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The perfect slave: dehumanized and shaped to an object

If there's any female slave, that share my description of a perfect slave... ...I'd like you to know better!! Apply now!!
Otherwise I'm interested in your opinions and ideas to the subject.
It makes me happy and so proud, to own such an object. The perfect slave is in my opinion absolutely quiet, without own thoughts, wishes or an ego. So I can brainwash the object and create something new.
Whatever I want. That's what every Master has to do sometimes. It's freedom. It's power. It feels great.
Now keep posting.

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Requesting a blackmail slave

This will be consensual blackmail but you will be called upon at anytime to complete any task I see fit , you will become my toy to play with, tasks will test you but you are mine to have fun with

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Seeking For My Property (Slave)

I am currently accepting applications for a female slave that will become my property and serve master.

- Looking for a dedicated and obedient no limit slave to be a 24/7 pet for masters enjoyment.

Please message me if this peeks your interest.

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Poly 28 looking for forever slave

I'm looking for those women who have nothing, who have no one, those women who will not be missed or having anyone looking for them. I hate vanilla and just want that slave that wants to go out into the middle of no where and serve me however I see fit.

I'm a sadistic man who commands respect, can be kind, and just wants to be myself and self sufficient.

Let me show you that you can make someone happy, let me show you that you have worth, let me show you how to accept your place in life.

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Pony Girl

Does anyone have a Pony Girl who pulls carts with the reins tied to pussy piercing ring like to know how it worked and if any other women wanted to be Pony Girl pics are encouraged

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Needed Female Slaves on Kik

I'm tall with Red hair and blue eyes

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looking for female slave/sub

Im looking for a female slave/sub. I travel a lot due to my work as a mixed martial artist. I would prefer a online slave as for I am currently not home. I have money and a place for anyone who fits description. If you are interested you must comment or pm me. I have little to no restrictions as to who may be my slave/sub age is not a factor. You can also KiK me as my username is mmalovejayyork hope to hear from someone. If someone has a person they think fits description to what I'm looking for please inform them. I will much appreciate it.

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I need your advice pretty please :)

I need some advice and insight pretty please, on what it means to you to be a full time 24/7 submissive or slave in this life style. The Sir that has been training me wants me to do my homework on this subject before we take our training to the next level I am a green horn and just needing some help I would appreciate it so much
thank you very much MissMeggy

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Deep Needs

I have been longing for this lifestyle for so long, but am in a very Vanilla relationship, and we have a child. Our relationship isn't the best, we argue often and I often think we'd be better off without each other, but it isn't all that bad, I just can't leave him, I don't know if its just that I don't have the guts or if it that I don't think I can make it on my own as a single mother. He's never going to embrace this lifestyle and my soul just needs it. I need to feel controlled, used and utterly dominated. :/



female on this site seeking a Master-

I am seeking to CONNECT with a female with the name of LOSTLITTLEGIRL?
Does anybody on this site have contact with her?
She is the perfect age I am seeking and also has the looks I desire and deserve as well.
I would love to have her as a live in for me.
I live in NJ and am close to her and own a nice 4 bedroom home on 2 acres.
I work as a professional and would support her well.
I would love to take ownership perhaps permanently!
She would never be lost with me,she would know her new home and lifestyle.
Master Mike

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