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looking for an online sub

Hello girls, Hello Ladies...

I am a master for over 10 years...

I am looking for an online sub.. You must be at least 18 years old..may accept a submissive couple but no single males.

I need you to be very sincere in your wish to serve an online Master.
You do not have to have experience of any kind.

You must be able to send me pictures of yourself carrying out my
orders and also write a report of what you did and how you felt during
your obligation.

You must have a webcam..

Since this is online, all punishment would be self imposed,

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Looking for a new slave or slaves to be collared.

Slaves on kik that have a burning desire to be owned or are interested in the lifestyle.

I created this group to find females that have a burning aching desire to become my property. A little about myself I am a caring master well educated in Bdsm, slavery, torture, and slave training. Also, I will help anyone who has questions or topics about the lifestyle. The best way to reach me is on kik @ DangerousDrose. I am always willing to take on a new challenge and create new bonds. Slaves should know to be on their knees with their legs spread, hands on their head, feet tucked under them, withered their back arched and those titties better be on display.

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I am looking for the perfect, long term slave, serious only

So I've posted several times on here. No luck so far, but I will not give up. So I'll start by telling you what I am NOT looking for. I'm not looking for anyone that will disappear after a short exchange. One might say, well maybe you didn't hit it off with each other, but we've all been there and can tell when there is no chemistry or when someone seems to drop off the face of the earth. I am also not looking for anyone who feels the need to come across sexy or kinky. There is a time and a place for everything and when all you can talk about is how wet your pussy is...well...

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Master searching for painshitslut slave for abuse

Extreme Strict Hardcore Master looking for a roadside nasty filthy female slut who deserves to be below Man's boots.

If you are a worthless whore, painslut, humiliation slut, toilet slut, with degradation, gangbang and [filtered word] fantasies, I will be your Master.
kik me @ jamesdeenrocks

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Back to the Dirt

I'm starving for attention. I need tied. Used. Reminded. Hurt. I need so much. I want it all - to be bound in the ties of darkness and those desires that are hushed even in the more open circles. I need to serve in the grace of disgrace. I need a few days of intense discipline and use to reconnect with the inner slut. I need the dirt. And I need someone to take charge again.

The truth is, I'm not very good at taking care of myself. I've survived, yes. Barely. I need controlled, ordered, traded, punished, milked, stretched, worked, fed, starved. I need owned.

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So, SO happy!

I think I've mentioned a few times over the years that me and Master have worked on getting me to lactate.
We bought simple breast pump at first but when we didn't get any results in 6 or so months we invested in a hospital grade breast pump a few years ago and I've used it daily since we got it.

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Hucow needing training from master or farmer.

Hello, I am a 19 year old female in Georgia. I am looking for a master or farmer to help me on my journey to becoming a Hucow. I need structure and a daily list of things to be done but would also like financial help in purchasing pumps and supplements. I am open minded to being only online or eventually meeting.I'm willing to send pictures and videos of my progress. I would like to be in constant contact though I do not expect romantic involvement though I'm not against it. I'm open minded but I am truly craving a Hucow life.

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female slave seeking lifetime ownership

hi, i'm a 23 year old canadian slave seeking placement with no way out, to be completely ruined for the vanilla world and to be made into a good cocksucking subhuman piece of fuckmeat. please message me here or on kik (hucowww).

thank you.

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Add media

I have a few pics courtesy of members of [filtered word]forum. Can I add them to media here? If so how do I add them? PS: Anyone here who's a member of [filtered word]cage as well, you can save your content from [filtered word]forum and repost on [filtered word]cage.

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Little girl seeks experienced Daddy.

Hi there
I'm seeking an experienced Daddy, in his fifties so there's a Daddy/Daughter age gap. Emphasis on experienced please. I'm not a slave, I'm a little girl. If there is a dominant couple out there willing to be Mommy and Daddy to a little girl that would be fantastic. I seek a Daddy to mentor me in all aspects of life IE parenting. Please only message me if you're an experienced Daddy who considers parenting and mentoring important.
I do not have kik or skype. Sorry.

Please disregard previous edited post.

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