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looking still

I'm still looking for a master to be own to. And making it clear I don't want one or even interested in anyone younger than 30. I have some tough limits I like and anyone younger I'm not interested in at all so don't bother even PM me nothing unless 30 or older bc then I will not respond back if u r younger and everything in the interest is what I'm into

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new slave searching for Master, MA

inexperienced female slave, 42
looking for training from a serious Master

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Well I got a month and a half left with my trainer and I'm looking for a master that has years on him. I'm not looking for no 19 year old threw 25 year old who think they know about it all but dont. I'm the type of slut that was put on this earth to be humiliated in pain to obey master and be a cum dump and a thing his heart wants even a human toilet. I have kik back it is xsexslavex45

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training update

So my training is doing very well still looking for a full time master thouhy. Today was a very hard painful filled day. My trainer shoved marshmallows up my ass and plugged it up and then hooked me up to the fucking machine for hours and had my tots being milked. I think he forgot I was on the machine earlier because like I said before it was hours till it finally stopped my cum dump is in so much pain along with my ass.

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So I been with my training master for 3 months now and all is going good he wants me to write about what I been enduring threw this time I'm still looking for a master master tho he's just teaching me. So so far he does enema s on me everyday morning to wake me up and at night sometimes during the day before he plugs my ass he puts about 5 medium-sized marshmallows in to me that been soaking then plugs me up lays me on my back spread eagle with my ankles locked in place and my wrists. Then he hooks me up to the suction tubes and leaves for a bit.

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My fantasy..

My biggest fantasy would be to have someone kidnap me and [filtered word] me anally and vaginally. Shoving their big cock up my ass and down my throat. Putting clamps on my clit and nipples and pulling and twisting them. Keep me in a kennel as their bitch and whore me out to strangers as their fat prostitute for life.

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My Perfect Slave

My Perfect Slave Whore would be 5' 7" blonde hair blue eyes have a little attitude big tits and a cunt I would work on expanding along with expanding her ass be a cum dump in her mouth fisting both ends have no limits be ready to have orgasm at anytime I tell her immediately there is alot more just not very good with writing so ending it here if you meet this or are close like besides eye/hair color on me

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i need a doctor

i am a lifestyle submissive looking to find someone that can dominate me online in a medical setting and setup weird and bizarre and awkward medical tests for me to experience. i have very few limits and would like to find someone that is deviantly creative. waiting on kik at hotsici.

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26 yo master seeking female slave

I. Who am I?
I'm 25 years old dominant male from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm funny and compassionate person with huge sense of humour and taste of good things in life. I like honesty and I'm always trying to be honest with people I care about. I'm also sometimes very romantic.

II. Me as Master

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Seeking For My Property (Slave)

I am currently accepting applications for a female slave that will become my property and serve master.

- Looking for a dedicated and obedient no limit slave to be a 24/7 pet for masters enjoyment.

Please message me if this peeks your interest.

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