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A Sadistic Master looking for a painslut slave.

About me:
A newbie. 24 straight Male sadist and nymphomaniac. A super Dom and a very strict Master, but also very kind and caring sometimes. I am here for a long term M/S relationship online and if compatible will turn it to reality. I will make you my maid and would prefer to collar you and chain you.

What I am here for:

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You am a master who wants a Kik and/or Skype relationship

the fetishes are not a need just a prefer but Kik me says hi master on g_nagle123 and if I'm interested I'll give Skype and we can work from their

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A Master looking for a female slave

Hi , a newbie. I am in need of a matured female slave who will give me immense respect and consider me as her Master. After my relationship experience with few girls , I have discovered that I am a Sadistic and nymphomaniac guy. So I am seeking for a long term M/S relationship with a female slave online and if compatible will prefer to own her in reality.

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Seeking submissive / sex slave woman, online! (or in Greece, Crete preferably)

I'm an experienced DOM, looking for a highly submissive woman (or a female sex slave) for online sessions and only in terms of sex (If you are from Crete, or Greece in general, can also arrange a meeting). You must be willing to prove your gender by any of the methods I provide..Doesn't involve any risk of identity exposure or nudity (not for that part at least, you must be willing to provide any nude pics / poses dictated however, again without the risk of identity exposure necessarily, if we get down to business).

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Toronto Sub Needed

Toronto, GTA,
If you are female, curious and need a master to own you,
contact me

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craving submission

I am married and crave submission. Husband does not get any joy from trying to Dom me but understands my need. I do come with limits because of being married. Help?

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Male Dominant/Master/Daddy looking for Female slaves, submissives, roleplay(daddy/daughter) partners

I seek new or experiencedsubmissives,slaves or roleplay girls to be their dominus. I want you to be open minded as I am. I am a strict master but also understanding and caring for my submissives. During the playtime or out of it, I can be the master. I have a list of things that I like and once we start we will create a list of your limits and things you're willing to do and not to. Thank you.
Kik: danpalas
Skype: rhizlor
Any question, PM me.

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Still looking

A lot of you masters have messaged me but still trying to find that right one. I'm a slut who needs nothing more than to be abused breed and milked and also human toilet. I have been training to do milking and abuse and human toilet and enema slut. My trainer will not breed me only gives me special vitamin to get my milk. I'm looking for a master that will abuse me stretch my ass and cum dump to fit a full pineapple in both to do enemas on me and also to breed me milk me force me to drink his piss and eat his shit.

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master seeking little for live in submission

I am looking for a submissive preferring to live in 24/7. Am willing to start off online only with the endgame of living with me. Kik madgenius01

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