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Daily Deposit

This is slut receiving her reward, with a 5 inch long and 2 inch diameter but plug!

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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My diary

As promised here is what happened during the session last night with Master. I assumed the usual position head down legs spread standing up and awaited for Master to answer the call. Once he did my excitement levels went up and I wondered what he would do. He had me rotate to the left, then once more so his ass would be in good view, he had me spread the cheeks, as he got his look he had me close them and spank his ass. I did till he ordered me to stop. He he said he wanted me to spank his ass 10 more times...on each cheek, with saying the phrase "1,thank you Master" and so on.

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The gift

So this pet has been given a gift by her Master, MasterT1, and the gift is to orgasm? A couple days ago Master and I talked and he told me about the gift, I was so excited, he told me how many times he was able to cum, and he asked me if Ii could get 20, I replied with yes Master, he was in shock at this whore, I couldn't help but smile, but then a idea came to my head, why not sence Master is giving me such a great gift, to make it so both of us get something out of it.

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Valentines Day Gift

Masters valentines day gift to me is the right to cum a certain number of times. But you kind Sir's get to decide how many times i should be allowed to cum. So please comment what you think below Smile

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task and punishment ideas needed

i am looking for tasks and self punishment ideas for my slave to do all ideas are welcome and if i use you idea iw ill send pic of her commiting these acts so anyone is allowed to offer segestions she loves having all holes stiffed and being deep throated. ideas can inculde

cunt abuse
ass abuse
mouth abuss
pretty much anything shes a very wiling slut

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ive been used by all my boyfriendsw for blowjobs and asslickings never fucking my pussy or playing with me just used to cum in i am only 21 and my tits look like old saggy man tits my recent x starte to fuck other girls and one day just brought one home to replace me he made me clean her ass and fucked her in my face telling me how much better she was and how much tighter sexier ect he made me give them rim jobs and clean up cum all night made me their house maid / pigg slut whored me out cheap and made me do sick things but now that he doesnt want me i need to find somthing new to do any sugg

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Cunt kicking - for the first time

So, a long realized and talked about scene happened last night.

It sounds horrible and completely nuts. People were a lot perplexed as it went on.

A great friend that was the first to flog me with leather was my trusted service top.

He read my profile with a "curious about cunt kicking" based on some other pictures I've seen. It's an area that impact play can be hard to understand, so of course I wanted to try.

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untrained female slave looking for an aggressive, handsome, and strong 24/7 master in the United States.

hello, I'm tamara, an 18 year old untrained female slave. I'm looking for an aggressive, strong, handsome, strict dominant who could train me. I want to be a real life 24/7 slave. contact please. I'm still a virgin, but I've given and received oral.

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One friday at a time

This is a work of fiction, though it is something that one day may come to pass.

I stared out the window waiting for him. It was Friday, 3pm, just like he'd ordered. The little Thai cafe was one of my favorites, and I regretted telling him of this place. Somehow, the things that went on here made it seem dirty, like a place of drunk assholes and women of ill repute. The only woman like that here though was me. The waitress came to me and whispered "Are you ready slut?" I just looked down and nodded my head. "Well, c'mon then."

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