female slave 24/7/365
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Do you like...

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looking for that one slave

anyone interested in serving me and want to relocate visit my profile and leave me a message I will gladly look into your details or visit me at richw1951@hotmail.com meanrich

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Looking for female slave

I am looking for a slave for long term/life, I will micro manage , train and keep the slave healthy .I am not into games or cyber .If your interested in real long term lets talk .

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Anal slut slave


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Sklavin! wird Platz angeboten für immer , Maso – Sklavin für eine langfristige REALE 24/7- V

Sklavin! wird Platz angeboten für immer

Ich suche die Frau / Mädchen, die als Maso – Sklavin für eine langfristige REALE 24/7- Versklavung.

Ich suche und berücksichtige ausschliesslich weibliche Objekte, Masochistin, Schmerzerotikerin, Foltersklavin, die wirklich aus tiefster aufrichtiger Veranlagung extreme schmerzen, harte Zuwendungen - Abstrafungen, Demütigungen, Erniedrigungen und die totale KONTROLLE brauchen um wirklich glücklich und befriedigt zu sein!

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24/7 - Female Slave seeking

We are a Couple (She 47/He 48, dom.-sad. with any experience ), living in Vienna (Austria) and needed a slave-girl who give us 100% submission. You served us as a 24/7/365 slave and you are always ready to keep the rules and regulations.
You will used as a 3-Hole-Slut, which can used and abused always of everyone we choosed. This training including Spanking, Clamps, Weights, Waxx, Fisting, stretch your pussy and asshole, human toilet, humiliated and degraded, tie you up, and anything more. You are always naked at home, going around with a butt plug in your asshole, heels and a slave collar.

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Why would your owner ignore you? I do everything I am suppose to and I get ignored. Is this his way of releasing me?

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Female maid for domestic work including role play wanted

I am looking for a maid (female) for domestic jobs who likes to dress up very sexy and who loves to be [filtered word]d by someone she knows (me). During her domestic jobs she always has to realize her master will grab her for his and her pleasure. 24/7/365. You will have your own room and you will be allowed to be there for specific hours. In that room you will not be grabbed. I live in a big house with many rooms and need domestic help. You must be willing to wear high heels, stockings, very short skirts, bra and blouse but you are not allowed to wear panties. Your age is less important.

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Introduction of buttslave.bookgirl

I wanted to take the time to introduce to the Farm, my slave buttslave.bookgirl. I have known my slave since 2006 when I first collared her. At that time her slave name was simply buttslave. I was new to the journey in BDSM and was very fortunate to find what can best be described as a soul mate. A soul mate in the realm of a Master and slave that is. We have journeyed a long time and at times her life schedule has limited her time with me and that has been difficult at times especially when one has such a connection.

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