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seek live in 24/7 slave girls

Sexo Astro scope, Taro card read, Pendulum dowsing, Dice prediction. Let me enlighten you in a fun way an intelligent conversations goes a long way.

Sound to light mantra hypo therapy, relax massage time, estim toy play, Nude twister fun, bubble bath, Jacuzzi hot bath tub. Its good to let go of sum the pressures of life sum pampering being yourself without judgement you've come to the right place.

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24yo Master looking for new kik slaves

I'm a strict and experienced Master looking to expand my group of female subs on kik. Before we start you can set your likes and limits, but once we start you're completely under my control. I will not tolerate disobedience, you will be punished for that. In order to take full control and to check wheter you obey or not I do require you to send me (anonymous) live photos. If you're not willing to do that you are not the sub for me, please keep looking.

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Feisty slut seeking CNC with realism factor from hard sadists.

I'm here looking for the hard sadists, the extreme ones who are into the dark fetishes I am. Like my subject title says, I'm looking to find the hard sadists out there who will engage CNC encounters with me. I need these encounters to heighten my own orgasms, expand my boundaries, explore new things and ideas, and help push me past my current limits. Sensory deprivation and realism are key for me; if you can't provide those, then it's a deal breaker. I have done several of these kinds of plays before and I love them.

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Afternoon humiliation

So today I decide to take slave for a walk because it was a wonderful day. While I was preping for the day I was think how I could make it more joyful. So I decied to put her in just a rope bra her pig nose and have a enema plug in. So I got her ready and thought I have a ivy stand not doing anything so I make a enema up for her. While her enema was brewing I took her plug out opened her ass and inserted 22 marshmallows. (Yes I love marshmellows in my slave). So once I inserted the marshmellows I plugged her back up poured the enema in the bag and hooked the bag up.

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Easter ready

Sorry it's been awhile since myself and slave have been on. We been getting ready for Easter. Got her get bunnytail plug and her bunny mask for easter. Our guest are going to love thecenter piece. Slave will be out in the center with her tail plug in and mask on and hogtied. She will be a wonderful center piece. She has gain quiet a bit of weight since I got her she is looking fatter and everything. Our guest that we are having for dinner already have came and had fun with her already and can't wait till eastwr.

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Need an Online Dom or a dom In Los Angeles California

I really want to do a session right now. My interests are on my page.
I'm going to be very open, I don't have much. All I have is rubber bands, some ribbon, candles, and a vibrator.

It's all up to you in creativity on how to inflict your desires on me.

Message me for a session right now. I would love to be owned.

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Mature Master to train willing mature slave

Hi would like to find a real life master to train me to become a obident and useful slave. Please be advised I am not interested in young, immature masters, someone ideally over 45 please, please, willing to relocate for right person. I am open to training in most things with the expecting of a toilet slave or anything involving excrement.

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Dominant Man in NJ NYC area looking for a Female Slave (Hucow or whore preferred)

Pleased to make your acquaintance, I am looking for a slave that have a high sex drive and enjoys being used daily. A bit about myself, I will make this sweet and direct. I am sadistic. I enjoy hurting women, and enjoy seeing them get hurt. I enjoy seeing their faces twist in pain, exhaustion, and pleasure. I want lock a girl up in a chaste belt, leaving only a tiny vibrator on low to tease her constantly, leaving pepper powder on her clit and locking it up and see as she cries from the pain and begs for release. But I am also sick.

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