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New farmer seeking younger hucow


31 year old new farmer here looking for a younger hucow for breeding and milking. I am willing to train a new cow or acquire and established one. An ideal cow would be 18-25 and white but cows of all breeds up to 30 will be considered.

I am located in northeast Georgia, and a cow would eventually need to relocate there unless you’re already local.

PM me.

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Farm Hucow slave wanted in NJ/NYC area

My fiancee and I are a Domme couple that recently purchased an old farmhouse in NJ. We plan to install a milking station in the barn and then begin to screen candidates to be our live in hucow slave. Your duties will include: cooking, cleaning, tending to the [filtered word], milking 5 times a day, and be a breeding hucow for us and our friends. Message me if any local cumdump slave hucows are looking for a new, taboo life.

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Mature Daddy dom looking young kik slut

Hoping do find loyal slut do make my property.
if interested then kik message me pervdaddydom

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Looking For A New Pet

Dominant white male looking for his new pet. I'm a 24 white male who has been into this for three years. I successfully trained one slave to become the obedient slut that she is today, and she's happily serving me. I'm looking for an online slave (preferably Kik) who will submit to me and only me. She will be degraded, humiliated, and will allow me to use her body completely. Since I have a deep fetish for lactation and breast bondage, I would prefer a slut with big tits, but any body type is fine.

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Young Slave Seeking Online Master

I'm currently looking for an online hucow master. I am an African American female with 38DD udders who is looking to become an obedient hucow. I want to serve and please my new master any way that I can, and I would love to start producing milk for him. If interested, you can email me at If accepted, I would like to start my training on Kik.

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Lovely Educational Overload

I have been researching, recruiting, planning, the works, for over a week now. Its actually quite strange. In the 11 years that I've been doing this, NOTHING has been as biologically and technologically educational as this has been in a week. I have learned more about the female anatomy and bio-chemistry than I ever imagined. Things such as how Estrogen, Prolactin, Oxytocin, etc., levels fluctuate during pregnancy and how these fluctuation are responsible for her breast beginning to swell from the changes, and her milk glands start producing.

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New to site, New to the Ranch Idea, Not new to BDSM, Not sure what to expect.

I just joined and before I even put up a bio or a pic, a chick messages me.. THAT'S UNUSUAL FOR A FEMALE TO BE .... well like men. Maybe a catfish, maybe not. We will see. I have been in the lifestyle for over a decade now. Only recently have I discovered I enjoy pet slaves. I have been with littles, slaves, subs, hell even a with a dom.. but a pet was never something I even considered. Now I want it. I crave it. I've done a lot of research, I've talked to others who have been in that side of the kink, everything I can think of.

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I need to know how to become a hucow or a pig.
I've been looking at pics on this site, and they really are wonderful and sexy. I'm slim figured, but I dont think many men find that really appealing.

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searching for a breast master

I am relatively new to this but i need an online master for my breasts only. no sophisticated materials, so i may have to use household items. no pictures of my face but every other part you can view.I can create a kik account if you would like that. contact me at not a full time relationship we should meet at scheduled times. I am really interested in lactating.

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