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need one now will relocated. Been bad girl.

yes i am a young 19 year old 5 foot 5 200 pound slave looking for a master that can help me full fill my biggest dreams. Yes i am pregnant at the moment and have been milking for 3 months now. And if you want me as a hucow i have the calf in me already and i am here to be breed as many times as wanted. I have never ever taken any birth control so i can be breed quick. I love enemas i love the pain and suffering i have to be put threw with them. I love having my ass wide open and having things shoved in all my holes. I really need a master very soon.

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Lonely Wealthy master seeking slut toilet slut public humiliation.

Hello my name is Jay. I once had a slave to do as I please. She is no longer with us on this planet due to a vehicle accident.... I have ever since been depressed and lone for another in my life. I'm wealthy and fight MMA. I'm not the type to look like i do such activities but it excites and rushes me. I am very exclusive in things I want. I love humiliation making her do as I say. Pissing on her anal play throat stretching tied up biting and much more. I have no problem inviting one to stay under my roof I live alone in my house.

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Young female slave looking!!

Young female slave looking for a master, never been used before! Love latex and rubber. This dirty slave is your maid and you pet, also a toilet ready for use. Kik: analslavegirl

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Actively Seeking Ohio-Area Sub/Slave for Various Sexual Services

I am an experienced Dominant man seeking a local sub or slave. If you don't live in the Columbus/Ohio area, you must be willing to travel and/or relocate. You also MUST meet the following qualifications:

-Slave/sub must be obedient, or at least willing to be trained
-Slave/sub must be willing to engage in chastity, bathroom-use-control, humiliation, S&M, enema play, and ass play
-Slave/sub must accept any punishment, without complaint, resistance or refusal
-Slave/sub must be focused on my pleasure over her own

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new anal enema master

I'm seeking a new master that will help me satify my needs with eneam play and anal torture. I am in to a lot of other things if you can not see by all the other tags i put. I am willing to call master my daddy and i love being humilated in any way popular. I am a enema whore i love taking the pain in my ass. I am will to try any new ones that anyone can think of.

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Seeking BBW Slave for Humiliation, Bathroom Use Control, Chastity, and Various Sexual Services

I am a Dominant with 3 years professional experience living in the Columbus, Ohio area. I am looking for a Slavegirl between the age of 21 and 40, preferably BBW or curvy. You must be willing to travel if you're not in the Columbus area, and online-only play is up for discussion if travel is unsuitable. I specialize in orgasm denial/long-term chastity, bathroom use control, humiliation, and S&M, and I'm always open to other fetishes.

Only serious responses will be accepted, if you're not genuinely interested in this position don't bother.

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In search of worlds dirtiest filthiest female painshitslut ever

I am looking for a dirtiest filthiest female masochist slave ever. She will be treated as worthless piece of shit and pain torture and humiliation will be her world. Live pictures of body and face are must. Only serious girls who are willing to perform are welcome. Good shy girls please stay away. Tasks will include spanking slapping nipple torture face treatment ass treatment cunt treatment and more. It may go more rough. I may ask you to soak your face Inside toilet stool. If you are one then kik me @ pervertmaniac

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Wanted: Slave/Toy

Looking for a slave toy

Looking for a girl to own and give herself to me. Real slaves only please who are really willing to relocate and give themselves to a master.

Looking for no limit slut toy to become property.

PM or join this group.

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Looking to own a toilet slave / a painshitslut

To become my slave, complete the below mentioned registration process.

1. Go and soak your face and hair in toilet stool. Take bath with your piss.

2. Write your new Masters name my name ( Peter White) on your forehead with lipstick or a marker. Respect for Master is a must.

3. Slap your fucking face, tits very hard. Deep-throat yourself hard. Make those fucking tears come out of your eyes due to pain.

4. Tattoos ' Owned by Peter White ' must appear on your Butts.

5. Email me these pictures - powerforce2015@rediffmail.com to become my slave.

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