Extreme public Humiliation and degradation
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Group whore available

this group whore loves been used in the ass. My pathetic sissy hubby does the cleanup afterword

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Obedient russian maidservant

Russian submissive girl offers herself as maidservant to dominant pair from Europe. Take me, please.

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Getting ready to go out :)

To please my master, I am dressed up today like a perfect little slut and ready to go out in public. I hope to get used by as many random strangers as possible and capture the action on video to share later. I am eager to show the world I am an obedient, willing and useful fuck slave.

As a woman, I understand my only purpose in life is to be used, exploited, abused, bred, degraded and humiliated by men for pleasure, entertainment, personal gain, financial gain, etc. I am just happy and honored to be of service and please however possible.

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Slut needs ideas

My name is samyuktha.i am from india.my age is 23.i am a slave and have served a mistress in delhi but now she got married and we stopped the relation. we have vacation and I am going to a trip with my friends for a week.
I along with 3 of my friends( all girls) are going to a farm house which is away from the city and only few people reside in the surrounding areas.i have lost a crucial bet with my friends and I have to be there slave for a week.

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