Age Play
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master/Dom. for slave/sub.

I am a young master around 23 years old looking for any age female to be my slave, or submissive other half. I am very understanding and easy going, I would prefer if you are interested to message me on kik at makemesmile1991 and we will talk in depth about our future. Message soon I do not wait for long

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Deep Needs

I have been longing for this lifestyle for so long, but am in a very Vanilla relationship, and we have a child. Our relationship isn't the best, we argue often and I often think we'd be better off without each other, but it isn't all that bad, I just can't leave him, I don't know if its just that I don't have the guts or if it that I don't think I can make it on my own as a single mother. He's never going to embrace this lifestyle and my soul just needs it. I need to feel controlled, used and utterly dominated. :/

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Female Slave lookin for Good master

20 F lookin for dominant male that can satisfy my needs <3
add me on kik - Shelliebabyxx

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looking for a daddy

i am a little and i need a daddy

Im looking for an online daddy to completely control me

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I need a daddy


I am a wittle looking for a daddy to control me online. my little age is kind of younge so i want to get to know you through messages on here and mayb kik. i am into age play. sometimes diapers. and i just need a loving, caring daddy but also strict and want to totally control me online

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Daughter Gets A Lesson

I have you sitting on my lap wearing thin panties and a loose top, and feel your warm, moist breath in my ear as you tell me you were naughty today, your soft sexy fingers trailing down to my neck as you cuddle against me, held by my strong, mature Daddy arms.

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