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Anatomy of a Scammer


For those that post to this forum, be aware that these posts often make you targets of scammers. Fortunately, the vast majority (not all though) are fairly unoriginal. If you get a message that looks like this:

Hello dear
My name is (insert variable name here), i saw your profile at www.slavefarm.com today and became
interested in you,i will also like to know you the more, please reply me on my Email box (insert a
yahoo, hotmail or gmail address here)so i can give you my pictures and tell you more about my self.

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i looking for a slave girl age 18 to 27 no higher

i looking for a slave girl age 18 to 27 no higher the body of the slave can be skinny or average tits size can be c or bigger her height need to be 5ft to 5'6ft and last thing she need to be sexy

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Unowned Sub Needs Training

I am looking for an owner to transform me into a dirty fuckpuppy Making me love anal and deep throating, and pissing humiliation and so much more if u want to know more because it is a lot . Training me to piss tons of panties, and then put them into my mouth being gagged and over my face making me smell them. Let me to crave piss and cum, making me want piss enemas and golden showers, and to have my holes filled by cock. I am looking for an understanding but yet serious master to train me into an anal and oral slut. Making me be on all fours pissing panties and diapers.



I have posted to seeking a submissive before! I am seeking a hot submissive SWF 18+ who is slim and is very attractive! In the past I have had models,dancers,and more.
I am now again seeking a very hot female,former cheerleader type,or model types,
NO fat females or over weights as that is NOT my bag.
I only want the best this service has to offer.
I met a nice swimsuit model on this site already so I know they exist.
You can be a total novice and that is fine as I would train and teach you about submitting to me.
I am not abusive or domineering as that is NOT dominance.



I was in contact with a couple who lived in Alabama and she was from Georgia and a swimsuit model.She was totally submissive as was her husband.
I was in contact with them and wanted both as she would serve me and he would be sent out.
He didn't like my ideas on her and was jealous! he never gave her my messages etc.
They have disconnected their phone or rather his phone.
I hope to find her if possible.She would be excellent.
I would NEVER want him as I have no use for him but would love to own her.
please help if possible or pass this on to her and her only.

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Master looking for female slave age 18-30

I am a master seeking slave trained or submissive and ready to be trained, you can send me a message here but i dont know how often i will check so if you are interested my kik is SteveMaster91, my snapchat is MasterSteve91. If you contact me on kik or snapchat i want pic of your face and i want you to ask to be my slave.

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Master seeking loyal female slave

Okay I'm here looking for a loyal faithfully female slave that is 18 to 30 years old I'm 18 there are requirements to be my slave 1 must have Skype or oovoo 2 must be able to roleplay 3 and the big one must be faithful and loyal if interested message me on here my kik econian on Skype econianneko1234 or my gmail Nightmarefang123@gmail.com

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Master looking for online slave through kik

Hello i'm a master currently seeking a slave if this interests you i'd love to get to know you and put you under consideration message with what you're looking for and your kik name if interested

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Master for Online slave NEW

I'm looking for an online slave to obey me and if that works put good. I will relocate you near me. I will give you task to do everyday. but I also want to get to know my slave too. Age below 55 please. I'm 20 so you know. Pm me and I will ask a list of questions for you to see if you fit what I'm looking for

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What I am looking for

I am looking for a trainer/dom to transform me into a dirty kinky sub via K.I.K and email due to my life. I am looking for an understanding but yet serious master to train me into an anal and oral slut. If you want to know more please email me. A pic of you gets a pic of me. I am blonde, 36 C breasts, waxed pussy, firm ass and 5ft 6in. Please have detail in your reply make me want to submit to you.

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