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my udders

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Handful of Slut

"Shut up bitch. I don't want to hear your wimpering and whining right now. I'm trying to enjoy your tits."

I've got the slut suspended by the wrists from the hoist on the ceiling. Her wrists are cuffed to the spreader bar, pulling her arms as far apart as they can go. She's nearly suspended with only her toes on the floor. She's holding onto the spreader bar with her hands, moving around on her toes trying to find a spot that's comfortable. She can't take this much longer.

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I'm just a little girl cunt seeking my DOM(s)

Hi, thank you for stopping by to find out more about me... =) I am a hot messy, head-strong, opinionated little girl cunt seeking nurturing & submission from my lovingly firm Daddy & Uncle in a polyamorous relationship 24/7 because I need to learn my place in this world -- on my knees or my hands & knees servicing & pleasing my Daddy & Uncle in all ways because they earn & deserve my respect and loyal daily for taking such good care of me, protecting me & providing for me as their little girl cunt.

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Tight tied tits

I like to see big tits and nipples tied extremely tight so the thin cord, or thin wire digs deep into the tits, or into the nipples the thinner the better. Thin cord, or thin wire will hurt these lovely round tits, and pointy nipples. Most people really don't know how to tie up tits, the photos and video I see of tied tits and nipples, are always the same wrap rope at base of the tits a couple of times that what they call breast bondage, and the ropes they use are so thick u can tie up the QE 2.

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My kik name

I never do this but I'm bored and feeling experimental.
Since this is a group fill of doms, I was hoping we could all group chat on kik and you can all have me do whatever it is you want. I want to try new things, I have no limits.
I will talk to doms seperately but I think it would fun if you all get together and come up with things for me to do Wink
My name is painshychi
Add me Smile

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Ich möchte dich zähmen... benutzten... liegen lassen... und wieder aufheben.

Betreffe: Ich möchte dich zähmen... benutzten... liegen lassen... und wieder aufheben.

Hallo ich bin der Jürgen aus Hessen. ich bin ein Sadist aus leidenschaft.
ich liebe es einfach die Körperchemie des Sub zu beeinflussen sie mit langsamen gezielen schlägen ect dazu zu bringen das ihre Körperchemie lusthormone freisetzt und Sie bei der zufügung von Schmerzen immer heißer und geiler wird bis ich Sie zum Orgasmus gerbracht habe.

Einfach darauf los Schlagen das kann jeder. Aber Die Sub langsam aber sicher zum Orgasmus duch Schläge ,BEstrafung, ect zu bringen das können nur wenige.

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skype and video slaves wanted asap

hi girls masterjames here i am looking for committed un owned slaves who are looking to be used humiliated tortured and played with.... you must have a camera working and/or laptop/computer working to be my slave..... if you have that then great ether give me a message and get through to me that way or add my skype sissyslave17
and in the request to add box i would like to see
where your from:
times available:
why your wanting to comitt to me:

speak soons

master james

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