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slave cunt seeking cruel master

i am a very open-minded, taboo, deviant girl

i have very few hard limits, and love getting fucked like a whore and cummed inside, with the fear of getting pregnant... my pussy gets wet and throbs thinking about being stretched, cum, piss, and more being inside. love rimming, being forced to do things, public sex, following orders, watersports, being a dirty fuck pig.

i'm looking to explore this sexual side of me more.

limits: no [filtered word], no permanent damage, no very [filtered word] things, use common sense...

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another enema

Enema master did a marshmallow enema on me before i go to bed i had that done a couple times he would soak 12 minn marshmallows in hot water for 10 mins then he would open my ass and pop one at a time till all 12 or how many he wanted in me were in me.

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my last master person but only a enema one

would you make me hold the enema in or a short period or long period master while i do other tasks becasue the other master i had made me and if it came out before he told me to he locked me in a cage and gave me 2 3 quarts before he went to bed and one at a time and and while he made the second one he pluged my ass with a 5 in 2.5 in wide plug and tape it in and make sure i cant push it out then he would rip the tape off and yank the plug out making me scream and he would tell me to push a tad bit out then while i try he would quickly shove the enema plug in my ass inflate the two in my ass a

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looking for a master

Im looking for a master that can help me full fill my dream of becoming a slave. and also does enemas if possible. i love pain and i willobey my master any way possible. and take my punishment if need one.

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Worthless painslut needs to be degraded over Kik

Looking for a master to dominate me over Kik. Will complete all tasks as long as the don't break limits (being public/permanent/extreme long term)

Willing to send picture/video proof after a couple chats and I feel comfortable.

My kik is: audreysimoneee

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I´m looking for an online (born) slave, so many tags, and interests not listed as well.

Submissive, obeydient, proving tasks/order through pic, video and journals. Write me and present your self. In own words, what does it consider it´s best asset and why. Experiences (if any) limits, idea about how an online arrangement could work out.


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Used for my pleasure, at my leisure.

You will be used for my pleasure, at my leisure,
And during your tenure you will develop this culture.

Online we will enact, through email, cam or chat,
To pleasure me through the tasks given to you.

Stripped naked, exposed, you'll be reviewed to the most,
With your pussy, your ass and your tits always on show.

Theres no rush in what we do, trust takes the time its due,
But submission to me, does have its rewards.

When training begins, solicitousness always wins,
For a fail in a task, means a punishment looms.

Be piggy, or hucow, slave or submissive with limits,

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