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Do you tits hang low, do they wobble to the floor?
Can you milk them in a pot, can you milk them in the snow?

Cant remember the rest of the song...someone please finish it.

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arabian slave girls needed for life 24-7

Arabian slave girls needed to serve me domestically 24-7, for the rest of their lives, and give sexual pleasure when needed. Any girls interested or masters willing to give up their arabian slaves, please contact me either via commenting to this post, or sending a message here on slavefarm.

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seeking asian slaves

Am seeking asian sex slaves to serve me for life, forever. Tags provided with this ad, are to give an idea, of what may or may not happen. I'm a very open minded person. Some of the tags I've listed, may happen, or if you have any ideas, that I may not have included, please feel free to make suggestions, once you are mine that is. Any interested ladies, please contact me on this site either through a comment on this ad or via message/private messaging to me on here on slavefarm.

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slave wanted

hi i know this is a UK group but im looking for a slave to relocate to Ireland

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 10/06 part 2

Took me 5 tries to upload my blogs lol. Anyway..... As i previously stated I just recently found I can reach one of my nipples in my mouth. So i suck on my tit before i pump now. My right one i can only lick haha. I managed to reach it once (i looked like a dog trying to reach its tail) but i havent been able to reach it again. :/ when im swollen it gets rough. My nipples grew from doing that. I no longer have cracked nipples i believe they are used to me sucking them now. I get most growth from the sides of my tits lately. They still remain upright and i still sleep in my bra.

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 10/06

Lucky me I'm still trying to remember wat didnt post in my last blog. But anyway, in this update I'm gonna give my usual routine then im gonna talk about any changes. This past week I've been pumping every hour but sometimes at night I missed my schedule by an hour or 2 (sleeping like a baby)but it didn't seem to affect me in any way. I massage for 10 minutes (hand expressing)and pump for 30 minutes using nipple pullers, I've been interested in trying a penis pump on my tits it seems to work so well and hold firm.

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WANTED: BBW/SSBBW Online Sub/Slave/Pet to play with on Kik

I'm just going to keep this simple...As much as I like all submissive slave girls of any size, it turns me on to no end having a bigger woman devoted to being my sub/slave/pet to command, abuse and do my bidding over Kik. I want a fat submissive woman who can follow my rules to the letter and who enjoys being commanded, tamed, dominated and punished at the mercy of her strict and dirty-minded master

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In seeking a hucow

I am a 25 year old master seeking a hucow to breed and lactate. If you are interested please let me know.

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18 y/o slave looking for creative master

Hello, I'm a 18 y/o slave, interested in a long term relationship. Starting online with a trial time and contract, maybe if it's working I'd be willing to relocate.
I'm not interested in men older than 35 and violence, which passes over the borders (e.g. blood, staying scarves). I'm also interested in poly household, hucows, for more information message me here or on kik.
Kik: slaveaurelie

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hucow france

je desire savoir si il y as des hucow en france ou fes farmer
y as t il des personnes qui sont dans le sujet


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