breast and nipple torture
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Nipple fun

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Romantic and passionate but strict master looking for 3-hole slavve willingto relocate

Belgian Master, bdsm minded although not that experienced, honest and romantic, seeks 3 hole pain slut, preferably a little older with saggy boobs for a longterm relationship. No pain for the pain, but humiliation, public nudity and gangbang may be your share. Has to be willing to relocate.

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After the clothes pins

The aftermath of the clothespin session.

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clothes pins applied to breast

She placed them on herself and had to wait nearly an hour before removal.

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A Master, Dom, or Owner....

On the soapbox. I know that I am new to this culture but I do know what I want and need. I chose to join because I was ready to fulfill those needs, wants and desires I have. I have only been on here a few days and people are demanding I commit. I know exactly what path I want to take and can't wait to see where this leads. I do know I want mentoring and training so that I may learn what my body can handle and push myself to my limits. But there are a few that are demanding ownership or their rights to me and I have only met you online.

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Nipple in pain

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Want to tie and Pierce all slaves with Branding iron

I have 5 slaves girls age from 23 to 57 all w/meat on there bodys.$ have asked to be Braned w/an iron showing who they belong to,one wants to have her clit branded also neeed info on what type of branding iron to use.They range from 32 to 46 cc to fff so branding will be on there npple area any help for any other Master is accepted.

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Tied tits and clover clamps!

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Masters fun with tits

Master enjoyed his slaves tits. Felt great and know he enjoyed it.

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