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Looking for that one true female ready for seed.

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what pump to use to induce milk?

I am in search of a breast pump that is powerful enough to induce lactation along with a hucow training program I am creating.
My question is, does anyone know a strong enough pump? Not a cow or goat pump since they get a bit pricey.

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I am seeking a master or mistress to help dehumanize me into the cow that I am. I am not currently lactating, but wish to very soon.

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I am under the consideration for a dom

I am under the consideration for a dom

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I Want to be a Hucow

I want to be a hucow. I want huge udders that get milked and to be bred so I produce calves. I want to crawl on all fours, live in a barn-like envorionment, and only say "moooo!" when I speak. My farmer is free to use my nasty fat cow body however he wants to and share/rent me out to whoever he wants.

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Slave anyone?

Hi, I'm here and I'm looking to be a pet for anyone who would want me. I would do online sessions. I will wear any clothes you want, put my hair how you like it, and even do my makeup special for sessions. I'm looking for a master to tell me what to do and how to do it and when to do it. I'll do anything to please my master. PM me or send me an email at

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skype with the cow?

Anyone want to get on skype with this cow?

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Hello, this is kNeo.

I'm a 26 year old male who has spent the last few days of my 3 week long vacation reading up on this website about the lifestyle you enjoy and cherish. One particular aspect appealed to me more than anything - having HuCows .I have never had such immense pleasure reading about anything else till date. I am too young to yet be involved in something like this but you know how you get that feeling of "that's it"? Yeah... I got that when I discovered this world of pleasure that was unknown to be before.

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Looking for...

Looking for an online hucow, preferably blonde n busty but hair dye can suffice but diff innately busty. Wheat her this would evolved into realtime only the future would tell. I seek a healthy hucow with no health or emotional issues. Feel free to send Me a message if interested.

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Any HuCows out there?

Hi, I'm looking for someone to be my online hucow. If you can't already lactate, you will use herbs and creams so that you can. You will milk yourself when I say so and if I ask for a picture or video, you send it. Depending on how far you want to take this I may have you turned completly into a cow, up to the possibility of a branding. If you are interested in becoming my cow, comment with your kik, Skype or anything else like that.

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