Being marked
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my Master's toy

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Permanently marked as Masters property

Master personally put this piercing on me. I didn't have any kind of intimate piercing before and I won't get anything else because this is how Master wants it.
I am not allowed to do any on my own and he has no intention of placing more.
That he did the piercing himself was a very intimate experience and made for a memorable evening.
I'm very very proud to wear this and to be able to show who I belong to to every man I ever fuck for the rest of my life.

It will be complimented with a tattoo he has designed for this purpose when we are legally married.

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My marked pig...

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Tagged - again.

So, the piercing that Master put in my pussy turned out to be a bust.
It was rejected by my body and migrated to the point of falling off. I still have the scar to prove it.
This saturday however we finally got around to placing a new one.
This time it's placed higher then the old one and vertical in stead of horizontal. We also have a brand new tag made of solid stainless steel, unlike most pet tags that are only steel plated, and a new ring made from titanium.
All things to keep the risk of migration as low as possible.

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Both Masters mark on my bruised titmeat

What a joint venture!!! My Master Bar46sh ordered me to make a light cutting around my areolas with a razorblade then rub the wounds with vicks...very humiliating and quite painful...the wounds stung and pounded for several hours.

In order to thank both Masters I painted their initials or name on each tit with bright nailpolish...stupid as I am I chose a too pale colour for Master Gummelfusseris name (Jan) so i had to do it again before he was satisfied.

I really enjoy belonging to more Masters and love bearing their marks on my abused titmeat....

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A new perspective was brought to my attention tonight. Even after some lively chat with some pretty fun Doms to try and resolve my inquiring mind, I feel the need to ask and question.

I am quite proud of the marks from the person teaching me pain, even as I leave him. I have always looked at the bruise forming and fading; the progression with pride and a deep, fond memory of gray, yellow, green creation. (Not all BDSM'rs are into pain though.)

A Dom in chat felt, (I'm paraphrasing) that marks should not be made on a subs body.

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