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Looking for sub/slave

1) You must be a biological female (meaning you were born that way).
2) Age: 18 - 40 (any age above this age are case by case)
3) Body type: Height/weight proportionate
4) Height: 4'11 to 5'4
5) Race: Not an issue
6) Relocatable to my location

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Looking for someone who wants to breed a fat worthless cow

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Female Enema Slave Seeking Master and Humiliation

I am a 26 year old slave who was contracted for a 5 year term with my Master. He decided that He had grown bored of me after the 5 years was up, and I was released. I am very well-trained, as I was a full-time slave for the entirety of my term. I am a pain slut, and an ass slut.

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Seeking female online slave

seeking female online slave

I'm seeking an online slave. MAYBE a meet up or 2, depends on my schedule.

Must not have any other owners , real life or online
Must be obedient
Must make their schedule available to me
Must be able to provide proof
Must be open to pushing their limits
Must have toys, cam, etc.
Must have job ( in other words, Don't ask for money)
Finally must be over 18

If you think you have what it takes or are interested pm me or kik me at Masterjames1990

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25 yo master seeking female slave

Hello everybody
I'm 25 years old dominant male who is seeking female slave for long term online relationship.
First - who am I? - 25 yo dom from Bulgaria. I have been in bdsm for almost 6 years. I had own slaves online and dominate over subs in real life. I'm now trying to find online slave with serious intentions and for a long term. I really like not to just own the slave but have her as friend for casual talks and chats. I think this is important for building trust between each other. It's good also if slave could be regular and keep schedule or notes for tasks and stuff.

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save seeking nebraska master

im looking for a master to play with a biger woman at the end of this month i would be alone but i cant travel far i would let them come to me but only when i can i do live with my mom

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About Mammacow


I'm Mammacow. found this site while perusing the internet and thought I'd give it a shot here.

I'm a fat cow with proven fertility IRL. but the real world isn't why I'm here at all. I'm looking for folks into the same thing as I am.

I want to be your overfed pregnant pet cow, or maybe just one of many of your herd. I love the ideas of mad science and any ideas that would end in me having a large tight belly.

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Looking for a Skype slave

I am currently looking for a female/females to perform for me on Skype. I prefer younger, but I will accept women of any age. I have no limits. I will respect your limits, but I may occasionally ask you to break them. Minimum requirements for skype are: obedience, show face, willing to be naked, masturbation, anal.

I may ask you to perform a task which cannot be done on skype. In such cases I will ask for picture/video proof. (Such tasks will only be expected if my slave is willing to send pictures/videos)

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slave cunt seeking cruel master

i am a very open-minded, taboo, deviant girl

i have very few hard limits, and love getting fucked like a whore and cummed inside, with the fear of getting pregnant... my pussy gets wet and throbs thinking about being stretched, cum, piss, and more being inside. love rimming, being forced to do things, public sex, following orders, watersports, being a dirty fuck pig.

i'm looking to explore this sexual side of me more.

limits: no [filtered word], no permanent damage, no very [filtered word] things, use common sense...

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