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New Submissive/Slave

Hi everyone,

My name is Amber, I'm 18 from Brisbane, Australia. I'm 5'3, weigh 55kg, and have long black hair and green/grey eyes. I have 5 piercings and plan on getting tattoos in the future. My body type is curvy/voluptuous.

I'm really playful and open-minded and currently looking for a dominant male/couple (preferably from 18-60) that would be willing to care for me/show me the ropes for this kind of thing. I love learning new things, and this has always been a fantasy of mine.

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Down and Around Sadie's Throat

I've got Sadie right where she wants to be, in the center of the soft leather room, on display. And what a sight she is. Her glowing white twigs of arms are puled back elbows together. They disappear into a black leather single glove that matches the walls so that she looks like some kind of weird double amputee. This restraint opens up her chest separating her balloon round plastic tits. Each an inviting and undefendable target. I trace my fingernail around the pink areola of one. I can see the remains of a scar. This nipple has been moved.

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slave for rent

My slave the owner of this account needs to be rented out. If you take her you can rent her as long as you want as long as I get videos and pictures sent to me and posted on here. I want her used to the max when send back to me I want her plugged and gagged. Would like her to stay on her enemas and human toilet and sex where ever when ever outside inside I want her humiliate and everything.

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Any female slave's wish to relocate to London uk

I'll soon have a playroom ready to take in sub's and slave's for relocation wild imagimnation to open your horizon of pleasure's and union of soul's

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shes taken but up for rent

i have taken this slut as mine i have her account access and everything. i will keep everyone updated on her progress i have had her for awhile now as just a trainer but did a lot of thinking and i permanently own her now. She is now my personal hucow for breeding and milking. she is my human toilet and everything i need.

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Fuckpig hopes to be used

I am looking for someone to use me both online and in real time. I love being fisted and degraded, called names and bruises, as well as gangbangs and tortured. feel free to post anything you like below, especially if u want to degrade/use me. Smile

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clittykitty ready for use.

Hanging at just the right height for Dom to step in and fuck either hole.

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