Extreme public Humiliation and degradation
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Rest Stop Tits

Sir put an ad up on Craigslist to come fondle a slut's D cup tits at a rest stop for free. At the stop, I hung my naked tits out the car window. My nipples had red lipstick on them and look whorish. TITTY BRAINS was written in black marker across my chest, which made all the men laugh. For an hour, 29 men came and went to fondle my tits, slap them, squeeze them, take pics of them, pinch my nipples. Between each fondling I was ordered to shake my tits in the window. My face was not in the window so I couldn't see who was fondling my tits, I could only feel it.

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Looking for a blackmail slave

Looking for a willing blackmail slave who would do ANYTHING to protect her secret, knowledge of what you don't want out and a person you don't want to find out is a must, beware once started it will not stop 24/7, if this is not for you don't apply, but if your willing for a challenge and a little humiliation and pain then let's talk

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Obedient russian maidservant

Russian submissive girl offers herself as maidservant to dominant pair from Europe. Take me, please.

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Getting ready to go out :)

To please my master, I am dressed up today like a perfect little slut and ready to go out in public. I hope to get used by as many random strangers as possible and capture the action on video to share later. I am eager to show the world I am an obedient, willing and useful fuck slave.

As a woman, I understand my only purpose in life is to be used, exploited, abused, bred, degraded and humiliated by men for pleasure, entertainment, personal gain, financial gain, etc. I am just happy and honored to be of service and please however possible.

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Slut needs ideas

My name is samyuktha.i am from india.my age is 23.i am a slave and have served a mistress in delhi but now she got married and we stopped the relation. we have vacation and I am going to a trip with my friends for a week.
I along with 3 of my friends( all girls) are going to a farm house which is away from the city and only few people reside in the surrounding areas.i have lost a crucial bet with my friends and I have to be there slave for a week.

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