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About Me

Moving to Denver in January 2015,so decided to switch my city to there now.

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Online slave required

Looking for an online slave willing for 24/7 control. Trust is a major factor so getting to know each other is a must, discipline and pain as well as bondage is involved, and a lust to be humiliated and controlled is essential. If you are willing pm me and we can start communicating

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Cropped Again

Dom gets me wet, then crops my cunt and asshole very hard. I must be a masochist. I crave it and when it happens I relish in the experience.

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Spread wide and cropped again

Dom can always find some reason why I should be cropped. Lucky me.

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Male Master looking to humiliate and dominate female slaves

Looking for a slutty slave willing to be humiliated and dominated in every possible way. Age, Race, and body type does not matter, as long as you are female and can do anything that I ask for with picture proof. If you're interested add me on Kik: DerekDisten

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Deja V. - A Star Is Born

Deja V. - A Star is Born

Deja is not interested in fucking a bunch of Brad's brothers from the old college fraternity. Not that she she hasn't thought of screwing a bunch of guys at the same time. Gang bangs being a fantasy recently. But, not with that bunch of assholes. Brad tried the, “I'm the Master,” bullshit. That dog won't hunt. There are so many options in the BDSM or D/S life, it is trial and error to find what works and what doesn't. She's not interested in being his slave at this time. She knows enough to know that he doesn't know enough.

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