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Very strict master looking for worthless slut

Hi. Very strict and abusive master from England here. Please message me on kik if you are a good obedient slut that feels the need to be taken advantage of.

We can discuss things more on kik, message me at: Daddy_Ollie

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BDSM Basics: Male Dominant Acid Test (A Guide for New Submissives) -- great for new and experienced submissives

I found this article's link buried deep in an old forum topic. It is a very good article. As such, I want to highlight it.

It has very good advice for all new and experienced submissives -- regardless of how you categorize yourself.

The URL is:


Be aware. Be wise. Be safe.


Always Curious

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Dominant Male seeking Submissive Female to humiliate and degrade on Skype

34 year old dominant white male seeking submissive females to humiliate and degrade on skype. I want to break you down. I want to constantly remind you that you're ugly, worthless, dumb, fat, pathetic, etc...Very serious here. Skype is roughdom81 or reply here.

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Calling all Sadists, Masochists, those knowledgeable in training / behavior mod, etc. I need some ideas!!! (for a story)

Never thought I would ever put a call out to sadists, masochists, and others that are knowledgeable in pain, slave training, and behavior modification. But here I am. Smile

I am currently writing a Sci-Fi story about a very rebellious slave. The slave was taken from her home world (Earth) when just an infant and raised in a laboratory. Many body modifications were done to her turning her from a very helpless creature into a living weapon. Problem: The slave has no desire to do the bidding of her masters.

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Strict online master looking submissive pet.

Looking dirty submissive slutpet to own in skype or kik.
Skype: jason.smithwood
Kik: Onlinemastersir
Will be waiting you slut!

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Looking Online skype slave

Looking online slave pig to abuse,humiliate,punish. My skype : Jason.smithwood

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Sick and twisted at it's best! Searching for a real slave in NC

Seeking a 24/7 slave to treat like shit, [filtered word] and torture. Must be slave minded fuckmeat prepared to forfeit all basic,rights and live without ever getting a say again. Not interested in long,walks on the beach getting to know each other. My yahoo is ownyou28. If you contact me you must be ready to put yourself at my feet within 3 days of your initial message though 1 day is preferred or better yet 1 hour. Lol

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New kik group for fuckpigs to be used and abused

I have started a new kik group for the use of fuckpigs by multiple doms. You will be numbered and treated as fuckmeat for the amusement of the doms.
Currently only accepting female fuckpigs, as we have enough strong doms. The next fuckpig would be fuckpig#10
Message me if you are interested fuckpigs.

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