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Sadistic Master Looking For An Online Female Slave

23 year old dominant male seeking a slave female of any age. I'd love to expand my likes by meeting someone that can test me and have me explore new kinks with things they love.


Likes: Anal, Teasing, Orgasm Denial, Creampies, Humiliation, Bondage, Blindfolds,Online Play, Bodywriting, Pain, Degradation, Insertions, Panties, Household Items, Temperature Play, Pussy Torture, Nipple Torture, Spit Play, Pet Play, Huccow, Public Play, Ass Worship, Body Worship, Wedgies, Enemas.

Dislike: Anything [filtered word]

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Seeking submissive / sex slave woman, online! (or in Greece, Crete preferably)

I'm an experienced DOM, looking for a highly submissive woman (or a female sex slave) for online sessions and only in terms of sex (If you are from Crete, or Greece in general, can also arrange a meeting). You must be willing to prove your gender by any of the methods I provide..Doesn't involve any risk of identity exposure or nudity (not for that part at least, you must be willing to provide any nude pics / poses dictated however, again without the risk of identity exposure necessarily, if we get down to business).

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Please use me

Looking for a strong Dom to tie me up and have their way with me. I love humiliation and degradation, the worse the better. I'm also very interested in being used as a hucow and forcibly milked. Also would be interested in being used as a fuckpig. Stats: 5'4", 155, 34B, brown hair, blue eyes

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couple looking for live in long term sluts

I am a new domme my husband has 31 yrs experience as a dom from Sedalia missouri. We are looking for both a male and a female slave . male slave will be required to have a job and contribute to the house hold female slaves will help with house work . We are a 1950s style household.

We are looking for 24/7 TPE lifetime slaves once here you are here for life (you can make it easy or hard life we care for our slaves and they will be cherished)TPE means we have total control of you micro controlled when you pee where you pee when and what you eat how you dress everything .

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Seeking useless female fuck slave


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craving submission

I am married and crave submission. Husband does not get any joy from trying to Dom me but understands my need. I do come with limits because of being married. Help?

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Still looking

A lot of you masters have messaged me but still trying to find that right one. I'm a slut who needs nothing more than to be abused breed and milked and also human toilet. I have been training to do milking and abuse and human toilet and enema slut. My trainer will not breed me only gives me special vitamin to get my milk. I'm looking for a master that will abuse me stretch my ass and cum dump to fit a full pineapple in both to do enemas on me and also to breed me milk me force me to drink his piss and eat his shit.

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Oral Sex

Was looking for slave to be a 24/7 365 Oral Sex Slave/piss whore I am ordering the Oral Seat Seat from extremerestraints and needed a slave for it. Also would have to lick pussies (clean and unclean) and suck dick. I would allow men to cum and women to cum on face. Want to start online till a relationship is established then you would move in. Must be born female and younger the better.


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