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Anybody with real time experience?

This is a serious question... is there anybody here with real time ACTUAL experience of having one or more hu-cows? Can you explain or share your experience on a day to day basis in having a hu-cow. What is done with the milk? How often is she milked? How is she taken care of? Does she have other roles within the farm or house? What kind of equipment is used to milk her? Do you have other [filtered word]? Do you breed her? What happens to the child that you breed? Or is this just a fantasy play?

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My interest

I'm really interested in Hu-cows and lactation.
I like the idea of being milked on a kitchen table, whilst being fucked and ideally having a cock in my mouth at the same time. I also like the idea of being serviced by vets and prize bulls.
I don't like the sound of breast torture though or any torture, bar being tied up!
I don't know if this exists or if I am wishful thinking!

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Thanks for the group hlilslut

Hope this group comes alive any California hu-cow or hu-cow or hu-cow trainees that can relocate feel free to contact me as I have a cpl of stall open
Or if you just want training and return to your own farm we can talk

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