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20/male/master seeks 18+/female/slave in any location for Hucow training and transformation (serious replies only)

This is an ad I made in Getdare.com. Not the greatest place to go looking for a hucow, so I came here.

I have an ad on here, but I think it is high time I made a more detailed one.

**Attention-No [filtered word] and No [filtered word] Substances will be used on any slaves**


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my Owner keeps my pussy padlocked closed 24/7. He has been doing this for quite a while now. He is having trouble with corrosion and needs to put new locks on frequently. Does anyone know a good source of smaller sized stainless steel padlocks? i have been unable to find any suitable. He doesn't really mind if the lock comes off but i love it when He rewards me with a great fuck. If the lock won't come off...that just doesn't happen. i know...i am selfish.

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Seeking TPE Online Mater

i'm an in shape, attractive, female, hoping to be someones slave. i am looking for a Master that is real and genuine but would like to start an online relationship for the long term. i crave to be told what to do and when to do it. besides my professional and family life, i would like to be controlled by everything else.. sleep, eat, wear, etc. NOT looking for a Master who is purely looking for a sexual based relationship. i am not into skype shows and pussy pics all the time.

i can be available 24/7 to you via email and kik.

thank you.

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Something For My Daddy

Daddy was smiling

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Something For My Daddy

a gift for my daddy

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Kik slaves

Hello slaves

Master james here looking for female slaves
To come on kik and submit them selfs to me
You must be willing to send pictures and must be willing to do as i say
If you are interested then message me on kik with your
How committed you are:
Outfits you have:
And times your available for use:
Add sissyslave17 on kik will be waiting

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Slave needed in italy! I'm seeking a slave that would relocate to italy. Also forever

The object is clear.
I'm seeking a slave that would relocate to italy.
It's not for 1 week or 1 month but also forever if there's good feeling and i foudn a special slave.
Contact me and whatch my profile. we'll discuss by email or messenger all.

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