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useless cunt meat wanted by master

35 year old master seeking useless cunt meat for abuse.

trained or untrained will be considered.

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Real Life Hu Cow needed

35 master here seeking to take on the ownership of at least one Hu Cow with the view of starting milk production and possible breeding programme.

ideal Hu Cow should be willing to consider re location if deemed suitable.

position open for both trained and untrained Hefers

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Suche extrem Sklavin zum Kauf oder miete.

Bin ein tabuloser Master und suche eine Sklavin zum Kauf oder zur miete. Bitte nicht über 30 Jahre.

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Suche 24/7 Sklavin aber nur Real

Hallo suche eine reale Sklavin gern auch zur Miete. Komme aus Niedersachsen.

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Seeking Black Whore

White Master seeking real life black whore for 24/7 breeding and personal entertainment.

must be able to breed and willing to consider re locating.

if you seek being put in your place and reminded of your soul purpose whenever the opportunity comes up get in touch.

looking forward to using and abusing

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Play toy needed


real life female sub play toy needed.

black whore required ideally able to re locate and able to be breed.

if interested contact for more info

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Seeking Slut Meat


seeking out real life female slut meat for personal enjoyment.

would be ideally willing to re locate

contact for further info if interested

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Update of Young Slaves needed


i am seeking the following real life female subs aged 18-35 at present

1 milking maid to assist with the Hu Cows. will also be required to help tend to other live stock.

2 house maids at present to help with the running of the homestead house

1-3 female subs to act as pleasure dolls

these are the main requirements at present however i will consider others if deemed compatible and prove to make the homestead more productive as well as more enjoyable

if interest get in touch for further details

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update to what live stock is needed


here is a break down of what real live female sub 18-35 live stock i am looking for

1-3 Hu Cows for milk productions (can house more)

1-2 Pony girls for farm work and transportation

1 house pig

1-2 house dogs but would consider taking in house cat if capable with choice of dogs

would also consider others if they can be shown to improve productivity of homestead or enjoyment levels

if interested get in touch for further details

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Live stock needed


farmer looking to restock his irish homestead with the following real live female sub 18-35 live stock

to start with

2-3 Hu Cows for milk production (able to accommodate more)

also seeking

1-2 working Pony Girls for farm work and personal transportation (able to accommodate more)

along with

1 house pig, 1-2 house dogs and would consider making a home for house cat if compatible with the choice of dogs.

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