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searching for slave

39 yr old master looking to make the lifestyle real 24/7 and be true to myself and who I am instead of living how I'm expected to live by societys rules, slave will become full property and surrender full control of her life, and being to me and be used for whatever purpose I choose for my enjoyment as well as making sure house is kept clean and,tidy, and when at home will be either naked or in set out items to be worn and greet me kneeling at the door ready to remove my shoes and kiss my feet and will eat her food out of a bowl on the floor while I eat my food prepared by slave at the table.

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List of Fetishes


abrasion play, all things purple, anal beads, belt spanking, biting, blindfolds, blood, bondage, breast/nipple torture, candle wax, cruel torture, cunt busting, cunt torture, d/s, discipline, domination, enemas, figging, fisting, face slapping, fire play, hair pulling, humiliation, leaving marks, masochism, master/slave, nipple torture, orgasm denial, pain, pussy, sensory deprivation, shibari, spanking, spanking, tit torture, trampling, wax play, whips, wrestling.

Curious about:

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Looking to own a permanent serious obedient masochistic female painshitslut toilet slave.

Hi I am Master Peter White. I am looking for one ideal female slave to match my requirements.

I am in search of a dirty filthy masochistic female painshitslut toilet slave.

The following are the requirements:

1. You must be online 24x7 for me.
2. You must permanently owned to me.
3. Live pictures of both face and body are must. Making videos of suitable tasks are a must.
4. You must be slim having flexible body and must be healthy .

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Humiliation in a Cheap Hotel Room

Humiliation in a Cheap Hotel Room

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Big Bad Wolf ISO His Little Red Ridding Hood.

I am a 34yo Dom/Master. I have some Daddy tenancies. My interests are far and wide and there is virtually no subject off limits.

I do have a preference for redheads, and larger breasts. This does not mean that if you do not have one or both that you will not be considered.

I am looking for a submissive that I can come to love and who will come to love me. I am not looking for one night stands (although they are not out of the question either), I am looking for a long (preferably lifetime) term relationship.

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On display

Seeking slave that wants to fuck before an audience, either on camera or in front of a live crowd. This would be a full-time commitment with a good deal of money to be made for all involved. I seek to further popularize the lifestyle and help people embrace their sexuality in a safe and informed manner. I have a number of ideas on how to do so and shall actively pursue them all, all I require now is the right slave girl. Do not expect to showered with money upon arrival. I currently have very little.

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