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Collar, corset and bended knees. Submission.

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Leg corset 2

After the corset was put together and the needle tops were satisfied, they wanted to play with pulling and tugging on the needles, so they tied some of the ribbon together. When I'd had enough they thought it looked pretty enough to take another picture, and I agree!

Such a great time and a few months in the making. I'm a lucky girl to have such pretties put on me Super thanks to the needle tops... xoxo.

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Masturbating on command

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Master Frederick and Myzeray- The Master at Work

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pink corset, by request.

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corset and spread

naked slave legs spread in corset frontal

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Corset back

Here's the back of my first corset. I laced it myself for the first time. It's still kind of loose so I'm sure I'll get the hang of pulling a bit harder.

Will also need some repairs I think. The eyelets are giving me fits!

23/7 for 30 days! It's go time

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Corset front

After nearly 4 months of procrastination and lots of bitching and moaning, here it is. My first corset.
The first I've made and the first I've worn.

It has 24 bones and is double layered coutil (tightly woven cotton, about like canvas).

It feels great, like a big hug.

As a part of my etiquette class I will be wearing it 23/7 for 30 days. So excited

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