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Daddy comes home cross

I could hear the living room clock ticking away as I knelt in the hallway by the door, waiting. Any minute my daddy was going to arrive home, unlock the door, put his suit case down and let his baby girl welcome him. Shivers ran wild as I remembered yesterdays welcome. Wetness dripped down my princess place.

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Master restarts anal training and becomes a new Daddy

Well due to some health reasons Master had to stop anal stretching. He is now restarting. Master also wanted to try being a Daddy to see if He would like it. This morning when Master gets up for work at 3:30 He decided i would wear a diaper today while He was at work. He always texts me throughout the day to talk or give me a mindfuck over what may happen when He comes home. He let me know i was to be plugged when He got home i asked Him to please let me use the toilet when He gets home and He said oh don't worry you will be clean. i think oh yes Master.

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Master seeking 24/7 online slave

I need a slave who's willing to humiliate herself. Online, available at every beck and call of mine. Cold, diapers, ice skating, ballet, and bondage will all be involved. Humiliation will be frequent.

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Master Seeking Online Slave

Looking for a slave girl who can match up my interests. Requirements are online only, tasks will be given through either video chat or email. I'd prefer it if she was younger than me, but any age close to my own will do fine. The girl in question has to get cold easily, as that's the most important thing to some of the tasks. A girl with access to ballet equipment is also preferable, but not required. Tasks will be done live to ensure that they've been done. If interested, email me at chaoticbookworm@gmail.com

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Slave girl pooping in diaper, no [filtered word] visable

a slave doing as she is told

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