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Wish it could happen to me

I was [filtered word]d when I was 18, ever since then I have craved to be helpless, in pain, crying, to he used as meat again. I watch crime shows and think god I wish that was me, to see the ice box guy in Az, Charles Ng, oh fuck I wish it was me, harsh extreme use, utter fear, helplessness.'s picture

Looking for a real life kajira lifestyle

Looking for an instant kajira lifestyle

Would like to no longer have to think for myself or be in charge of thoughts. Living for myself is too hard I want to work for someone and only strive to please them in every way, cooking cleaning , 'bitch work' and of course pleasure . 1960s lifestyle because i believe in inferior and want it to stop being so confusing

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Harlye Synn- Red and White 11

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Harlye Synn- Red and White 10

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