breast nipples
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oh the pain

Good evening everyone , firstly I would once again like to say thankyou for reading my blog and your comments.
Today I had two images approved and see them in the gaollery what a massive turn on that os my huge saggy tits tied and purple one much bigger than the other

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large pierced

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Suggestions to make my nipples stand out.

i have large breasts and love breast torture however my partners are very disappointed that my nipples will not stand up. i have a large aerolas and have tried everything including pumping, snake bite kits, and banding with no success. They come out for a minute and then immediately retreat back to being flat. i want to please those i am with and need to find a way for them to stand up.
Thankyou, karensue

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suction of nipples

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Confessions of a cow slave

As many slaves and subs, i have always wanted to be an owned piece of property, an [filtered word], livestock. The illustrations and stories about this kind of thing make me so horny, wet, and aching. i want to be led around with a rope, chain or leash. i want to be pulled by my septum ring, prodded, poked, inspected, displayed and used. i want no rights over my body. i want to make milk.

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i need needles

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My pain fix

I've been fascinated by tit torture and nipples lately. I have big tits and have not done much to them. I had piercings at one time, but breastfeeding kind of closed the holes. I want to re pierce the nipples vertically. I want my nipples bigger and thicker. I don't know much about how to do it. I am alone and must do things to myself to get my pain fix. So far, I've been wearing nipple clamps off and on, but I NEED MORE!

I am thinking of trying to induce lactation...

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