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New to the Lifestyle?

Are you new to the Lifestyle. Wondering if your kink fits? Confused about all of the terms? Here are two links to an excellent podcast on the subject. This is a 2-part podcast, hense the 2 links:

Part 1

Part 2

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Freshly marked udders

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Preamble to the photo series that will come...8

As I thought I get again a gust of salacious comment "Fuck this fat bitch is expert licking !! "" She likes it. Which tongue!!! If she sucks cock with so much envy and mastery, it must be something !!! Look there !!! ". For two or three minutes, the men commented and revel in the scene "She loves her wet this slut !!! " " There is still some !! Applies you, fat bitch !!! "" Fuck what a slut !!! " And then the horsewhip move away from my mouth and abandons my tongue outstretched into the empty desperately seeking leather and iron ...

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What would you do if you were behind me?

January photo shoot with Master.
Simple question.. What's your answer?

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Rules for my new slave

Training a new slave and would like ideas on any early rules that doms use to train submission.

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looking for an online sub

Hello girls, Hello Ladies...

I am a master for over 10 years...

I am looking for an online sub.. You must be at least 18 years old..may accept a submissive couple but no single males.

I need you to be very sincere in your wish to serve an online Master.
You do not have to have experience of any kind.

You must be able to send me pictures of yourself carrying out my
orders and also write a report of what you did and how you felt during
your obligation.

You must have a webcam..

Since this is online, all punishment would be self imposed,

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Master Looking for Slave

I am a 27 year old Male living in London. I am looking for a femail who is submissive and wanting to be a slave. This will be done via Skype/Email. If you are local the we might be able to meet up.

Being a slave will involve following orders. You must be willing to submit to your master. If you fall out of line then you will be punished. It will not involve causing you harm/pain and you will Still have a life outside. This is something that you choose to do. If you feel you can't do it then you must say. You must be willing to commit fully.

You must be 18+

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Dom looking for an online submissive girl

I'm John, a 22 years old Dom from Spain and I'm looking for a submissive girl. In general, and while not in a session, I'm a kind but also strict Dom. I respect the sub, and I expect respect too. Depending on the relationship I may act more distant, but I always care about how the sub feels and want to make her comfortable with the relationship. After all the humiliation, spanking or other 'abuses' the sub may receive, what I want is that she feels comfortable with me and of course that she feels owned.

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Total Power Exchange Slave Needed

Hello my new slave.

I'm eager to get to know you.

This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle.

If interested put "I give my consent Master" in the subject line of your email/post to me

I know this shouldn't be said, but those who do not respond properly...especially those who use noreply emails like the new google+ email features, will not be read.

I am a new Dom/Master, in this lifestyle choice of consensual slavery.

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Look for a sub from holland/ zuid holland

Female Sub gezocht

Hope to find a sub in holland

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