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Shy 19 year old whore dreaming to be milked

I am 5'9'' and 125 pounds. Recently I've gained 15 pounds and my breasts and belly have slightly expanded. I now have 30c's and I've never felt more sexy. I keep fantasizing about becoming pregnant so my breasts will swell with milk and having my breasts pumped while I stand on all fours like a cow. I'd love to be kidnapped and force fed and breed until my boobs grow more and more. <3

I'm looking for a man who would be willing to own me and deny me of any human rights. I'd love to just be someone's dairy cow.

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Hucow needing training

I am looking for anyone willing to adopt a new hucow slave I am an 18 year old college student so I cant travel My bra size is 34D. I live in Knoxville so go to my profile and contact me I live in dorms by the way

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In need of Hu Cow livestock

Greetings all,

Hu Cow live stock sought for a farmer on an irish homestead. Willing to consider trained cows or female subs interested in training.

Ideally stock should be aged 18-35 and made up of cows who may be happy to breed as well as relocate.

Cows will be put to task of producing milk for use by the homestead as well as milk for the making of cheeses, ice cream, yoguarts etc

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Curiousity killed the cow/pony/bitch??

I have no idea what I am doing here... But I'd like to begin by being honest. I was looking up something for a school report (insert bad joke here) and I came across this link to a story about hucows... Do you know the term rubber necking? Like when you see an accident on the highway as you drive pass and though you know you don't want to you slow down to look??? Well, the story starts off quite awful but I couldn't stop myself from reading... before I knew it, I'd googled other stories like it, set up an account on this site, and well, ended up here. Where do I go from this point?

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20/male/master seeks 18+/female/slave in any location for Hucow training and transformation (serious replies only)

This is an ad I made in Not the greatest place to go looking for a hucow, so I came here.

I have an ad on here, but I think it is high time I made a more detailed one.

**Attention-No [filtered word] and No [filtered word] Substances will be used on any slaves**


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Daddy seeking cows

Seeking girls of any age to be yransformed into hucows to be used daily for breeding and milk production.

Serious inquiries only please.

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