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European Dom looking for online slave to own and train longterm

First off al, about me:
I’m a guy, straight, in his mid twenties, experienced in training subs and owning slaves both online and irl. Sadly there’s not allot of slaves/subs in my area so I decided to focus on online training for now. I’m into allot of stuff, just ask me~ but creampies/breeding are my absolute fav.

Anyway~ i’m looking for a dirty little slave girl. One that is ready and willing to be trained, owned and used online. One that is willing to do all I ask~ as I train her to be an even dirtier and naughtier slave slut and cumdumpster.

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Master looking for dutch slavegirl- (be it online or irl training) if you are into humiliation/dirty talk/the being used as toy

Master (in his mid twenties) is looking for a dutch slavegirl to use, humiliate/degrade and train.

Questions can be asked about this relationship: but i’ll be expecting a willing horny slut thats willing to be trained- fucked and used like a fucktoy. Id the relarion stays online then i’ll expect at least the training through the making/taking of pictures, recordings and cam.

If you are inteuiged or even willing: message me here or go to kik and message me directly at mr.baka123

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Master looking to train mik fuckpg/cumdump/slave (M looking for F)

Hello there future slaves, subs or cumdumps.
I've already posted about this before. But i decided to reply to some of the questions I've gotten through this post!.

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Need female for breeding, cum dumpster, creampie, domination

Seeking ovulating slave female in the Vancouver Island (Canada) area for breeding. I can help with travel to the island if necessary.

I'm an experienced dominate white male master, very clean and healthy. I have a very high sperm count, and I produce an excessive amount of cum.

I want a white slave girl who can take my entire load - all without spilling a single drop. Slave must hold it inside for as long as I demand while my sperm impregnate her defenseless womb.

I will treat you like an [filtered word] and breed you using a kitchen funnel. Masked, and 100% anonymous.

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Master seeking online slave/kik slave-one that is willing to do ANYTHING to please me, understood?

Title says it all clearly. You can message me on here or. Suprise me and get a kik account and message me on there (mr.baka123) i womder who will serve me first. You better hurry

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Daddy lookimg for new slave, fuckpiggy or cumdump

Looking for a new plaything~A thight little toy that wants to serve and be used like the slut she is.

i'm 23 btw and prefer the relationship to be online through kik

Kik me at mr.baka123~

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Dominant master 23 looking for female sub. That is willing to serve, be trained ans used (online/kik for starters)

I don't want to make this message too long. If you have questions ask me. But in short:

I'm a male,23 from europe that is looking for a female sub, a slave, a personal litte cumdump who is willing to be trained, to listen and to serve. From the moment we agreed on the terms of our contract and relationship you must be willing to do everything we agreed on. Willing to serve me, help me and worship me without question.

I can be a Master, a sir and a "daddy". Have experience in all of the above.

Kik me at mr.baka123
Or mail me at

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