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seeking a hucow

Hello I'm looking for a hucow to breed or start lactation. I'm looking for healthy women that are ddf and are prime for breeding. If you have already had a baby I'm very interested in adding you to the herd. Whether thick, thin, short or tall I'll make you part of the herd. The milk will be used to make yogurt, ice cream, and a great majority will be donated to a milk bank. Any money that is make off the products will be spent on the beautiful hucows. I have everything ready for your arrival and look forward to hearing from you.

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 03/03

Hello everyone. Im gonna give yet another update to my hucow journey. Then i will give you some facts about me

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 02/24

Hello im back lol. I promised i would tell the purpose of my lactation 2 weeks ago so here i am now. First i will give my update

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forced lactation

I miss my fits being firm and full of milk. How it would drip out and how sore they would be before nursing. I am looking for help on how to make milk come back in so I can milk myself and keep my milk producing and becoming a cow to make me more desirable as a slave looking

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Calling All Hucows in South Florida

Know that saying if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself? Well that principle applies here also. I have been searching for a farmer with a "ranch" for a good year now and have not found one (or one that just wanted to pump I should say). So I'll be forming my own Ranch, where I'll invite other hucows who are just as fed up with it all as I am to come over and get pumped.

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Why is so difficult to find her?

I'm still seeking her... she's around, I'm sure but she doesn't come to Me...
I'm still waiting but I'm sure I will find her. I want a true sub/slave female, I'll train her very well and very strict, I'll give her a good discipline and let her behave as a proper slave. Age is required in range 20-40, she doesn't need any experience, she just needs to be ready to learn how to be a good slave for this Master. Limits will be concorded and respected. A good leash is awaiting you slave, pm Me if you're ready to wear it.

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 02/10

Interesting week....oddly enough my butterfly has come and gone since my last update. So this past week i decreased my pumping and massages to 1 pump and 3 massages. They were too swollen to get pumped for long anyway so i let them heal internally at this time. But ive since increased my pumping back up to its usual schedule. 3 pumping and 2 massages ill be at 4 pumping tomorrow. They seem to have gotten fuller since the end of my womanly debacle. Other than these findings same old same old. I havent been on the site since my last update so ill be responding to past questions at this time.

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