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i looking for a slave girl age 18 to 27 no higher

i looking for a slave girl age 18 to 27 no higher the body of the slave can be skinny or average tits size can be c or bigger her height need to be 5ft to 5'6ft and last thing she need to be sexy

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Unowned Sub Needs Training

I am looking for an owner to transform me into a dirty fuckpuppy Making me love anal and deep throating, and pissing humiliation and so much more if u want to know more because it is a lot . Training me to piss tons of panties, and then put them into my mouth being gagged and over my face making me smell them. Let me to crave piss and cum, making me want piss enemas and golden showers, and to have my holes filled by cock. I am looking for an understanding but yet serious master to train me into an anal and oral slut. Making me be on all fours pissing panties and diapers.

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I am a human toilet and hucow still looking also pain slut

I'm still looking to be owned. I'm in to extreme enema play needle play anything painful. I am a human toilet. I found out my life that I am no good besides for being a toilet a cow and a cum dump for men's use. I been taking medical stuff to keep me fertile and leaking milk for milking PM if interested only men only please I also into stretching go the max my dream is to be able to take a full pineapple up my cum dump

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Want to be part of bdsm movie

I'm very interested in being part of a BDSM movie of any kind with real torture of my body and real pain! I am not interested in money at all, but I would want the movie to be publicly available and the creator can earn money if he wants!
Can anyone help me with this dream?

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Rough Master seeking submissive slut

Looking for absolute submissive slut who is willing to do to anything. Limits are expected and can be worked through/around. Must be willing/able to answer to my requests ASAP. If this sounds like your alley, then message me on KiK.

Also, looking for FEMALES ONLY. NO MALES. Age must be under 40.

KiK: DerekDisten

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Pig Needing Master

I'm a piss loving pig in need of an owner to humiliate me.
Add me on my skype, nintendogirl4561
or message me here
I only do online sessions.


How to use a female with toys!

I now have 2 submissive females living with me.One I have ganged and enjoyed as she is a total slut and whore.I look for the day she is ganged good by many men and kept as a cum bucket!
I also have a female slave I use toys on.
I first use the Sybian Vibrator on her for 1 hour or more,Then have her take the fucking machine for 1 hour or more with a 13 inch dildoe attachment until she is so weak from having monster orgasms which I allow only with the machines.Then I put her on the wooden pony for a nice ride.
I then take her down and enjoy her myself.

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looking still

I'm still looking for a master to be own to. And making it clear I don't want one or even interested in anyone younger than 30. I have some tough limits I like and anyone younger I'm not interested in at all so don't bother even PM me nothing unless 30 or older bc then I will not respond back if u r younger and everything in the interest is what I'm into

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Well I got a month and a half left with my trainer and I'm looking for a master that has years on him. I'm not looking for no 19 year old threw 25 year old who think they know about it all but dont. I'm the type of slut that was put on this earth to be humiliated in pain to obey master and be a cum dump and a thing his heart wants even a human toilet. I have kik back it is xsexslavex45

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