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Used for my pleasure, at my leisure.

You will be used for my pleasure, at my leisure,
And during your tenure you will develop this culture.

Online we will enact, through email, cam or chat,
To pleasure me through the tasks given to you.

Stripped naked, exposed, you'll be reviewed to the most,
With your pussy, your ass and your tits always on show.

Theres no rush in what we do, trust takes the time its due,
But submission to me, does have its rewards.

When training begins, solicitousness always wins,
For a fail in a task, means a punishment looms.

Be piggy, or hucow, slave or submissive with limits,

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Amateur L -- dairy three times a day

thanks for all the nice compliments, will post a few more from this series if you like them

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Sadist sucht auf Augenhöhe

Feinsinniger versierter Sadist (42/182) – mit Niveau, Verstand und Erfahrung in vielen Extremen – erwählt, erzieht, befehligt eine Sklavin, vorrangig masochistischer Natur.

Sehr gerne gut erzogen, verdorben, Intellekt auf Augenhöhe, bis 40. Zuschriften von Anfängerinnen sind willkommen, wenn sie sich ihrer Neigung absolut bewusst sind.

Diskretion, Respekt, Offenheit und Vertrauen sind fester Bestandteil. Gern auch mehr.

Soziale Bindungen gleich welcher Art werden akzeptiert.


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Slave/sub wanted for breastplay or hucow training

I am looking for a female slave/submissive for online-only training. Training will involve breastplay and if circumstances permit, lactation. Willingness to be a hucow preferred but those just into breastplay are welcome to apply.

Must have webcam.

Breasts must be supple enough that slave/sub can easily suck on her own nipples for extended periods of time since this will be an integral part of the training.

Training is to occur during weekday mornings or afternoons.

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I need a master ASAP

Ałl you have to do is bring equipment and pick me up let me know. I live in Knoxville

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Shy 19 year old whore dreaming to be milked

I am 5'9'' and 125 pounds. Recently I've gained 15 pounds and my breasts and belly have slightly expanded. I now have 30c's and I've never felt more sexy. I keep fantasizing about becoming pregnant so my breasts will swell with milk and having my breasts pumped while I stand on all fours like a cow. I'd love to be kidnapped and force fed and breed until my boobs grow more and more. <3

I'm looking for a man who would be willing to own me and deny me of any human rights. I'd love to just be someone's dairy cow.

sexyunicorn2.0's picture

Real or virtual

For some reason I cant find a master. I cant travel but I want someone to Hucow train me. I cant do 24/7 because of college but yet most people here are either looking for a sex toy or a online commitment which I can do neither. Big tits play in as well. Im average the point of Hucow is to watch her boobs grow and obtain milk im a 34D but it takes the fun out if her boobs are already big naturally. What men fail to realize is that her bra size grows 2 cup sizes just from lactating 2 months. And the more you milk her the bigger they get ! So why the long faces.

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Alone again

I thought I found someone that wanted me but has dropped off the face of the earth. Now i'm once again lonely and disgusted. Just need that older Daddy to really show me some attention.

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