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I need a female slave between the ages if 20 and 28

I want a slave girl that will did what everi want when ever with no questions asked you must be 20-28 years of age and must weigh less than 180 lbs kik me at babecenrtal1018

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skype and video slaves wanted asap

hi girls masterjames here i am looking for committed un owned slaves who are looking to be used humiliated tortured and played with.... you must have a camera working and/or laptop/computer working to be my slave..... if you have that then great ether give me a message and get through to me that way or add my skype sissyslave17
and in the request to add box i would like to see
where your from:
times available:
why your wanting to comitt to me:

speak soons

master james

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Thinking back

I've done a lot of reflecting over my life as a slave lately, what it's meant to me and how it's changed me.
As some of you might know by now, my life has been far from easy.
To submit have been a constant struggle against social construct and feministic influence as well as personal pride and stubbornness.

I live in what's seen as a very equal and open country, Sweden.

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You have all of me

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My Girls Shower Ritual

This is a ritual I want you to do every night when you take a shower before bed. This is NOT pledging yourself to me. But part of your training to become my slave. I want you to tell me how you feel, how your body reacts in any way even a shiver or tingle and also what you think about when and after saying these words.

Have your eyes closed when saying these words and really focus on what your body is telling you.

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New York Master Seeks Brainy Slave

I am a very smart, outwardly normal, tall, good-looking American guy.

I seek a female that aspires to be a world-class slave.

She must be able to function as a charming "trophy wife" or "Executive Assistant" in the broader world, and as a full-on 24/7 slave in private (and in public if I elect to parade her on a leash at a fetish event or dungeon party).

I am a serious person (though I love comedy) and I seek someone who wants a real life relationship, not simply cyber space.

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Serious Inquires

I have been watching this site for a long while now, and every time I come on here, I am never failed to be turned on. With that being said, I have been a closet bondage user for years now, and I would like someone to take heavy advantage of me. I have many fantasies that I would like to be fufilled before my life is ended properly. (Not that I plan on going any time soon) but, with that being said, I had a serious inquiry a while ago, but many of you rave about fakes and what not... I am not that, and in which, I would.

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Seeking Slave for Long Term

Looking for a Female Slave for Long Term. No experience needed, however you must have Skype or Oovoo. If you are interested message me on either with the following information.
How committed you are
Times you are available
Time Zone

Skype - Xainesdemise
Oovoo - Xaines

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A slut at a vanilla party

It’s a Saturday night like most, only we’re going out to a party with some friends. This night it’s the vanilla friends turn to enjoy our company and of course that has been kept in mind when my outfit were chosen.
I’ve got a simple, curve hugging, black dress on matched with a pair of low stiletto heels and a small purse. My make-up is somber yet dark around my eyes, my hair held back in a simple up-do and I feel amazing at your arm when we walk in to the room.

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