female submissive
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This forum is NOT for Dominants who are seeking

This forum is for female submissives who are looking to find a dominant to post. Feel free to respond to them here.

Dominants, if you wish to make an original post to look for a submissive, please use the Masters Seeking forum. Otherwise the moderators have to move the message and tag it with a note that we move it and, well, it doesn't make the best first impression.

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just me

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slave girl needed

Looking for a slave girl for kik if you live im Coventry I will come and meet you if not then you will be my online slave

kik me @ the_caddet_goggles

(Moved to correct forum by Moderator)

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yes we do

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chink slut must be humiliated publicly

A good place to humiliate Chink slut,All participants have the supreme authority

I'm chink_slut,I want to be humiliated by foreigners publicly.All kinds of abnormal topics are allowed such as [filtered word]、[filtered word]、gang [filtered word]、bondage、exposed、slave......
All people join this group have the supreme right,they can ask me to do anything shameful.

humiliating must be publiced ,must be In this group.you can start new discussion,so ,Everyone can see The process of humiliation.

Restricted to: Advertising or fraud.

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Cunt Connoisseur Comment

A cunt with buttery characteristics has been aged properly and generally is rich and less acid. A buttery cunt often has a cream-like texture that hits the middle of your tongue almost like light honey and has a smooth finish. Thank you Princess.

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20 year old Male Dom seeking female sub.

Pretty much everything you need to know is in the title. Looking for a slave to serve me. PM me if you are one.

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central Michigan submissive/slavers

a hearty hello to all my fellow masters out there and I would also like to say hello to the slave submissive women as well.I currently reside in Mount Pleasant Michigan home of Central Michigan University.and there is a lot of varieties of girls here some want to be submissive, some that want to think they could be slaves.is there any groups in Mount Pleasant,or north michigan. where I can obtain a slave 24/7 in house basically.

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that cane bites 2

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that cane bites

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