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ppierced nipples

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Boob Job Bimbo Slut

When I first started serving Sir he required me to get a boob job to turn my b cup breasts into d cup tits. I was excited but nervous to get slut tits.

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Slave/sub wanted for breastplay or hucow training

I am looking for a female slave/submissive for online-only training. Training will involve breastplay and if circumstances permit, lactation. Willingness to be a hucow preferred but those just into breastplay are welcome to apply.

Must have webcam.

Breasts must be supple enough that slave/sub can easily suck on her own nipples for extended periods of time since this will be an integral part of the training.

Training is to occur during weekday mornings or afternoons.

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In case anyone missed it...

Beneath you promised to hit her breasts and post pictures if people signed up to this group and she totally delivered!

Laughing out loud:D:D


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Aren't they just wonderful?

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Beneath You's Breasts Fan Club

For fans of Beneath You's fabulous breasts

Dedicated to the admiration of Beneath You's fabulous breasts Smile

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Tit Master

Okay, Ive had this weird idea for a while now and want to pursue it .Ideally what I want is a tit master-someone who owns and controls my tits, and nothing more. Anything and everything having to do with my tits, I would like to have someone else be in charge of. They are 36DD with small pink nipples.

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Induced Lactation

I have been asked more than once if induced lactation without getting preggo is possible. Some people claim those who speak of such success are full of shit. I decided to help you aspiring hucow and hucow Masters get that milk flowing.

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How can I make my nipples bigger/longer?

So I'm not sure where else to ask this, so I thought I might take a shot posting it here. My problem is that I have what I consider to be very small nipples and I would love to have them be larger. Does anyone have any advice or techniques on how I can make my nipples a bit bigger?

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