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25 year old Master seeking attractive young hucow for breeding

i am seeking an attractive young woman 18-30 to be a breeding hucow. you will be bred every 12-18 months. we may even form a loving master/sub relationship. who knows?

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what I'm here for

Hello everyone.

I'm looking for chat partners who share what i'm into

I'm not the least bit interested in being 'trained' I have a real world relationship for that. I'm looking for people who can titillate my brain cells

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seeking a female sub UK

Looking for a fit and healthy female sub around Avon/Somerset/Glos/Bath area (UK). You don't need to be experienced, just willingness to try. Genuine reply only.

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Looking for someone who wants to breed a fat worthless cow

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Seeking slaves to breed and use for sex in michigan.

I am seeking slaves to breed. I accept all ages and races as long as you are fertile. I also want 100% submission. You do anything you are told. If you want to be bred and live nearby, please pm me.

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Looking for slave and possible breeder, online for now........

I am looking for a slave that wants TPE, 24/7. My main goal is to eventually use her and others as breeders and milking. So eventually this would require relocation, though not right away of course. I want a slave willing to hand over all control. To do as she is told regardless of the possible consequences such as not hanging out with friends, dating only who she is allowed, that sort of thing. Our communication would be through KIK or texting if you are within the US and Canada. If you are interested contact me here or on kik. The name is benevolentmaster on there.

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Looking for that one true female ready for seed.

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Looking for seed for slave

Looking for males in florida that want an easy fuck. my slave needs to collect seed, either one on one or gang bang. be able to host

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I Want to be a Hucow

I want to be a hucow. I want huge udders that get milked and to be bred so I produce calves. I want to crawl on all fours, live in a barn-like envorionment, and only say "moooo!" when I speak. My farmer is free to use my nasty fat cow body however he wants to and share/rent me out to whoever he wants.

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Breed slave/Hucow seeking owner

I want to be owned as a 24/7 hucow and breeding slave. I want to be controlled and used as nature intended. I am very serious and I'm unemployed (living with mom) able to relocate immediately.

I'm 31, have had 5 [filtered word] (only one lives with me), white..


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