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dairy farmer seeking hucow

I'm looking for a hucow willing to relocate to my farm for life long service as cattle.

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Hucow group on kik

I'm rebooting an old group with active members, we are looking for an equal amount of men and women that are interested in a real life D/s relationship. We also do training, education, and help new to the lifestyle decide if it's right fit them. We also are looking for women who want to be humiliated and degraded. Send a kik directly to Punished_Venom_Snake to be added or comment your kik and I'll add you. Have a beautiful day

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Midlands hucow needed

Midlands based farmer looking for first Hucow to start farm and provide me with milk. Get in touch

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I am looking for a hucow into extreme insertions and fisting in L.A area. pm me for more details.

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Erotic [filtered word]sis for Hucow Transformation

I've been searching the Internet for [filtered word]sis for this transformation, I have found Curse Milky which I love but haven't found anything specific to this transformation. I love the [filtered word]sis files as I see it as a way of someone else taking's way beyond erotic for me.

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seeking blavk slave for breeding...

White master seeking black slave for breeding and ownership. Either pm me or comment on the post, if interested. Only interested girls or masters with available girls need reply. Thank you, and have a good day.

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hucow slaves in california

I'm looking for obedient hucow slaves in Northern California. I work near San Francisco/ San Jose But i often travel throughout the state.

Email me at

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Do you tits hang low, do they wobble to the floor?
Can you milk them in a pot, can you milk them in the snow?

Cant remember the rest of the song...someone please finish it.

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arabian slave girls needed for life 24-7

Arabian slave girls needed to serve me domestically 24-7, for the rest of their lives, and give sexual pleasure when needed. Any girls interested or masters willing to give up their arabian slaves, please contact me either via commenting to this post, or sending a message here on slavefarm.

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seeking asian slaves

Am seeking asian sex slaves to serve me for life, forever. Tags provided with this ad, are to give an idea, of what may or may not happen. I'm a very open minded person. Some of the tags I've listed, may happen, or if you have any ideas, that I may not have included, please feel free to make suggestions, once you are mine that is. Any interested ladies, please contact me on this site either through a comment on this ad or via message/private messaging to me on here on slavefarm.

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