would allow men to cum and women to cum on face. Want to start online till a relationship is established then you would move in. Must be born female and younger the better.


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How do you use technology to keep track of your slave? How are you monitored using tech?

I'd like to know how masters and owners use technology to keep their slaves under surveillance, monitored or kept tabs on generally. I'd love to know about others' experiences using location tracking apps, video, photos and so on to make sure a slave is where she's supposed to be, and is doing what she's supposed to be doing.

What are your experiences? What are the best tools out there, and how are you using them?

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black female slave wanted

I've trained some bitches to perfect slaves and there is only one thing, I didn't made so far.
My biggest wish is to own a black female slave. I know, that my wish is special. But I don't give up to find a black cunt to abuse.
If you're a black female slave or someone who knows to help me, leave me a message.
Hope, my wish will be fulfilled.

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Bound and beaten

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need a real slave

This Master seeks a real slave that is willing to relocate and be taken care of as a slave should be taken care of by her Master.

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im going to be a hucow

this fetish has fascinated me, after master trains me into being his slave he'll train me to be his hucow. i long for my breasts to grow large, incredibly large. they will swing when im on all fours and master will milk me or suck my large milk inducing breasts.. i want master to have my milk. i may get off to the idea of humiliation. will he make me moo? i want to dive farthur into this fetish.

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