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This forum is NOT for Dominants who are seeking

This forum is for female submissives who are looking to find a dominant to post. Feel free to respond to them here.

Dominants, if you wish to make an original post to look for a submissive, please use the Masters Seeking forum. Otherwise the moderators have to move the message and tag it with a note that we move it and, well, it doesn't make the best first impression.

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I'm a 20 year old slut. My dream is to become a hucow and also to be Fucked by [filtered word]. I want to be bread all the time and milked. I also love enemas that's a must. I'm looking for a dom that will use and abuse my ass tits and cum dump. To fill me with cum all the time. I want my cum dump to be overly stretched to where when the calf comes it can easily come out. I want my ass to ware I can sit on a pineapple and goes right up with no problem.

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Still looking wanna be a hucow and to be bread

I'm a 20 year old female. I want to become a hucow for life to be bread multiple times to be milked daily. I also want to be a used slut. My wish is to find a master who can abuse me as he wishes who does enemas who will milk me and bread me even if he has to send me somewhere to be bread. I want my cum dump to be used up so much that when it's time the calf falls like almost right out of me. I want my asshole to be able to sit right on top of a pineapple with no problem. I want to be a worthless stretched out cow. Please can someone please help me.

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she looks great with writing all over her fleshy nude body

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looking for sub/slave bi female in ottawa canada

hello i am a 6ft bbw bisexual slave and am happily owned by a wonderful master and we are looking for sub female playmates and or sister slave i am older then him and would love to find younger playmates who will play with my master the kinkier the better and help him train me in everything he wants can be casual or ongoing wanting my master to fully train me to fulfill his deepest darkest desires and almost anything goes looking for playmates who love anal as much as i do and are bisexual this slave loves women and especially desires to watch and participate when my master plays with other wo

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Online Master seeking slave to guide, mentor, and train

A lot of people often wonder about the lifestyle or cant always commit, so if anyone is interested in testing the waters, contact me on kik or via email: justnannite@gmail and justabard. Or just send me a message on the forum, of course.

I'm heavy into directing pictures and orgasm control, but since these are on the lighter ends of the spectrum they are perfect for any casual/beginner.

Ask away if you have any questions, no preference in age or body type. Let's talk and see if we'd get along!

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A Sadistic Master looking for a painslut slave.

About me:
A newbie. 24 straight Male sadist and nymphomaniac. A super Dom and a very strict Master, but also very kind and caring sometimes. I am here for a long term M/S relationship online and if compatible will turn it to reality. I will make you my maid and would prefer to collar you and chain you.

What I am here for:

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The summoning

In the darkness she waits unaware that I am calling reaching
out across time and space, on the edge of her thoughts yet there none the less.
In a moment she hears something it feels like a breeze the sound of something
inside her whispering, it causes her heart to race for an instant than it is
In the darkness she waits listening for that … feeling again, and it finds
her moves into her sinking into her soul and fills some place inside.
She senses it, embraces it, and knows it belongs.

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Slaves and Subs Looking for masters in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

this is a bulitin for slaves and subs in North Carolina to find their masters

Welcome Subs and Slaves, Masters and Doms. This is a group for the women to seek out their Masters and Doms. I only have one rule and its for the ladys, if you cant follow it stay out. "If you do not live in NORTH CAROLINA you must be able to RELOCATE, if not immediately then with in the first year, we do not like to be kept waiting ladys." Now that that is done have fun and good luck.

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