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Deep Needs

I have been longing for this lifestyle for so long, but am in a very Vanilla relationship, and we have a child. Our relationship isn't the best, we argue often and I often think we'd be better off without each other, but it isn't all that bad, I just can't leave him, I don't know if its just that I don't have the guts or if it that I don't think I can make it on my own as a single mother. He's never going to embrace this lifestyle and my soul just needs it. I need to feel controlled, used and utterly dominated. :/

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Raw Meat

Raw Meat

The kitchen is open to the dining area where Brad and I are seated, sipping wine and watching useless cunt prepare carpaccio for us. She wears nothing but stockings and high heels. An outfit sexy on a woman with the body of Sadie but mocking on a hulk like cunt. In one hand she wields a shiny butcher knife with the other she holds down a roll of raw red frozen beef, slices off a hair thin piece, examines it, lifts up one of her hanging tits, lays the beef underneath and lets the tit back down warming it to serving temperature.


I adore lostlittlgirl! Is she available yet? She would be perfect for me!

I am very much interested in a submissive female who has posted on this line:
She is from New York! Does anyone out here know her of is in contact with her.
I appreciate any help with donnecting with you asap!
I live in NJ and own a nice 4 bedroom home on 2 acres close to the shore area and beach areas.
I am close to NYC as well.
I would love to take up permanent ownership of her perhaps for life.
Please HELP me!
Thank You-

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Mature Sub for Online Play

I'm looking for a Mature Sub for online play, Boundaries will be respected at all times.

Online play is new to me, to we can learn together, or an experienced sub can show me the way!

Message me.

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Seeking a blackmail slave/sub

Looking for a willing slave/sub capable of blackmail submission, if you are willing to be humiliated and used for fun then you might be the right one to play

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T-time in the afternoon-5.

Four gushing orgasms in this torture session. Sluts DO have more fun!

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T-time in the afternoon-3.

Dom thoroughly whipped me and repeatedly rolled the Whartenburg wheel across my anus and through my open cunt. Total ecstacy.

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