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Daddy doms for lost little girls

Hi! naughty kitty sub here looking for a strict, caring daddy to punish me

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28 years old submissive woman seeking an online dom.


I am a 28 years old submissive woman from Turkey, Istanbul.
I am looking for an online dominant man who likes to control women.
I like pain, self bondage, doing what is told and so many other things. Details can be discussed as I am pretty open to try new things.
I am not interested in older men so my age limit is 45 yrs old.
I have a nice body, long blonde hair, small breasts.
If you are interested drop me a dm for further chat.


ps: As mentinoed above I am not fat nor have i big breasts so if you are interested in bbw i am not your girl.

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Daddy Dom in Leicester looking for local(ish) little

I'm new to this lifestyle having been introduced a few weeks ago to what a little actually was, and it's what I've always been attracted to in a girl. I'm looking for someone who needs a daddy dom in person, close enough to me that we can actually spend time together. I'm not rough, but am very dirty when it comes to sex so almost anything goes. Outside of sex I am a very caring and nurturing person.

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Kinky Sailing Adventures - submissives wanted!

Company wanted for escapades in Northern Europe first, the Mediterranean and around the world later

Any adventure is more fun if shared by the right company.
Sailing is not any different, actually sailing leaves room for lots of kinky activity while you are on your way. You often need something to keep you occupied when crossing open waters in calm weather.

I have a few escapades planned, some in near future, some in the horizon. I would like to invite younger, sweet and sexy sluts to join me!

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I have more ideas

From going threw all the pics on here have gotton me all hot. I just want to say somethings i found that i hope i can find a mater that can do witch is the needle work and the enemas and everything making me suffer i am just a cum dump human toilet enema whore cock whore and evrything a master wants.

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A little bit about myself

I was put on this earth to be a slave. I am here to be fucked. I am a human cum dump. I take loads upon loads of cum having no worries about getting bred nothing from a master. I am here to be human artwork if master wants. I will do what ever it takes to please master doesnt matter how bad it is. I am here as a human toilet to eat shit and drink piss. To make sure every spot on master is clean. I am here to be fucked till master is please. My cum dump hole needs to be filled with cum needs to be streatched to the max to where master wants it. Pierced marked punched, fisted and everything.

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25 yo Master looking for long term online slave

I. Who am I?
I'm 25 years old dominant male from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm funny and compassionate person with huge sense of humour and taste of good things in life. I'm a little bit nerdy and a little bit geeky. I like sci-fi and fantasy stuff like books, movies, tv series and games. I love going to parties and concerts and I mostly listen to metal/rock and trance. I also like going camping or anywhere in the nature - forests, mountains, sea shore. I like people who are honest and I'm trying to be such with people I care about. I'm also sometimes very romantic.

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Young female slave looking!!

Young female slave looking for a master, never been used before! Love latex and rubber. This dirty slave is your maid and you pet, also a toilet ready for use. Kik: analslavegirl

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