Lactation, Hucow
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Looking for Hucows across the globe.

Looking to start a farm with 3-4 cows. Relocating to PA, USA

As the name implies, I am a farmer fetish Dom. Specifically a Milk farmer. Though I am currently in the city, working toward my degree, I intend to own a fully operational farm with a specialty product, breast milk. All products and by products will be from women's breast. Thus, I am currently looking to train 3 cows to lactate plus an additional milk slave as a superior slut.

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Master Dom, Farmer, Slave Trainer

>) Looking to start another herd. New & old cows will be trained in person or long distance. Multiple methods known with vast experience with proven results. Am gentle yet firm, nice but knows when to be harsh, even for those who are long distance. Follow me & I shall show you worlds of pleasure you may not even beging to know of.

Email me pics & info to apply for open positions. Breast size, lentgh they hang, aerola diameter, nipple diameter, nipple length, milk quality (new, whole, golden), full body measurements, number of calves (childern).

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I have begun my training as a HUCOW. I have audition photos available and have completed my first milking and breeding sessions. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with all. Additionally I have the urge to be trained as a pig, but have not acted on those feelings.

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tit & milk fanatic seeks huwcow in mn/nd area

i am a experienced MASTER in minnesota/north dakota area seeking a huwcow in the area to serve me,i would like to find a slave with some old saggy tits or big old tits with large nipples for play and younger gal to be my milkmaid and to use for breeding to increase my herd,a mother daughter team would work great for slave would be expected to be human milked sucked by me and strangers then cow would empty there cocks and swallowing there cum loads,i like lingerie so when you are done stretching your nipples and pussy you can wear lingerie for me to enjoy,if you are interested in becom

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hucows for dairy farm

inducing lactation and milking on regular basis

girls/woman interested to be hucows for bondage,forced lactation,inducing lactation,milking udders for milk
for lifetime dairy milk production

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Need a HuFarm anywhere near Iowa, Please help..

Hello everyone,
This is my first post. I'm glad to be here, sharing experiences with you hucow enthusiasts. I think that it is a wonderful thing to be milked like a cow. After all, it's a blessing! Laughing out loud

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