hucow, milked udders
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Hucow slaves...

human female cows that are used for milking, breeding & pleasures to their owners...

this group is for all the farmers that have human [filtered word] such as Hucows, pigs & sluts...
These hucows will be forced milked 7 to 9 times daily until the milk comes in & will have cowtail plugs, ear tags so each pig and cow will have a number, a cowbell & possibly hoofs and all three holes will be filled constantly with either dildos, objects, toys or cock...
They will have their own stall in the barn, will be restrained to the sides of their stall and will be force fed daily.

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Milking machine

I am wanting to buy a goat milking machine for myself. I want the real experience of being milked like a hucow should be. I did not realize there are so many machines out there!!

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About me

I am new to this culture but been exposed to several nights of submission and nipple suction machines and was totally turned on by it. Want to make myself lactate now and being shackled down like a hucow and milked while my holes are being filled and stretched to whatever my Dom desires with in reason. I DO NOT want needle play or piercing to objects. I like pain but in small doses. Want to condition my body to take more with out tearing or blood. I have found with self play I can handle quite a bit but think I could go so much farther under a trainer or mentor!

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lactating and pregnant women wanted for hucow bondage sessions in greater NYC area

I seek lactating and/or pregnant women for my video projects for .
I have done one lactating girl, in two sessions, and it was great fun; the videos and photos have been popular as well. I have also done two pregnant women and their photos and videos worked out well. I am in NYC. I can't travel outside the greater NYC area but I can make it worthwhile to travel here to work and play with me.

Sexual contact is a plus, bondage is a must. Pee fetish (solo girl peeing, for my site is also a must. Everything on camera.

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Master Dom, Farmer, Slave Trainer

>) Looking to start another herd. New & old cows will be trained in person or long distance. Multiple methods known with vast experience with proven results. Am gentle yet firm, nice but knows when to be harsh, even for those who are long distance. Follow me & I shall show you worlds of pleasure you may not even beging to know of.

Email me pics & info to apply for open positions. Breast size, lentgh they hang, aerola diameter, nipple diameter, nipple length, milk quality (new, whole, golden), full body measurements, number of calves (childern).

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Just checking things out

I just found this site tonight and decided to register. I recently heard about hucows, milking machines, udders, etc. and it totally turns me on. I fantasize about having HUGE milked filled udders with long nipples and being hooked up to a milking machine several times every day.

Here's the catch though: I am a large woman with size 44A breasts. You might be thinking to yourself, "I didn't even know they made that size bra!" and you're right, they don't. I use sports bras mainly. I keep crossing my fingers that the booby fairy might pay me a visit someday.

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