Face Slapping
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Creating a better cock sucker

"I see you know your place cunt" he says with a evil smirk on his face. He looks down at her at his feet admiring her naked form. His eyes are like knives, cutting into her naked, vulnerable and tender pink flesh. They slice indiscriminately, carving her to the bone, exposing her most wanton and taboo desires: to be used, to be property, to be nothing but a toy for someone else’s pleasure. That is her place, and he reminds her of it every waking moment. Knowing better than to speak, she looks up into his steely gaze trailing the soft pinkness of her tongue over her pouty lips.

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As a submissive, i believe that having my face, tits and cunt slapped are something i deserve, to please my Dominant. The same goes for having all of my fuckholes spit in. Each of these things is a reminder to me that i am inferior and need to be humiliated. Because it is administered by my Dominant or those that are chosen by Him, i have learned to need it. i ache for it and beg for it. i crave the way He grabs my face and spits into my cuntmouth, slaps my udders and tells me what a fucking whore i am. Or when He spreads my other fuckholes wide and spits into them either.

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humiliation or happiness to be used

Instead of humiliation I feel happiness. I’m happy to serve my husband, to be used by him any ways, to amuse him and to please him as he wants.

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Experienced Gold Coast Dom seeks Sub/Slave masochist and sexual deviant for control and use - long term.

>) Arrow I am looking for a specific kind of woman situated on or near the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, who has most if not all of the fetishes attached to this post. I do NOT switch at ANY time. I require to be served during weekdays only. I am very versed in discipline and thus if you enjoy being disciplined you will find enjoyment and comfort here. Your age, Height, weight, and race are all unimportant to Me. Your ability to serve Me as I wish to be served, as My sub or slave, as My sexual entity, is vastly important.

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Slapping the Slaveslut

Slut begging to be slapped by her Master >) Looking for more slaves like this one.

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Australian sub/slaves and Doms/Dominas

A group where Australian slaves and Doms/Dominas can meet and discuss what they want.

If you are Australian (or at least live in Australia), are a Dominant Male or Female wishing to meet suitable slaves to own, then this is the group for you.

if you are Australian (or at least live in Australia), are a Slave seeking a suitable Dominant to own you, then this is the group for you.

The Rules are simple:

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