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128 rules for female slaves

128 Basic slave Rules
1. i will serve, obey and please
my Master.
2. Above all else my primary
focus shall be to please my
Master, hoping that He finds
me pleasing in all that I do,
whether i am in His presence
or not. my Master knows of my
potential, learning more about
me in each day i am with Him.
He trusts that i will act in
accordance with what He
perceives of my potential – He
knows what is best for me and
how important it is that i set a
good example for other
females who may be present
around me.
3. i worship my Master.
4. i worship my Master’s body.

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Master searching new online slave to control

I am an 18 yo Master who searches his next slave (only female). I want a bitch with only a few limits because i want one which follows pretty much every command i give. If I wanna dress u i will dress u. Thats it! If my command doesnt brake ur limits u will do it. I also hate it when i write my bitch and i have to wait hours for an answer, so when u get a text from me u will answer as fast as possible. I am horny pretty much all the time so prepare for that if u are interrested.

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Sadistic Abusive Master seeking limitless Painshitslut slave

About me:
27 straight Male sadist and nymphomaniac. A super Dom and a very strict Master, but also very kind and caring sometimes. I am here for a long term M/S relationship online and if compatible will turn it to reality. I will make you my maid and would prefer to collar you and chain you.

What I am here for:

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Dream a little

Sharing my erotic stories passes time for me. I fantasize all the time or hard, erotic, demanding sex. I dream of nothing but sex, and writing these blogs so helps my sex life. I apologize for I do need glasses and I am writing from my phone so I do have spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you want more tell me give me an idea, tell me what you would do if you were part of my fantasy. Read my blogs tell me your favorite b

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18 yo master searching new female slave

I am an 18 yo Master from Austria who searches a female slave via kik.( age doesnt matter)
ABOUT ME: 18 yo
From Austria
1.94m hight
Brown hair and eyes
Athletic body

ABOUT ME 2: very strict
Tit torture, bondage, rules, blindfold, pet play, orgasm control, handcuffs, spanking, and many more which doesnt comes to my mind now

If u are interrested kik me and say age, country, likes/dislikes, limits and what toys u got

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