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Anonymous Master seeks Willing Slavegirl(s)

A group for slavesluts who are looking to be controlled on a random basis by someone they know nothing about

This group is not for people who are looking to build actual relationships with a Dom or for those who are not willing to put their all into being a slave.

This group is for those who want to be owned on Kik, Skype, email or anywhere else by an anonymous party. Once servitude has been agreed upon, The Master will have complete control of the slave's schedule, giving orders whenever He sees fit, regardless of the slave's surroundings or present company at the time.

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Seeking slaves to breed and use for sex in michigan.

I am seeking slaves to breed. I accept all ages and races as long as you are fertile. I also want 100% submission. You do anything you are told. If you want to be bred and live nearby, please pm me.

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Seeking female online slave

seeking female online slave

I'm seeking an online slave. MAYBE a meet up or 2, depends on my schedule.

Must not have any other owners , real life or online
Must be obedient
Must make their schedule available to me
Must be able to provide proof
Must be open to pushing their limits
Must have toys, cam, etc.
Must have job ( in other words, Don't ask for money)
Finally must be over 18

If you think you have what it takes or are interested pm me or kik me at Masterjames1990

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Experienced Master seeks new slave to train and collar

I am looking for a slave that wants TPE, 24/7. My main goal is to eventually use her and others as breeders and milking. So eventually this would require relocation, though not right away of course. I want a slave willing to hand over all control. To do as she is told regardless of the possible consequences such as not hanging out with friends, dating only who she is allowed, that sort of thing. Our communication would be through KIK or texting if you are within the US and Canada. If you are interested contact me here or on kik. The name is benevolentmaster on there.

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25 year old dominant male seeking a submissive female under 30

Hello everyone. I'm df6wen.uh on here. And I have a real name that I'm not going to post on here. So a quick bit about me. I'm 25 and from Houston, Texas. I am looking for a submissive girl to get to know, play with, and hopefully start a relationship. I'm a computer geek and I am often on my computer playing games or chatting with friends outside of schoolwork.

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Her first "bark"...

The day I took ownership of her was the day she lost her humanity.....

I won't bore you with the details of how I came to own her except to say that she willingly agreed that I would take responsibility for her and she would become my property. On that day I went to pick her up and bring her to her new home. When she got in my car that day she left behind all of her possessions. Even the clothes on her back were temporary until she entered my home. The only other things she brought were her state ID, passport, and birth certificate which she surrendered into my safe keeping immediately.

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Italian 40yo master seeking a slave that would relocate in italy for big time or forever

Italian 40yo master seeking a slave that would relocate in italy for big time or forever
first quality submissive
2 ubidient
3 young and skynny

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Cunt on inflatable 3

It was instructed to pull on the fully pumped interior inflatable. During the final inflation the cunt was literally mewling.

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