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female auction meat is looking for a real slave market

Hello, my name is Anja.
I m a german, bisexual and very submissive single-woman.
My age is 41, my height is 5.6 and my weight is average.
I m a real private masochistic woman and i have a great wish and dream.
I want to be a real submissive auction meat.
Who can help me?
Where i can find real slave markets?
I want a life as real slave, I want a real life in pain, humiliation and tortures.

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Great BDSM read, The Milk Bitch Trilogy

Here is a great book.. I think the reviews are lower because it is hardcore. But that is what we like, right? I would give it 10 fucking stars. I wish I could be the slave in this book. Please let me know if it is not ok to post this link.

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Is the Slave Auction held in Florida still active? Does anyone know where and when it is located?
I am interested in attending an auction and buying what I need.

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I am seeking a Submissive SWF 18+ who is slim and attractive to train and own totally.
I am a Dominant Male Master 40,Italian,experienced and own a nice home on the east coast with a great playroom.
I am also interested in auctions to purchase this female or willing to buy a female from another Dominant.
I am willing to pay up to 100K cash for the right girl or girls.
I would also pay her transportation to my home.
contact me asap!

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slave 13

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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The Auction -- part 2

For RT - My Master My World

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The Auction -- part 1

For RT - My Master - My World

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