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Worthless pieces of shit

For sluts and whores that crave to be beaten, abused, humiliated and all rights removed.

A place for extreme slaves who are looking for an extreme Master. Please advertise yourself like the slutty whore piece of property you are, and if your lucky someone might want your worthless ass.

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OMG the hardest beating I have ever given my titmeat.......they were really sore already from pins and needles and caning from the last days....decided that they needed a superhard beating session, just to produce nice and colourful marks for my burningsession later tonight.

For over 1 hour I hit them repeatedly with my fists, cane, whip, backside of hairbrush all over the titmeat....It was so painful I could hardly stand it but still I was wet afterwards....

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Making over-time III

Foreplay … giving her a nice “tan”.

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Beating the pig

Time for the young fuckpigs purple meatbag beating. Using the baton here to tenderize them as it cries. Any takers for this meat? Comments please!

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Punching bag head

Slapping and punching the young pigmeats head here as it whines and snivels through its snout. Who's next to abuse the meat? Comments Please!!

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After a little beating...

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punished wor

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Young fuckmeat beating

Its bound sacks were turned black with the wooden rod. Comments Please! If you have cam and mic, and can make extreme jackings vids to the pig with its pics, msg me. U can get more and chances to abuse it in person.

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Outside in the park - series 10

Still not finished with me, He has me lay spread-eagle across the metal box and spanks my udders as He continues to take my ass. It is one of His favorite things to do, abusing my udders, and i have come to love the feel of His hand or His implememnt of choice coming down across them.

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We had just finished with the sybian on her and she said she needed a belt, I didn't know she meant a I told her to take off her top and I beat her ass and back with a belt! I told her she was welcome.

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