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Tits tied up

This is her bra. See has it on when I demands it!

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About Mammacow


I'm Mammacow. found this site while perusing the internet and thought I'd give it a shot here.

I'm a fat cow with proven fertility IRL. but the real world isn't why I'm here at all. I'm looking for folks into the same thing as I am.

I want to be your overfed pregnant pet cow, or maybe just one of many of your herd. I love the ideas of mad science and any ideas that would end in me having a large tight belly.

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slave cunt seeking cruel master

i am a very open-minded, taboo, deviant girl

i have very few hard limits, and love getting fucked like a whore and cummed inside, with the fear of getting pregnant... my pussy gets wet and throbs thinking about being stretched, cum, piss, and more being inside. love rimming, being forced to do things, public sex, following orders, watersports, being a dirty fuck pig.

i'm looking to explore this sexual side of me more.

limits: no [filtered word], no permanent damage, no very [filtered word] things, use common sense...

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Slutty Me

Being a slut for my Dom.

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