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Dream a little

Sharing my erotic stories passes time for me. I fantasize all the time or hard, erotic, demanding sex. I dream of nothing but sex, and writing these blogs so helps my sex life. I apologize for I do need glasses and I am writing from my phone so I do have spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you want more tell me give me an idea, tell me what you would do if you were part of my fantasy. Read my blogs tell me your favorite b

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new female sub slave needed for kik control

Experienceed Master in need of a new kik sub slave girl first timers most welcome

Master needs a girl that is :
Obedient from the start
Willing to submit fully
Let master take control of cloths hair and makeup to have every day
how to play with yourself when and where.
Full control of pics and videos from the start no questions
Sexul and non sex tasks set at masters choosing
Punishments given in different ways

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The Dominant Feeder

The Dominant Feeder. Much can be said all out this particular type of pig Farmer, suffice to say He loves His piggie and wants her to be a full grown hog one day. The most delicious foods are fed to His prize pig in hopes that she will fatten up and reach the desired weight. Having her snort and oink between meals helps transform the pig' s mindset into accepting what she is, what she has always been. As for the desired weight, that can vary from Farmer to Farmer as each and every Farmer has a particular goal in mind.

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Hello 30 yr old Dom male here seeking slave 100% no limits

Looking for slut slave to take over her life 100% make her ask permission for everything must dress act do everything said and must provide any proof asked real girls only plz kik at the same username plz pm or kik me if interested and by take over her life I mean everything but financially and identity wise

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Let Me preface this by saying I am pure Evil I accept that I know that deep down inside each of us is a need its either Dom or Sub. I am a Dom I am more than that I am a Master a Sadist I have learned over the years that if you can't accept who are you are nothing and you will fail in everything. Everyone is looking for something it's just a fact the question is what are you looking for, Me I want a slave that I can use as I wish but I am in no rush, and I enjoy looking. What are you looking for?

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Needing an online kik gf that will follow my every request

Hello I'm a male 21 I'm looking for a girlfriend that will follow everyone of my orders and never ask for a thing back this is also meaning you have to send pics when I want them or videos and this is also including the fact that you must have knee high socks and more another thing you must wear what ever I ask so what do you say r u up for it?

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