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Fantasy Kink

Online DnD style game for subs and slaves every sat Night

We will play a game every week you will have a toon and I will GM we will go on fantasy adventures you Must have a bag of goodies that will be used to torture you if the dice rolls your way.. or pleasure you.. It's a Game The more the Merrier you will be dominated , humiliated, tortured, exposed all for the pleasure of The Game Master Do you Dare...

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37 Master Australia, Seeking an open minded, intelligent Piglet/Slave for chat and use

Extremely imaginative and well educated Master from Australia seeking a very specific female submissive to train, use, converse with and further explore this journey with. The person i am looking for is of a very specific mental mindset, where they crave verbal abuse and humiliation to the point of being de-humanised and turned into a worthless snuffling piglet, only good for Sirs twisted desires. I realise that what i ask of my piggies is not for everyone and simply reading this through will give you a very good idea if this is for you or not.

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Dedicated Master Seeking Female Slave

Hey how are you? My name is Mike i'm a master of 5 years. i'm currently seeking a submissive female willing to be trained. if this interests you i'd love to talk. message me with your likes, dislikes, limits, and any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Big Bad Daddy Dom Seeking

Big bad and dirty-minded dominant back for truly submissive, filthy-minded and fucked up slaves to play with. Bonus if you are a homegrown sub from my side of the pond (aka London) 'cos then we might get the chance to have some hands-on fun.

I know how to treat all kinds of subs. The dirty-minded girl aiming to please or the drooling dirty fuckpig that pledges themselves or their bodies to me. Shame should be non-existant when you belong to me. I've seen and heard all the nasty kinks in the world and have a couple of my own, so nothing surprises me. Let's see if you can Wink

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Breast Suspension Try

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Looking for the perfect slave (females only)

I still search for the perfect slave. Female between 14 and 25, with 0 limits and absolutely must send pics or vids at request, must be Willing to change lifestyle, that includes diets, when to sleep, when to be up etc. And I MEAN no limits, none. I expect a slave with full compliance. One that will worship me, one that loves being treated like dirt and humiliated, and made into my plaything. No backtalk and no excuses. That's the deal. Kik me at DominantGuy4Slave or Skype trenton.miller51 I expect responses soon.

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Looking for the perfect slave (females only)

I am still searching for some more slaves, female only, preferably young, between 14 and 25. Now when I say slave and when I say no limits, I'm being dead serious. I want someone who will give FULL compliance to every single one of my commands, no matter how small or trivial. I want the perfect female slave, one to control and own like property, one who likes being treated like dirt and one that will bow down and worship me like royalty. You have to be female, you have to be willing to change your lifestyle, that includes diet, times, everything I demand must be met, without hesitation.

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Seeking a no limits Kik/Skype slave (female)

Hello I am a master seeking a young, hungry, 0 limits slave on Skype or kik. You must be female, and you are to follow every order I give no matter what. My Skype is trenton.miller51 and my Kik is DominantGuy4Slave. slave can be no younger than 15 and no older than 25. Chubby or fat slaves are graciously accepted, but if you are small and willing to gain that will be crucial to the ownership. You must have no limits and FULL devotion and worship to your master. This will be long term or as long as I want. My orders are absolute and my insults, devastating.

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Female slave wanted on Skype or kik

Hello, I am a Master seeking a young mindless slave with no limits or boundaries to worship me and obey commands and ask no questions. My Skype is trenton.miller51 and my Kik is DominantGuy4Slave and when I say no limits, I mean NONE. I expect compliance when I issue an order. Message if you wish to attempt to please me

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