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24/7/365 pain/humiliation slave

Looking for a devoted 24/7 pain/humiliation slave for online correspondence, will take any age and those with little experience, just because it's over the net does not make it a joke, serious ladies only, as a tighter bond must be made for this and half assing won't do

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Seeking Online Female slave

Admittedly I am rather new at this
I am about to turn 23
I am a dominant perv who's main experience in this field has been though Role Playing online (more than happy to continue doing so given the additional fetishes that can be brought into an original world)
I am into older women so no I am not a 'Daddy Dom' type, I see older women as having more experience, hotter figures. I however I do draw the line at extreme ages 60+
As I said I am rather new at this so I may not know the boundaries others adhere to

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Male Master looking to humiliate and dominate female slaves

Looking for a slutty slave willing to be humiliated and dominated in every possible way. Age, Race, and body type does not matter, as long as you are female and can do anything that I ask for with picture proof. If you're interested add me on Kik: DerekDisten

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19 m master seeking for any kind of slave

I'm looking for both young and mature slaves of all age. Longterm relationship of course. More can be discussed later on. PM me here or add me on kik@jowshi
p.s. online for now and if we click then might advance.

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Brisbane master seeks young perverted slave

I'm dominant, demanding, controlling with a dirty mind to match my high sex drive. My kinks are extreme and taboo. I'm relatively fit and active and am looking for a young fit attractive slave.

If you want to be my slave, you must know what it means to be a slave; to be owned, to be my property, to have every facet of your life controlled by me, and know how to follow my rules. In return for your obedience and eagerness to serve, I will look after you and take care of you. Despite how I may sound after reading thus far, I do have a softer side, and can be very affectionate.

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28 Year Old Master Seeking Obedient Kinky Slave (Pet)

Looking for a no limit slave who is willing to give her life to serving a master and living to only please. Will be used as my property and treated as I pleased which will include being a in home 24/7 slave. I am open to pretty much all fetishes and kinks.

Serious messages only (Meaning message me if your interested owned)

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