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im going to be a hucow

this fetish has fascinated me, after master trains me into being his slave he'll train me to be his hucow. i long for my breasts to grow large, incredibly large. they will swing when im on all fours and master will milk me or suck my large milk inducing breasts.. i want master to have my milk. i may get off to the idea of humiliation. will he make me moo? i want to dive farthur into this fetish.

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Slave, Hucow


I am looking for slave that have interests in everything from receiving a papercut when we go out for a coffee, to be dominated in a hallway in a random location.

One specific thing I would like the slave to be is full of humor, my life can be black butter never grey.

*will be updated soon*

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Breast milking

Im wanting to make a career in breast milk. Wanting to know pill to produce the most breast milk.

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On all fours with udders

On all fours, my ass high and proud in the air with my udders swaying, my sensitive nipples grazing the floor as I crawl.

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Trying something new

I am trying something new after looking at some pictures on this site. My nipples are producing droplets of blood.

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37 Male Master UK seeks BBW or SSBBW for online play

Assertive UK dominant seeks online at first with a submissive BBW or SSBBW, feedees considered.

Looking to discuss limits however I do enjoy humiliation, name calling, insertions and more

Have kik If you'd prefer - surreyguy1

Hope to talk soon

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seeking a hucow

Hello I'm looking for a hucow to breed or start lactation. I'm looking for healthy women that are ddf and are prime for breeding. If you have already had a baby I'm very interested in adding you to the herd. Whether thick, thin, short or tall I'll make you part of the herd. The milk will be used to make yogurt, ice cream, and a great majority will be donated to a milk bank. Any money that is make off the products will be spent on the beautiful hucows. I have everything ready for your arrival and look forward to hearing from you.

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Slaves training going well thinking of having them lactate.

Both Kitty and Sophie are coming along nice they have learned to take turns worshiping my cock, they have worked their way up to slaves rather then just pets, they seem to be quite happy in their roles.

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Calling All Hucows in South Florida

Know that saying if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself? Well that principle applies here also. I have been searching for a farmer with a "ranch" for a good year now and have not found one (or one that just wanted to pump I should say). So I'll be forming my own Ranch, where I'll invite other hucows who are just as fed up with it all as I am to come over and get pumped.

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25 year old Master seeking attractive young hucow for breeding

i am seeking an attractive young woman 18-30 to be a breeding hucow. you will be bred every 12-18 months. we may even form a loving master/sub relationship. who knows?

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