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25 year old Master seeking attractive young hucow for breeding

i am seeking an attractive young woman 18-30 to be a breeding hucow. you will be bred every 12-18 months. we may even form a loving master/sub relationship. who knows?

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Tales of a fat pussy

Last night I was in need so bad. My fat cunt needed to be touched. I put a towel under me then got out my most powerful vibe and went to work. I pushed the tip hard against my clit as my mind dreamed of vile and wicked things. Having an owner/daddy work my tits, stretching them as he gets me ready to start my cow training, or his big hand covering my mouth, not letting me breathe till I come. I came so hard I squirted and soaked my pussy and thighs and bed. I held my vibrator against my clit even after I came.

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Wanna be Hucow

I know in my earlier blogs i wanted to be a enema slave and still do but now i want to become a hucow. I went to my friend's masters with her to see what she does and she is a hucow. I got to see what it was like and i fell in love with it. They milked me and everything. I got to spend the week there and live the life of a hucow. The sad part was that i couldnt be one of his because his stalls are ful so i am looking for a farmer. I am already pregnant with a calf. and yes i want to be a breeding hucow also. So please someone help me.

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my cow udders

French hucow seek for extrem animalization

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seeking a female sub UK

Looking for a fit and healthy female sub around Avon/Somerset/Glos/Bath area (UK). You don't need to be experienced, just willingness to try. Genuine reply only.

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Seeking a Relationship with a Sub, interested in hucows.

My name is Ken. I am from Philadelphia, PA. 21 years old, currently in college, looking for a relationship with a young woman. Currently majoring in both Engineering and Business, I am hoping to find someone who is at most a short train ride away and enjoy similar tastes in both the vanilla and kinky lifestyle.

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milk milf wants to become huge uddermeat

Old Dutch milf (51) is in need of a milker to tranform her c-cup into a disgustingly big udder-size. I will let you milk me as many times as you think are necessary per day even if my nipples get sour, eat fenegreek seeds etc. NOTE: needs firm verbal humiliation to become docile uddermeat !!!

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my human cow dream

Here's what cow thinks she needs:

1. Captivity
I should humbly hand over to my owner the following items to prevent me from trying to escape
-passport, bank-card and cash
-all clothes
-all keys all that i have left is just uddermeat

2. Being fed only with food that increases udder-volume
[filtered word] are given fenegreek seeds if they have young - to stimulate lactation. Although very distasteful and dry, my owner should shove this down my throat in big portions.

3. Breastsize increase plan

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im looking to add another hucow to my masters farm

I am masters first and for now only hucow. im currently pregnant. he is looking to add another one asap to his farm. one that can enjoy being pregnant and milked at same time I am. daddy is very nice gentleman but firm master.

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