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25 yo master seeking female slave

Hello everybody
I'm 25 years old dominant male who is seeking female slave for long term online relationship.
First - who am I? - 25 yo dom from Bulgaria. I have been in bdsm for almost 6 years. I had own slaves online and dominate over subs in real life. I'm now trying to find online slave with serious intentions and for a long term. I really like not to just own the slave but have her as friend for casual talks and chats. I think this is important for building trust between each other. It's good also if slave could be regular and keep schedule or notes for tasks and stuff.

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Slave Needs Master for real time, Long term

I am Bri I am looking for real time, long term relationship with a master. I am NOT into web cam or endless chatter on the internet but if we do click I would like to talk on the phone and hopefully work towards meeting. I am ONLY open to meeting a dom somewhere public on the first meeting. d/d free is essential to even consider a relationship.

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About Mammacow


I'm Mammacow. found this site while perusing the internet and thought I'd give it a shot here.

I'm a fat cow with proven fertility IRL. but the real world isn't why I'm here at all. I'm looking for folks into the same thing as I am.

I want to be your overfed pregnant pet cow, or maybe just one of many of your herd. I love the ideas of mad science and any ideas that would end in me having a large tight belly.

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Steps to start lactation

I need help with training to be a hucow. I want this so bad I am financing it, how can I do it on a budget !

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Online milk slave

Any one want to train hucow over Skype

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New lactating videos of mine

Make Milk for Daddy, part 1

I've made new lactating videos with chubby ebony girl Renee. There are several videos available from the two sessions we had and I have more footage to edit.

The videos include bondage, hand expressing milk and use of electric breast pump. B/G hardcore is in some of the videos. That is to say, in some videos she sucked my cock and in a forthcoming video I fuck her.

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looking for hucow slaves to train online

Hi im looking for girls wanting to be trained into hucow milking slaves. If you are interresed in having your tits become big lactating udders contact me.

Master Psalmodis

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Looking for some fun on kik subs/slaves

looking for a sub/slave to have some fun over kik i'm into whatever your into except for piss shit and blood
i like tit play/torture, humiliation, toy play, ana, chain play, bdsm, latx etc.. I also train hucows

in you first message of kik include you SF username and where your from and what you like

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Becoming a real Hucow

I am seeking a female that wants to become a real human cow. I am not interested in those that think its a fantasy or not able to be breed or not willing to be breed for natural milk production.

I know there are some things that a female can take to get some milk flow from her tits but I want a female that will produce gallons of milk doesn't care how large her tit/udders will become or that her nipples will become teats that would get a few inches long from being milked by a milking machine.

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