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Online kik master

Looking for a slut on kik, just kik boolbo67 if u wanna obey and we can do details there.

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Online kik master

Looking for a slut on kik, just kik boolbo67 if u wanna obey and we can do details there.

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Male Dominant Actively Seeking Inexperienced Submissives that wish to be trained/mentored (Females and Couples are welcome)

Edit: I am now actively searching for any inexperienced females that would like mentoring or to learn the submissive role in more depth, so PM me if you are interested. Thanks for reading.

am considering looking for another female submissive to train to become a sub/slave. You do not have to be experienced, as a sub, nor sexually experienced; I will teach you to unlock your full potential as a submissive.

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Punishment Assignment

So, I was really excited. My sister and sister in law were coming down for the weekend, and we were going to party for my sister in law’s 21st birthday. There are tons of pubs and bars in the city where I live, we were gonna get very drunk, dance, and have lots of fun. It had been almost a year since I was out with them, so obviously I was really looking forward to it.

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Preparing for her Master's Party

Wish an invitation? The girl will be the entertainment for the evening.

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Wanting Kik slut to obey me

Hi relatively new Master seeking a girl on kik to do all i ask her to. Kik Boolbo67 and i'll basiclly be asking you do perform daily task and to send me pictures and videos. If u wanna be my slut go ahead and kik me your info and limits.

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Tied to "The Pirate"

Plser bound to my new creation, "The Pirate" I enjoy making one-of-a-kind furniture. Other styles are "The Aztec", "The Mandarin", "Heavy Metal", etc.

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Experienced Master looking for (online) female slave or sub.

I'm a 35 years old Master with over 13 years of experience in the beautifull world of BDSM. I'm strict, caring and a little bit sadistic, so I love pain, humiliation etc, but cuddling, kissing etc too.

I'm looking for a female slave, at the beginning just online, but if it feels good for both of us maybe in real life too after a while. Don't worry if you don't have any experience.

I'm living in Europe, so it would be nice if you live in the same time zone, but if you're living in another time zone it can work too.

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Looking for a new and Truthworthy Owner

am Single, no attachments or baggage, very obedient, open to new things, quick learner, enthusiastic. Seeking anyone who can effectively dominant/control/use me for their erotic enjoyment. No problem with domestic duties.

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