forced lactation
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Real hucow or fake

I found lately that more new members especially females don't know anything about being a hucow.

Seen some strange behaviour to womens who say that are interested, but soon as you contact them they suddenly stop messaging and more important ... communicating here.

What the heck ladies, you are interested to know this lifestyle or just trying to play?

And this is fucking absurd, if I try to offer informations and using my time , even not being local, I expect respect in return and at least a MESSAGE (YES/NO).

So do we have any serious hucows left?

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Seeking a Relationship with a Sub, interested in hucows.

My name is Ken. I am from Philadelphia, PA. 21 years old, currently in college, looking for a relationship with a young woman. Currently majoring in both Engineering and Business, I am hoping to find someone who is at most a short train ride away and enjoy similar tastes in both the vanilla and kinky lifestyle.

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Where are the hucows ?

Finding hucows or milkmaids is not an easy task every master knows that, but to find them you need to lurk through every known place on internet.

Ladies where do you search for masters?

Slavefarm is a good place ... but is there another places beside collarspace , or fetlife ?

Do you search on BDSM sites, community, forums or kinky dating sites ... because in Europe is like a desolating desert to find you.

Make me proud and show yourselfs, especially in Romania Wink.

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my human cow dream

Here's what cow thinks she needs:

1. Captivity
I should humbly hand over to my owner the following items to prevent me from trying to escape
-passport, bank-card and cash
-all clothes
-all keys all that i have left is just uddermeat

2. Being fed only with food that increases udder-volume
[filtered word] are given fenegreek seeds if they have young - to stimulate lactation. Although very distasteful and dry, my owner should shove this down my throat in big portions.

3. Breastsize increase plan

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Erotic Lactation in Romania

A group dedicated for lactation passionates from Romania

A place where you can find what you seek.

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Steps to start lactation

I need help with training to be a hucow. I want this so bad I am financing it, how can I do it on a budget !

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Looking for Hucows across the globe.

Looking to start a farm with 3-4 cows. Relocating to PA, USA

As the name implies, I am a farmer fetish Dom. Specifically a Milk farmer. Though I am currently in the city, working toward my degree, I intend to own a fully operational farm with a specialty product, breast milk. All products and by products will be from women's breast. Thus, I am currently looking to train 3 cows to lactate plus an additional milk slave as a superior slut.

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I am seeking a master or mistress to help dehumanize me into the cow that I am. I am not currently lactating, but wish to very soon.

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