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Young male Dom looking for a female slave 18-20

I'm looking for a female slave [18-20] to be the master of in a long term master/slave relationship, online for right now, but at some point (if everything is working out online) moving to a in person master/slave relationship.

Message me if you're intersted

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Seeking a female slave for 24/7 live-in (Texas)

Immediate position available for live-in slave (can assist with relocating) also part-time available for local subs who would prefer it. Our House is located in Lubbock Tx area.

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Triumph or Waste?

Lot of women saying they want to be bred by me as of late, but is it real?
Have I found a loyal breeding slave or is it simply more talk?

Only time will tell.
I am a Dom with so much love to give, for the right woman that is, the right hucow.

So many relocate scams these days.

If only like in my younger days, I had a slave come to me by her own will and effort.

Not sure if I will see that again.
The internet is no longer a shadow of desires, but an endless maze of broken promises.

How to be physical from a distance.
That's the skill every Dom needs to learn.

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18 yo Hucow looking for Online Master

I'm a 18 year old college student and I'm looking for an online master who can train me into becoming his personal hucow slut. Must have at least some experience, and must be strict at times. PM me if you're interested. Only looking for serious replies.

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The Cross

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Master/Daddy Dom Seeking Plump Juicy Sub/Slave

Hi there

Experienced Master/Daddy Dom and proud BBW addict from across the pond here to share my primal lust for big girls. Looking for a plump and filthy-minded true submissive female to play with on Kik. If we click and you're in London or close, we can have some hands-on action too

I'll treat you the way you deserve to be. The dirty-minded playmate aiming to please or the drooling filthy little pigslut who knows her place and everything in-between. I know how to treat 'em all

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Young, dedicated COW seeking MASTER/FARMER for MILKING and BREEDING

Hi there!
I am a 19 year old hucow that is ALREADY LACTATING A SMALL AMOUNT. I am looking to be bred and milked for the rest of my days. I have gained 40 lbs to be a chubby little cow for a previous "master," and have begun stretching my ass and cunt to be the perfect breeding slave (again, per request of previous master). I can currently fit an average-size butt plug in my ass and a lime in my pussy. I will do anything you want; gain weight, lose weight, stretch holes, etc... Unless it has to do with feet, shit, pee, [filtered word], adult babies, a large amount of pain, etc.

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37 Master Australia seeking Open Minded Non Vanilla Piglet

Well spoken, caring yet firm and twisted minded Dominant seeking a new submissive/slave to mold and use for my every perverted whim. I have much experience in regards to training online submissives and have enjoyed many a journey with liked minded individuals.

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"What Daddy Says Goes"

The big bad Daddy Dom and self-confessed BBW addict from across the pond is back again on this forum sniffing out nice, plump, juicy, filthy-minded and truly submissive slaves, pigsluts or hucows to tame, control and punish online on Kik or face-to-face if you're in the area or close

Let me remind you of your true place, on all fours and collared in front of your dirty Daddy. I'll treat you the way you deserve to be, a dirty-minded Daddy's girl or a drooling filthy little pigslut. Shame should be non-existant once you belong to me

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What is your favorite

Your options are as vast as your imagination. If you could choose only one, would it be a pet, livestock, or wild [filtered word]? What is your animal of choice?

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