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Rightful Inheritance...

It should never be anything but right to witness a female doing what's naturally part of her life, to embrace it, to appreciate it. I can see nothing wrong with that. Society is vanilla, or at least, attempts to show itself yet to be, full of judgement and hypocrisy. Those of that sick culture of mindless hypocrites wish never to admit we are but another species of animal, rutting and procreating, growing, developing, nursing our young... rather they'd prefer to return us all, in a last gasp, to the days of the Scopes trial.

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Young whore type slave looking

Young slut looking to become a slave. I am open to anything. I am looking for a 24/7 relationship. Pain and sex are must. Need a master who is dominant and strong. All of me is ready....


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pet and animal slut

i see myself as an animal needing training, or perhaps a pet. i am fascinated by the slaves that are bred by dogs. i imagine myself in fantasies living on a farm in a cage on straw, led out to piss and shit as an animal does, then cleaned and put to sexual use. Alternately i see myself as a dog or cat with a collar living in a home servicing anyone my Master wishes. i am interested in pony girls as well. Anyone around here know about that?

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Slut slave transformed in an automaton

I think that the slave must be transformed in an automaton that execute every order of it Master

i want to transform , ma y slut slave in a thing that i can use as i wantnt it must be a object

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just an animal

i have learned to embrace that i am an animal and meant to live that way. Caged, used, fucked, humiliated. It is what feels natural to me.

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