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New to the Lifestyle?

Are you new to the Lifestyle. Wondering if your kink fits? Confused about all of the terms? Here are two links to an excellent podcast on the subject. This is a 2-part podcast, hense the 2 links:

Part 1

Part 2

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I am Back,

Somehow my account was deleted and I am back, some of you may remember me, my last log in name was LordIronCock.

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girl wearing a lockable steel butt plug

girl wearing a steel lockable butt plug

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need one now will relocated. Been bad girl.

yes i am a young 19 year old 5 foot 5 200 pound slave looking for a master that can help me full fill my biggest dreams. Yes i am pregnant at the moment and have been milking for 3 months now. And if you want me as a hucow i have the calf in me already and i am here to be breed as many times as wanted. I have never ever taken any birth control so i can be breed quick. I love enemas i love the pain and suffering i have to be put threw with them. I love having my ass wide open and having things shoved in all my holes. I really need a master very soon.

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Male master looking for long term female slave

I. Who am I?
I'm 25 years old dominant male from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm funny and compassionate person with huge sense of humour and taste of good things in life. I'm a little bit nerdy and a little bit geeky. I like sci-fi and fantasy stuff like books, movies, tv series and games. I love going to parties and concerts and I mostly listen to metal/rock and trance. I also like going camping or anywhere in the nature - forests, mountains, sea shore. I like people who are honest and I'm trying to be such with people I care about. I'm also sometimes too romantic for a Master.

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Metal clamp on nose

This girl was naughty so the Master she was serving at the time used a nose shackle was used on girl and damn they are painful things towards the end girl started to panic as it was getting painful beyond belief... but girl will try anything once or twice or more lol.... (10th August 2014)... PS sorry for the watermark across the video at times.

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Ass spanking

girls ass nice and red after a spanking

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Wet_and_wild/slave w

Tits rubber banded and while waiting for them to turn purple, I am being just a little sassy...

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Wet_and_wild/slave w

Tits and Nipples pulled tight for stretching and pain.

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Wet_and_wild/slave w

Stretching my cunt lips from behind view for Master Dark.

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