hucow teat clamps
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Trying to find the best milk machine at a decent price.

Does anybody now a great website to find a milk machine at a decent price.

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New fetish

I'm really amazed at how quickly this fetish has become such a big part of my life. I'm only just beginning to train, but already it has changed nearly everything I do. I only wish I could afford a stronger milking machine - breast pumps seem too weak to get things started properly. Or I could be too impatient!

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Hucow needing training

I am looking for anyone willing to adopt a new hucow slave I am an 18 year old college student so I cant travel My bra size is 34D. I live in Knoxville so go to my profile and contact me I live in dorms by the way

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searching for farmer

i have a great desire to become a hucow. for the moment i don't have any milk yet but i try to induce since a couple of days. is there a farmer in belgium or holland that will milk me. irl or online

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Today starts a new day

I am being trained as a hucow..My Master/Farmer has been great!!

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Elsie's Teat Time-Saturday 1/15/11

Elsie's teats are stretched and clamped in the barn on Saturday morning 1/15/11. The dairymen are preparing her for the day. Udders are 46DDD now...producing some great milk!

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