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New to the Lifestyle?

Are you new to the Lifestyle. Wondering if your kink fits? Confused about all of the terms? Here are two links to an excellent podcast on the subject. This is a 2-part podcast, hense the 2 links:

Part 1

Part 2

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Are there any really submissive slaves in Newcastle Australia?

If you your female aged between 20-50 and want to play with an experianced Master, you may be new to this or have been a slave before say hello, i promise ill be gently

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Cock Sucker

On her knees, hands bound behind her back, and sucking cock. That's what she was made for and she does it well.

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Golden Glow

Golden Glow

THE ROOM LOOKS dim yet alive with movement, with all the lights turned off, the only illumination coming from a series of candles placed throughout, the flickering light in a perpetual dance with the shadows that are pushed to and fro along the wall and ceiling, a result of the candle flames being repeatedly pushed by the air movement created from our bodies in motion, yours squirming under the firm discipline of my open hand.

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Experienced Master seeking Young Slavegirl

Strict, kinky and demanding dominant master, looking for a young obedient little/slave girl to own, train, use, love, protect, humiliate and control as my property. You will be master's property, you will belong to master completely. I have a lot of fetishes and kinks including a lot of humiliation, degradation, sadism, anal training and lot more.

Previous experience is not necessary, you will be trained properly by master and preference will be given to younger applicants, so don’t feel shy.

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Experienced and asserive dom seeking secondary slave

Male master seeking an extra Female slave, must have kik and be able to respond promptly and follow directions, pics are required. No rp, if you message me I expect you to do what you're told, when you're told to do it. I don't know why I have to reiterate this so often but I guess I have to. Expect at least a week of self bondage, punishment, pain, humiliation, body writing, most other kinks, and full control. Message me on kik at Mmaster21 if interested. You'd be my secondary slave, but receive primary attention as my other rests.

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Online Female Slave Training

Good Afternoon,

I am searching for slaves to train online at the moment. First let me tell you about myself a little. I have trained 3 slaves online and I’m looking for the fourth, I’ve also trained 5 slaves in real life but I don’t have the time anymore so I moved online for now.
What do I look for in a slave:
Slave must be able and willing to learn. The slave must be 18-29 and female. Willing to send pictures.
How will I train my slave:

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Male master looking for new submissive female kik slave

Hi I'm a male dominant master who has recently become free and now looking for a new female kik slave to fulfil my fetish
Message me if interested on kik @delcan2418

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Professional Submissive female - but alone very open to explore everything. I am seeking Daddy/Monitor/Master..........

Professional Submissive female - but alone very open to explore everything. I don't like playing games. too serious for such nonsense. I had a Master but he passed away with no warning or being sick, We had just stated this journey together. And would like to continue if I find the right person. I have a lot to offer to the right person,after Master passed away i went back to Mistress.I am honest,loyal and obedient. I do expect respect. I am submissive but i am no door mat. I have a brain. I want to be more than your dirty little secret.

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