cunt piercing
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Master's creation

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Rings in cunt

An old photo 2012 of when girl used to have rings in her pussy, she used to have 10 but sadly some fell out, and the others where removed.. Is hoping that in time she will have get pierced again...

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Permanently marked as Masters property

Master personally put this piercing on me. I didn't have any kind of intimate piercing before and I won't get anything else because this is how Master wants it.
I am not allowed to do any on my own and he has no intention of placing more.
That he did the piercing himself was a very intimate experience and made for a memorable evening.
I'm very very proud to wear this and to be able to show who I belong to to every man I ever fuck for the rest of my life.

It will be complimented with a tattoo he has designed for this purpose when we are legally married.

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Now, this is something that's fascinating for me.
On almost any pic that shows off a cunt or nipples there are always the "pierce them" comments and a bunch of others that agree with the idea.
There is never anyone that doesn't think it's a good idea to put big fat rings in labia or nipple. Why is that?

My Master loves to play with needles, because it's something that terrifies me. It's a turn-on that I get scared and a freshly done piercing can be a great source of pain when that's what He wants to give me.
He HATES the idea of permanent piercings on my body.

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Seattle area Master/Trainer seeking slave for LTR

I am an experienced white, divorced Master/Trainer who is college and grad school educated, 6'5", 270 lbs who is seeking a slave for a LTR. I am seeking a slave of any age between 25 and 60 who is HWP, capable of intelligent conversation and who can blend into a vanilla environment when required.

I am firm, strict and demanding and will not hesitate to punish or discipline a slave should it become necessary. I am also caring and compassionate as I know that the gift of herself as a slave is the most valuable one a girl can give and it is a gift that I must cherish and value highly.

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a slaves story

sign here and here please, he was tall large and had no hair and i had just signed to say i agree he could pierce my clit and nipples, it was a week since i was punished by my Mistress friend i had also been punished again a couple of days later for calling her a fat lasy cow after she told me off for not doing a job correctly and making me do it again i was learning my place as a slave it was another two weeks before Mistress was due out of prison and her two friends were preparing me for her, this was why i was at a shop or i should say basement sho psigning to say i want to be pierced.

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Body harness

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Pegged cunt

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