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Seeking a hucow

Hello I'm looking for a hucow to breed or start lactation. I'm looking for healthy women that are ddf and are prime for breeding. If you have already had a baby I'm very interested in adding you to the herd. Whether thick, thin, short or tall I'll make you part of the herd. The milk will be used to make yogurt, ice cream, and a great majority will be donated to a milk bank. Any money that is make off the products will be spent on the beautiful hucows. I have everything ready for your arrival and look forward to hearing from you.

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Looking for Master

I am new to this and looking...
Any masters in Ohio?

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Thick female slave for mean aggressive doms

I'm looking for a local master to serve or perhaps an online one with the potential to meet offline. Into all kinds of kink and fetishes. I am obedient and know my place. Not many limits.

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Looking for training and forced lactation

I am a submissive who has had some training but want and crave to be trained to be completely and utterly used to do anything that is asked of me I particularly have fantasised about being pissed on and in and degraded,humiliated and forced to lactate.

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Connecticut Master searching for live-in slave/hucow or regular day slave.

Master in Connecticut searching for live-in (in private dungeon) secretary slave. I love hucows and to train slaves. You may be married and it could be a regular day training or you could live here. I am married and my life outside is very vanilla. I have been a Master for almost 20 years and have recently reset a dungeon for my slaves. I have trained 4 since then for other Masters. I will provide all you need if you are a live-in but you will have strict set of rules and expectations. Size/weight does not matter to me. Limits are [filtered word] and blood. Contract and safe words respected.

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Pre op transsexual looking to lactate and be milked

I've been on hormones for several years so have natural breasts, even if they are small, and would love to be made to lactate. I would love to be fed from a trough whilst being milked by machine, perhaps you have a special feed blend of herbs and grains that will help me produce more milk.

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Hucow needing training from master or farmer.

Hello, I am a 19 year old female in Georgia. I am looking for a master or farmer to help me on my journey to becoming a Hucow. I need structure and a daily list of things to be done but would also like financial help in purchasing pumps and supplements. I am open minded to being only online or eventually meeting.I'm willing to send pictures and videos of my progress. I would like to be in constant contact though I do not expect romantic involvement though I'm not against it. I'm open minded but I am truly craving a Hucow life.

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