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I have more ideas

From going threw all the pics on here have gotton me all hot. I just want to say somethings i found that i hope i can find a mater that can do witch is the needle work and the enemas and everything making me suffer i am just a cum dump human toilet enema whore cock whore and evrything a master wants.

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A little bit about myself

I was put on this earth to be a slave. I am here to be fucked. I am a human cum dump. I take loads upon loads of cum having no worries about getting bred nothing from a master. I am here to be human artwork if master wants. I will do what ever it takes to please master doesnt matter how bad it is. I am here as a human toilet to eat shit and drink piss. To make sure every spot on master is clean. I am here to be fucked till master is please. My cum dump hole needs to be filled with cum needs to be streatched to the max to where master wants it. Pierced marked punched, fisted and everything.

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Male master looking for long term female slave

I. Who am I?
I'm 25 years old dominant male from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm funny and compassionate person with huge sense of humour and taste of good things in life. I'm a little bit nerdy and a little bit geeky. I like sci-fi and fantasy stuff like books, movies, tv series and games. I love going to parties and concerts and I mostly listen to metal/rock and trance. I also like going camping or anywhere in the nature - forests, mountains, sea shore. I like people who are honest and I'm trying to be such with people I care about. I'm also sometimes very romantic.

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Lonely Wealthy master seeking slut toilet slut public humiliation.

Hello my name is Jay. I once had a slave to do as I please. She is no longer with us on this planet due to a vehicle accident.... I have ever since been depressed and lone for another in my life. I'm wealthy and fight MMA. I'm not the type to look like i do such activities but it excites and rushes me. I am very exclusive in things I want. I love humiliation making her do as I say. Pissing on her anal play throat stretching tied up biting and much more. I have no problem inviting one to stay under my roof I live alone in my house.

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My lactation journey, Part IV

Master and I am have been patiently pumping and waiting for the milk to start flowing! Things have progressed to heavier breasts and a slightly milky discharge, and we can sense the ultimate reward is around the corner. But it is extremely hard to be patient when we want this so badly. Meanwhile, Master is pushing milk, FenuGreek, lactation cookies, dates, protein drinks, lots of water, etc. Everytime we read something about lactation, we learn more about what works and what doesn't. But it will be a relief when my milk "come in" and I can go back to a semi-normal diet.

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In search of worlds dirtiest filthiest female painshitslut ever

I am looking for a dirtiest filthiest female masochist slave ever. She will be treated as worthless piece of shit and pain torture and humiliation will be her world. Live pictures of body and face are must. Only serious girls who are willing to perform are welcome. Good shy girls please stay away. Tasks will include spanking slapping nipple torture face treatment ass treatment cunt treatment and more. It may go more rough. I may ask you to soak your face Inside toilet stool. If you are one then kik me @ pervertmaniac

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Looking to own a toilet slave / a painshitslut

To become my slave, complete the below mentioned registration process.

1. Go and soak your face and hair in toilet stool. Take bath with your piss.

2. Write your new Masters name my name ( Peter White) on your forehead with lipstick or a marker. Respect for Master is a must.

3. Slap your fucking face, tits very hard. Deep-throat yourself hard. Make those fucking tears come out of your eyes due to pain.

4. Tattoos ' Owned by Peter White ' must appear on your Butts.

5. Email me these pictures - to become my slave.

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My lactation journey, Part III

I am now a week into my attempt to lactate. All the adjustments have been made to my diet, and I have begun taking Fenugreek. So far, my Master's breasts have gotten puffy and my bra is tight, but only a few drops of milk appear after suckling, pumping or manual stimulation. But I remain vigilant. I am constantly smelling milk and when I hear my Master's voice, his breasts stiffen up and the nipples come to attention! (I am told this happens to breastfeeding mothers when their babies cry.) Five times a day, I pump and visualize the milk flowing into my Master's mouth.

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Couple seek female sub as part of poly family - UK ONLY

UK Dom/Domme couple seeking UK female submissive to join our poly family

To seek female (from the UK or Europe) for 24/7 or poly relationship. No males. We have no [filtered word] currently, but expect will in the future.

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Looking to own a toilet slave with kik messenger.

I am in search of a painshitslut toilet slave with kik messenger. She will be only under my ownership. I will make her face soak in toilet stool and then my Name written on her forehead which will indicate her submission to me. I will make her do piercings and tatoos 'Owned by (my Name) which will appear on her butts. I believe that i am worlds most brutal Master ever. So if you are a painshitslut download kik messenger and kik me @ pervertmaniac to get degraded like a fuckmeat.

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