Smile I am seeking a hot submissive SWF 18+ who i slim and attractive!I love cheerleader type girls,model,college age girls etc.
I have owned some very good looking hot girls in my life!
I am a Dominant SWM 45,Italian,hot and sexy,single with no [filtered word].
I own a nice 4 bedroom home to host her and have her live with me.
I am NOT abusive or domineering as that is NOT dominance.
I am firm and strict with rules for her to obey and live by.
I am also very sexual and erotic.
I do NOT share my females with anybody! or ever sell them!

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it wishes to be broken and turned into nothing. it wants to have its will broken and be nothing. please be as sadistic as posible

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Looking for Online Slave

kik me at xDaManx28 with a picture of you doing something dirty. You must do what I say when I say, no buts. Short term, long term and permanent are all fine. I look forward to being your master.

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female slave looking for a true Master

Looking for a true Master that can handle me where I do like to push buttons at times, and humiliate and degrade me and not be a wannabe Master Smile

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Online Sex Slave Desired

Looking for female slave

Looking for females who are in need of a master. Must do whatever I say when I say it. Message me to learn more

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Looking for Female Slave

Looking for female slave. I Kik at xDaManx28. Send me a pic of you and a list of fetishes. You must be willing to do what I say, when I say. Looking forward to dominating you..

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Happy Holidays E/everyone

Nothing like a little bondage to brighten up your day

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