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New to the Lifestyle?

Are you new to the Lifestyle. Wondering if your kink fits? Confused about all of the terms? Here are two links to an excellent podcast on the subject. This is a 2-part podcast, hense the 2 links:

Part 1

Part 2

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Slaves and Subs Looking for masters in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

this is a bulitin for slaves and subs in North Carolina to find their masters

Welcome Subs and Slaves, Masters and Doms. This is a group for the women to seek out their Masters and Doms. I only have one rule and its for the ladys, if you cant follow it stay out. "If you do not live in NORTH CAROLINA you must be able to RELOCATE, if not immediately then with in the first year, we do not like to be kept waiting ladys." Now that that is done have fun and good luck.

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looking for obediant slaves

Female slaves who dont want rewards and just love being dominated post your kiks for male masters to add you.

male master message me on kik dickpicsforx

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looking for obediant slave

Look for a female slave who is obediant and doesnt care about rewards and just wants to be dominated.

if interested message me on kik at dickpicsforx

say yes master and send me a live pic of you nude and begging.

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A Master looking for a female slave

Hi , a newbie. I am in need of a matured female slave who will give me immense respect and consider me as her Master. After my relationship experience with few girls , I have discovered that I am a Sadistic and nymphomaniac guy. So I am seeking for a long term M/S relationship with a female slave online and if compatible will prefer to own her in reality.

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22y slave 24/7 live in, seeking older, dominant master/couple!! Into forniphilia!!

I'm a 22 years old girl from Norway. I'm looking for my master/mistress that I could come and live with. I would do anything you ask me to do. Cleaning, cooking, driving, errands ect. And of course everything sexual. I dont have limits. I can also be your furniture. - Chair, footchair, facechair, table, bed, couch - whatever you like! I'm not very experienced, so i would also need some training.

If you like what you read, send me a pm, and I will send more information, pictures, whatever you need.

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Las Vegas M/s and D/s couple networking and meeting new people

This is a group for Las Vegas, NV M/s and D/s couple to meet other couples as well as expand their network.

We are a group to give other locals and travelers a chance to network and meet new people of the same mind. We are not a hookup group. However, they may arise from the group, that is just not our main focus or goal here. We want everyone to feel welcome and get to know each other. Single Doms/Masters and sub/slaves are also welcome to join.

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