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New to the Lifestyle?

Are you new to the Lifestyle. Wondering if your kink fits? Confused about all of the terms? Here are two links to an excellent podcast on the subject. This is a 2-part podcast, hense the 2 links:

Part 1

Part 2

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Daddy For A Plump Filthy BBW/SSBBW Pigslut (Kik)

The Big bad Daddy dom from across the pond is back and still looking for some dark dirty and delicious Kik Master/Slave action with a plump juicy filthy minded truly submissive pigslut. Shame'll be non-existant once you pledge your dirty body to me. Show me your nasty side and we'll revel in the filth of our dark fantasies. Follow my rules, relinquish control and be punished if you disobey

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hey all
there are still many who load same pic many time
give the system time to load it take some time before they are ready
some load same pic up to 10 time and I use some time to edit them
I approve ore dis approve as soon they are ready

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Looking for a true life, i means a good man that will care and cater for me

I am a very obedient girl and enjoy a man who is assertive, intelligent, and comfortable with his dominant nature.i want a man that will be able to cater for me and relocate me for a long term, I'm not here to play mind game or joke, i need only someone that's serious and ready to make me happy and feel comfortable forever

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Hi. I am a slave located in Calgary. I'm looking for a master who also lives in Calgary. If interested please message me. I am 20

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I love cane marks on a sluts ass...


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Seeking for a submissive

I'm training to become a master and i'm looking for submissives to help me train and become the master of their dreams.I'm looking though for submissives that aren't overweight (sorry but it's a preference.To be in Greece and willing to help me train,Ages 18-40 If you re interested pm me

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What I'm looking for


I am looking for a romantic 24/7 tpe. This is not pure bdsm, nor is it a temporary thing. This is a lifestyle I am very much interested in and I would love to get to know more about you. If at any point after reading my message and the links I provide you, that you have any questions, please feel free to ask anything.

I have done a lot of research on this and mainly use these sites as info.

Link info:



What I am looking for:

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