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Rope Bondage pt 1

I love being tied up, the rope feels good against my skin and makes me feel so sexy! I was tied up by my friend who obviously has way more experience with this than me lol, but she'll get me up to speed quickly I hope! (I'm having trouble uploading images it seems )

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More Needles

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Ready for using ...

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nice lips

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Sunday 2-16-2014 at home

Bound in Red dress and heels.
No panties.
Master was happy with me.

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My journal

So last nights skype session was fun. I stood in display waiting for Master to answer the call. Once he allowed me to sit down we talked, then he had me do hogtie for 15 minutes which was uncomfortable and once the 15 min was up I had 5 min to escape, which I did in time with time to spare Smile anyways I had toothpaste on my nipples which burned cause I used a lot. Then I had to take my hairbrush and put clothes pins in my boobs with the hairbrush spiked end taped to my pussy, that hurt so bad, Master wanted me to go into nadu but it was to painful to move.

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2 wholes are waiting for use

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bound and ready to use

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Heute war der zweite heiße Tag, er war schon zuhause als ich kam.

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