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Anatomy of a Scammer


For those that post to this forum, be aware that these posts often make you targets of scammers. Fortunately, the vast majority (not all though) are fairly unoriginal. If you get a message that looks like this:

Hello dear
My name is (insert variable name here), i saw your profile at www.slavefarm.com today and became
interested in you,i will also like to know you the more, please reply me on my Email box (insert a
yahoo, hotmail or gmail address here)so i can give you my pictures and tell you more about my self.

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Extreme Belgian Master seeking 24/7 extreme female slave

I am looking for that 1 female extreme slave who is ready to live as 24/7 slave, object, sextoy, painslut.

You are ready for this life, ready to relocate, ready to enter modern extreme slavelife.

That life is a life of humiliation, objectivation, sexual use and abuse, torture and confinement.

I live in an appartment witch is well equiped to keep a slave the way i want it.

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Night with Master

I got here and waited for six hours in nervous anticipation, pacing and keeping myself horny. Master did not allow me to cum in the week before I arrived. I went shopping and got beer condoms and other fun things. My buttplug was tight in my ass, as commanded. Finally Master arrived, banging on the door. I let him in immediately was told to be on my knees on the rough hotel carpet. He tossed down his bag of rope and other toys and told me to hang his jacket. He had me kiss his boots and remove them. He made me crawl to the bedroom and get on the bed. I had to put my face down and my ass up.

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Female Submissive's and slaves in Virginia

I am a new member to the site but Iam not new to being a master. I am looking for slaves in or around Virginia who know their worthlessness or are eager and willing to be trained.

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seeking online slut for no limits, total control slavery

I'm basically seeking a long term online slavegirl to enslave as a fully owned property. I'm seeking a slut ready to accept a total control, everythings will be ruled and controlled, you'll be just like a (I hope valuable) property. Discipline will be strict and training hard but if you're a real slave you'll enjoy it. Very few limits will be accepted, more at beginning, fewer when in training. The slave should be in range 18-42, have all 3 holes available, possibly with a thin body and should be able to be regularly online.

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Aussie master wants to relocate you to his cage

19 year old aussie master wants an obeideint pet to feed and shelter. I have no limits so state yours and they will be respected. Im strict but fair, you'll have a cage, food, and affection

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