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Real slave farm?

i know it is probably a dead end question but is there a possibility of a slave farm anywhere except in porn? Do those places exist?
i have watched a couple of those and i can honestly say i am interested in serving at one of those farms.
i am a slave for many years and have been 24/7 trained and living at a slave farm would be a good life for me.
Laugh if you want but it IS interesting, right?

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Looking for a female slave Melbourne Australia age 20-45

Hi I'm Andy,

I'm Looking for a female slave in Melbourne age 20-45. The relationship can be 24/7 or not.
I'm looking to test limits of yours and mine. I'm up for almost anything. I hope that you like hard punishment. Plenty of spanking and punishment and of course for your own pleasure, to make you cum. If you're a slave that wants to be used and abused in the most degrading way please chat me up. I'd piss on you, collar you, cane you and more. I don't really have a limit on what I wouldn't do to you if you were my slave (safety being taken into account of course)

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forced lactation

I miss my fits being firm and full of milk. How it would drip out and how sore they would be before nursing. I am looking for help on how to make milk come back in so I can milk myself and keep my milk producing and becoming a cow to make me more desirable as a slave looking

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Younger Master looking for a slave.

Greetings, I am here to find a slave to call my own and care for. I am looking for a 24/7 TPE games, no bullsh*t. I am experienced in the lifestyle and have been living it almost every day since 2006. I am currently in Clinton, Iowa and I am planning on moving to Costa Rica at some point before the end of the year, so if you decide to become my slave, you may or may not be joining me (no, I am not trying to use that to my advantage, just saying that it will happen and for you to be prepared).

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Looking to own a permanent serious obedient masochistic female painshitslut toilet slave.

Hi I am Master Peter White. I am looking for one ideal female slave to match my requirements.

I am in search of a dirty filthy masochistic female painshitslut toilet slave.

The following are the requirements:

1. You must be online 24x7 for me.
2. You must permanently owned to me.
3. Live pictures of both face and body are must. Making videos of suitable tasks are a must.
4. You must be slim having flexible body and must be healthy .

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seeking many slave girls

I'm a master, and I seek several, many slave girls and submissive women to be added unto me. Any questions, and I'm sure there will be, please feel free to ask.

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