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Experienced Master seeks new slave to train and collar

I am looking for a slave that wants TPE, 24/7. My main goal is to eventually use her and others as breeders and milking. So eventually this would require relocation, though not right away of course. I want a slave willing to hand over all control. To do as she is told regardless of the possible consequences such as not hanging out with friends, dating only who she is allowed, that sort of thing. Our communication would be through KIK or texting if you are within the US and Canada. If you are interested contact me here or on kik. The name is benevolentmaster on there.

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Distinguishing between those interested in this lifestyle and Vanilla folks.

At times I wish that submissives and slaves would be required to tattoo the bdsm insignia on their hand or shoulder so that Masters and Doms would know that they are into this lifestyle out in public. Collars or a ring would indicate ownership. It would make it easier to meet subs and slaves and vice versa.

Any thoughts?

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wore for old men she is healthy and haappy

whore for old men but she is happy

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question for slaves

are there any slaves out there that truly live there day to please there master for self fulfillment do you wake up thinking about how to please your master do you day dream of how to please your master do you push your self to be better for your master if your that kinda slave I wanna talk to you.

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Real female TPE slave wanted-LTR-Owner

*WANTED--Naturel born No Limit/TPE female slave for LTR. Owner for life.

*no Bdsm-Roleplayer or just Fetish slaves

*extreme Bondage is a must (slave is totally immobilized, trained for long time into it)

*tortured wend bound

*total control : slave will be under extreme 24/7 control--Cloth,food,toilet,money,food,talking,sex,other contacts...

*slave is trained just to listen to master and take his word as law...

*slave is not allowed to walk at home-moving only on knees

*caging-chains-bondage-slave is only short periods of times not bound or chained

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Slave marking

My master and I have been discussing the possibility of him being able to cut his initials on to me as a way of branding or marking me as his, I am just wondering if anyone on here has tried this or has any advice on how to do this safely, I love and respect my master dearly and would gladly where his mark I am just wanting to know more about this kind of marking.

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Looking for some fun on kik subs/slaves

looking for a sub/slave to have some fun over kik i'm into whatever your into except for piss shit and blood
i like tit play/torture, humiliation, toy play, ana, chain play, bdsm, latx etc.. I also train hucows

in you first message of kik include you SF username and where your from and what you like

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