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This forum is NOT for Dominants who are seeking

This forum is for female submissives who are looking to find a dominant to post. Feel free to respond to them here.

Dominants, if you wish to make an original post to look for a submissive, please use the Masters Seeking forum. Otherwise the moderators have to move the message and tag it with a note that we move it and, well, it doesn't make the best first impression.

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Looking for willing, submissive slaves for my master.

Looking for submissive slaves for my master, he is a loving yet strict and very dominant, he will not hesitate to punish you if you do not follow orders but also loves to pleasure his slaves, if you have kik that would be most preferred, if you're interested place your user below.

Now, some requests that need to be followed:
- Kik is preferable, if you are very willing to follow these requests I'm sure we can work something out.
- Must be female.
- Willing to complete IRL requests, including completion of orders on camera, video/photo.

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Seeking slave in Norway

Master, 33, based in Oslo.

I'm educated, intelligent, kind and caring. Successfull in most things in life, but want someone to share it with.
Looking for a slave who is similar.

Kind and caring, yes. But I'm also sadistic, quite extreme and want 24/7 slavery as close to 24/7 TPE as possible, while beeing sane and concensual.

If you wish to submit totally as a slave and want a partner who is both strict and caring for a long-term/lifetime relationship, then contact me.

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slave girl wanted

Hello how are you I'm a 27 white male working and living in swansboro nc don't do much out of work sad to say when I don't work I'm at home hanging with family I'm a guy who has a lot of humor I do work full time but live with family cause I don't make a lot and I don't have a licenses. As for what I like to do I enjoy playing games and watching anime that is about it so I hope to find someone who can look past this to find out about me and not judge me over all of this.

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Kinky submissive little

Looking for a daddy to play with me and tell me what to do, add me on kik: iakatsuki

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BLACK BITCH IN HEAT: searching for a truly hardcore cruel man

Sad to say, but ive gotten desperate.
To put my situation in simple words: I AM. IN. CONSTANT. HEAT. AND. I CRAVE. COCK. and anything shoved up my pussy. Even while writing this im wet. I get wet fast and porn just so happen to be the only thing i watch on television and its annoying af because it should be me in there.

I am a black girl in search of (preferably) a white male. Older is a HUGE bonus. A racist streak would be even more so apperciated.

I need a master who is into the following:

-Forced seCual acts
-Must be very, extreamly posessive of his "property"

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Seeking an online slavegirl to train regularly and own as my private property

Im basically seeking a long term online slavegirl to enslave as a fully owned property. I'm seeking a slave ready to accept a strict control and a lot of rules and tasks.
Discipline will be strict and training hard, the slave should be in range 18-44, have all 3 holes available, possibly with a thin body and should be able to be regularly online for training sessions (at least 2/3 times per week or more).

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