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Working on tit hanging - getting use to the stretch

My sub is leaning the ropes quite literally. I felt, since she is new to this, I would bring her along slowly so not to scare her off. Her wonderful attitude, beauty, abundant breasts make this a pleasurable experience for her and me.

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New sub getting use to it

Starting to train her to be tit hung and enjoy tit torture.

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My new sub

She is finding out how her tits can be used by me for my pleasure.

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Sadist sucht auf Augenhöhe

Feinsinniger versierter Sadist (42/182) – mit Niveau, Verstand und Erfahrung in vielen Extremen – erwählt, erzieht, befehligt eine Sklavin, vorrangig masochistischer Natur.

Sehr gerne gut erzogen, verdorben, Intellekt auf Augenhöhe, bis 40. Zuschriften von Anfängerinnen sind willkommen, wenn sie sich ihrer Neigung absolut bewusst sind.

Diskretion, Respekt, Offenheit und Vertrauen sind fester Bestandteil. Gern auch mehr.

Soziale Bindungen gleich welcher Art werden akzeptiert.


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Handful of Slut

"Shut up bitch. I don't want to hear your wimpering and whining right now. I'm trying to enjoy your tits."

I've got the slut suspended by the wrists from the hoist on the ceiling. Her wrists are cuffed to the spreader bar, pulling her arms as far apart as they can go. She's nearly suspended with only her toes on the floor. She's holding onto the spreader bar with her hands, moving around on her toes trying to find a spot that's comfortable. She can't take this much longer.

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