APOPHIS's picture

Preamble to the photo series that will come...8

As I thought I get again a gust of salacious comment "Fuck this fat bitch is expert licking !! "" She likes it. Which tongue!!! If she sucks cock with so much envy and mastery, it must be something !!! Look there !!! ". For two or three minutes, the men commented and revel in the scene "She loves her wet this slut !!! " " There is still some !! Applies you, fat bitch !!! "" Fuck what a slut !!! " And then the horsewhip move away from my mouth and abandons my tongue outstretched into the empty desperately seeking leather and iron ...

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training new slave

Here she is proudly wearing her new collar with chains

fwriter's picture

Total Power Exchange Slave Needed

Hello my new slave.

I'm eager to get to know you.

This is not a posting for sex or BDSM. If you want or need that kind of short term, stuff then kindly get out. I'm looking for a lifestyle.

If interested put "I give my consent Master" in the subject line of your email/post to me

I know this shouldn't be said, but those who do not respond properly...especially those who use noreply emails like the new google+ email features, will not be read.

I am a new Dom/Master, in this lifestyle choice of consensual slavery.

kimmies500's picture

Drinking my Master's piss

Fatpigeatsshit's picture

Fat, disgusting, shit eating pig looking for a master

I am a fat, disgusting pig. 5' 2" and 250 lbs. I need someone to humiliate me and treat me like a worthless piece of garbage. I want to be forced to lick my Master's asshole, and then have him take a dump in my mouth my no warning. I want to have my cunt and asshole so abused and stretched that I'll never be good to anyone else. In fact, I want my asshole to be so stretched out that it becomes difficult to hold my bowels. Not that it matters- disgusting pigs like me shouldn't be allowed on a toilet. I should be forced to relieve myself outside, if I'm lucky, or in my panties.

Craving_Payne's picture

Spanked and Beaded

I've asked him to punish me with ten hard smacks for every task on my to-do list that goes undone. The beads were his own personal touch.

krocky's picture

Master searching for painshitslut slave for abuse

Extreme Strict Hardcore Master looking for a roadside nasty filthy female slut who deserves to be below Man's boots.

If you are a worthless whore, painslut, humiliation slut, toilet slut, with degradation, gangbang and [filtered word] fantasies, I will be your Master.
kik me @ jamesdeenrocks

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Back to the Dirt

I'm starving for attention. I need tied. Used. Reminded. Hurt. I need so much. I want it all - to be bound in the ties of darkness and those desires that are hushed even in the more open circles. I need to serve in the grace of disgrace. I need a few days of intense discipline and use to reconnect with the inner slut. I need the dirt. And I need someone to take charge again.

The truth is, I'm not very good at taking care of myself. I've survived, yes. Barely. I need controlled, ordered, traded, punished, milked, stretched, worked, fed, starved. I need owned.

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