hucow, milked udders
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any hucows in this group

mmm love to know, mabie meet up

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any hucows in this group

mmm love to know, mabie meet up

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Would you apply for a Milking Station program? (Health Benifits Included)

Would you go for this------->

I have research herbs from anti-cancer to Aphrodisiac and anti-aging to lactating, and bigger breast for women.
And it would nice to have a hucow so I could asset them through my fantasy. Pretty mush I induce lacation ether hormones or stimulation I prefer to emulate someone being prego without being prego. Unless your into breeding.

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Milking Station Program

Hi I am new here and this is my fantasy that would like to try. I would like to Induce lactation to a hucows new or not for 6 months to 9 months for the inducing phases(no pumping or suckling in this phase) unless you need it too speed it up, which may cost better results.
With bunch of milk station tables which I will be designed like a massaging table with comfort in mind since I'm a very kind master that gives great comfort to his hucows(including messaging her) because I like to keep my meat thirty for more especially when I am washing her.

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Tapping the teats - Week 1

Master Daddy knows my large breasts are a great source of shame for me. No matter how I try, I can't cover or hide them. Master Daddy was never drawn to them in the past, but something changed. When he announced that these useless teats should be milked, my lip quivered and tears rolled. I didn't want to have any more attention drawn to these large fleshy mounds. I've never bred so I do not know the sensations of a full teat.

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Hucow slaves...

human female cows that are used for milking, breeding & pleasures to their owners...

this group is for all the farmers that have human [filtered word] such as Hucows, pigs & sluts...
These hucows will be forced milked 7 to 9 times daily until the milk comes in & will have cowtail plugs, ear tags so each pig and cow will have a number, a cowbell & possibly hoofs and all three holes will be filled constantly with either dildos, objects, toys or cock...
They will have their own stall in the barn, will be restrained to the sides of their stall and will be force fed daily.

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Milking machine

I am wanting to buy a goat milking machine for myself. I want the real experience of being milked like a hucow should be. I did not realize there are so many machines out there!!

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About me

I am new to this culture but been exposed to several nights of submission and nipple suction machines and was totally turned on by it. Want to make myself lactate now and being shackled down like a hucow and milked while my holes are being filled and stretched to whatever my Dom desires with in reason. I DO NOT want needle play or piercing to objects. I like pain but in small doses. Want to condition my body to take more with out tearing or blood. I have found with self play I can handle quite a bit but think I could go so much farther under a trainer or mentor!

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