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UK Primal Dom Back For More

Hi there. The Primal Dom/Master from London, back for more. Had time to brush up my "skills" and now putting serious work into finding the perfect plump juicy truly submissive female slave to play with. Online play at first then, if you're in London or reasonably close, a little hands-on playtime could be in order. Age (18+), experience and body shape doesn't matter (though I do have a deep primal lust for big girls)

Hit me up on Kik (blackbear26) and let's play Wink


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Kinky submissive little

Looking for a daddy to play with me and tell me what to do, add me on kik: iakatsuki

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BLACK BITCH IN HEAT: searching for a truly hardcore cruel man

Sad to say, but ive gotten desperate.
To put my situation in simple words: I AM. IN. CONSTANT. HEAT. AND. I CRAVE. COCK. and anything shoved up my pussy. Even while writing this im wet. I get wet fast and porn just so happen to be the only thing i watch on television and its annoying af because it should be me in there.

I am a black girl in search of (preferably) a white male. Older is a HUGE bonus. A racist streak would be even more so apperciated.

I need a master who is into the following:

-Forced seCual acts
-Must be very, extreamly posessive of his "property"

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Need a slave female or females to be a slave to my female for her birthday

Hello ladies this is Master Aries. How make this brief, this is my slave of four to five years birthday weekend we're looking for a sexy female to maybe come hang out with us on Sunday night that's in or around the Los Angeles area if you think that's you then go ahead and reply. FYI you will be slaves to both of us and there will be party favors. I'm 42 she's turning 23 and we're both considered attractive and would like to find somebody of any nationality that's the same.

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Females Only


I Want Someone Talkative, Caring, Adventurous And Overall Fun To Be Around.

Please Have:
-Social Skills
-The Need/Want To Get To Know Me

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Wisconsin couple seeking 24/7 TPE slave girl

Wisconsin Couple seek slave for 365/24/7

He is a Master with over 30 years real life experience, 53, reasonably fit, very few if any limits.Demanding,, sadistic, loving, and very kinky.
She is 50, very much into ABDL ( as a Mommy ), open minded and desiring a poly relationship.

Not interested in long term messaging, games or bullshit. If you are a SLAVE, with ALL that implies, seeking a couple to Own you, you may contact Me.

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Profile pic won't load

I'm not new to slavefarm but I am however having trouble loading a new profile pic. Every one i try says it is too large of a pic to load.

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Seeking online slave

Seeking an online slave, at least to start off with. But if things look good, maybe move to irl. PM if interested.

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Seeking online slave

Seeking an online slave, at least to start off with. But if things look good, maybe move to irl. PM if interested.

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