labia piercing
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A New Law Coming Out In The UK Next Month

Found this, this evening and even though it is very wrong it is also very important to Body piercers and to us girls/ladies that had/have or are thinking about getting piercings done.

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Here to be judged by order of master

A Group to Judge me on EVERY aspect I possess

This group is so people can judge every single aspect of me. My master would especially love people opinions on my tits, areolas, nipples, nipple piercings, my labia (inner and outter), my clit, clit hood, my cunt in general, my arse, my arsehole and anything else you would like to critique.

You can also add any iimprovemets or suggestions after judging me.

Please be brutally honest and detailed.


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This is my profile - it's about me.

This is long. So...go get a drink, settle down, and enjoy the read. So....

Seriously? If you don't have a photo of your face as your FIRST photo, don't expect a lot of respect from me. Thanks. YOUR FIRST PHOTO. Right? Are we all clear here?

As a result of surgery in my infancy, I am mute (my hearing is just fine, thank you), so chat is my preferred method of communication. In person I use ASL or SEE, or a Boogie Board—but I'm mute not deaf.

Put this in your profile if you know of someone who almost died from exhaustion dealing with all the BS here....

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Full text available to premium subscribers only

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mein stolz

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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Master Dom, Farmer, Slave Trainer

>) Looking to start another herd. New & old cows will be trained in person or long distance. Multiple methods known with vast experience with proven results. Am gentle yet firm, nice but knows when to be harsh, even for those who are long distance. Follow me & I shall show you worlds of pleasure you may not even beging to know of.

Email me pics & info to apply for open positions. Breast size, lentgh they hang, aerola diameter, nipple diameter, nipple length, milk quality (new, whole, golden), full body measurements, number of calves (childern).

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Now, this is something that's fascinating for me.
On almost any pic that shows off a cunt or nipples there are always the "pierce them" comments and a bunch of others that agree with the idea.
There is never anyone that doesn't think it's a good idea to put big fat rings in labia or nipple. Why is that?

My Master loves to play with needles, because it's something that terrifies me. It's a turn-on that I get scared and a freshly done piercing can be a great source of pain when that's what He wants to give me.
He HATES the idea of permanent piercings on my body.

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Our Night: Part 2

I enter the room to see my prize. My wife spread and waiting for me on the bed, I take in the sight for a moment. I double check all of my cameras to make sure they are all on so that they may catch the events that are about to unfold. I then grab your remaining free hand and lock it into the remaining empty hand cuff on the bed.

Now, completely immobilized, you feel a little rush and panic. You realize at this point I can do anything I want to you and there is nothing you could do about it. The knowledge of what I’m about to do has my cock raging hard and throbbing.

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Our Night: part 1

The red LED on the clock changes to 4:00 as you save your work for the day and casually make your way to the car. The air outside is a little on the cool side as fall is setting in, leaves showing just a tint of yellow and orange. You take in the changes and start thinking ahead to the weekend in front of you.
You open the door to your car and notice a sealed envelope that has been placed on your seat. On the front of the envelope is your name.
You open the envelope and pull out a letter and a key. You begin to read the letter;


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