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Open minded female slave wanted

Master with mild spina bifida is searching for a female slave for 24/7 relationship.

Contact me for more info

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Open minded female slave wanted

Master with mild spina bifida is searching for a female slave for 24/7 relationship.

Contact me for more info

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Female Slaves of a Virtual Master

For all female slave sluts who are seeking to be controlled of a virtual Master

Group members will be controlled by computer Master. The Program will send reports to the owner, which will be able to check whether slaves will obey.

So the real Master is the owner (Thats me Wink.


Be careful: To be a slave of the virtual master program is a real challenging 24/7 task!

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Tender, sore and happy

Yesterday I went in to surgery to have my tubes permanently sealed and make sure I won't ever get pregnant.
For me it's been a natural choice - I really don't want ki ds and Master shouldn't need to get snipped to make sure that happens when it's me that can't use other forms of birth control.
I've tried them all.
The pill, the mini pill, the rod, the iud.. condoms doesn't work great since I'm allergic to latex and those available in plastic cost a fortune + who wants to stick to condoms for 20 years with a permanent partner?

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Seeking female slave

45 year old man originally from east London now living on the east coast of Scotland. I am looking for a female slave for a 24/7 TPE (as TPE as is possible in todays society)M/s relationship.

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looking for female sub or slave

I am a newer master looking for an online 24/7 or 5 days a week sub or slave preferably between age 19-26.

I am a good master that understands your still a person, and no matter what you will have normal privileges as needed such as work, shopping, etc important things that must be taken care of.

I am good with understanding things and will not force things that you find yourself incapable of and will work with you.

You will obey my every command and follow my rules, I'm not too strict and do allow some freedom on rare occassions.

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Looking for Hucows across the globe.

Looking to start a farm with 3-4 cows. Relocating to PA, USA

As the name implies, I am a farmer fetish Dom. Specifically a Milk farmer. Though I am currently in the city, working toward my degree, I intend to own a fully operational farm with a specialty product, breast milk. All products and by products will be from women's breast. Thus, I am currently looking to train 3 cows to lactate plus an additional milk slave as a superior slut.

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Punishment task

So my master wanted my to stick 30 markers in my ass, I could not get to 30 and he said I needed to be punished.
He is busy at he moment so I thought I'd be a good little whore and punish my self.
What are good punishments to do?
If my master likes, I'll do every punishment on here listed.
I would video all the punishments I do and send them to him.

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sub or slave?

This is, a,thoughr ive had and I have been pondering over it for a while now and I thought I'd put it on the table to see what other people's thoughts are on this, wether your a,dom. Dom. Master master or just someone that likes a bit of kink,
My thought is I've seen many posts here saying subs have this nd slaves aren't allowed to have this for instance I've read that a true slave has no rights, which I consider highly dangerous, and she can't own anything or work?????

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