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Shoes & a drink

Tuesday was another evening with Sir. He had a rough day at work and messaged me before he left that he'd like me to work on his shoes and have a martini ready for him. I got my bootblacking supplies ready, a little worried, as i haven't done a pair of dress shoes before. I did my best to time when to make his drink with when he'd left the office so it would be ready when he arrived, but still cool. His drink of choice is a Hendricks martini with cucumber slices. He taught me how to make it proper a few weeks ago.

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Punished and pissed in by her Master and his friends

Shame and consequences is a new entry in the Slave Urinals Group. Read how Margaret is beaten, fucked, humiliated and thoroughly enjoyed by David and his friends.

After her sweet, warm mouth, none of them will ever want to use a cold porcelain facility again Smile

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Look into my eyes

Cold porcelain has no appeal. What a man needs in a urinal is beautiful eyes looking up lovingly at him. Get a hurinal today and use her well Smile

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Inspiring reading for piss drinkers and their Masters

Nearly completed re-building the Slave Urinals Group that was lost in the crash. Loads of prick stiffening, pussy juicing reading in there now. Cum and tell us your own adventures in the hurinals.

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English is a living language which is constantly enriched by the introduction of new words. One word which I think is lacking at the moment is one which describes a woman who gets on her knees and opens her mouth for a man to empty his bladder into her stomach. The word that I think serves this purpose is 'hurinal' which is a simple conflation of 'human' and 'urinal'. Of course it is possible for this to apply to gay piss exchange or femdom arrangements. Those things are fine, but they don't interest me.

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Men seeking Slave Urinals

This topic is for those men who are seeking women to use as urinals. Whether your need is for a one off use, a party, or a permanent arrangement, set out your requirements here and make sure to say whether re-location, public use, or other special requirements apply.

Please join the Slave Urinals Group for more information on this topic. You may find ideas from the entries there and you may also wish to add your own thoughts and experiences to the Group.

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Slave Urinals

For the men who urinate into women's mouths, and for the women who drink it straight from the source.

A lot of piss drinking accounts and stories are here so it is worth scrolling down and reading. Please comment and rate the content if you wish. It will also be useful for Masters to enter some of their requirements in a urinal and for some slave urinals to tell us of how they serve. There are appropriate topics for this in the Forum sections 'Masters Seeking' & 'Female Slaves Seeking'.

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soumise osandy piss drink slut

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