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female slave looking for a true Master

Looking for a true Master that can handle me where I do like to push buttons at times, and humiliate and degrade me and not be a wannabe Master Smile

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bare pussies have more fun

i was wondering, the idea of the group seemed fantastic to me, and then it went still. So i will share...that one of my favorite marks as an owned slut is the pussy kept bare to please Master.

Nothing is the same with the bare pussy. Of course each might have different preferences, but even when i am fully dressed i feel exposed. Sometimes clothes are thin and when this weather allows the chilling air to run through fabrics...i know i am owned. The same thing happens with dresses, or tight clothes. It is a constant reminder that i am Master's and He has full powers over me.

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i need online humiliation treatment

Hi all,

here is my brief info, likes and dislikes;

this is an extremely masochist female slave and loves being humiliated insanely, extremely and mercilessly...
she is super ugly, flabby-uddered, sloppy twat
being treated like dirt, hearing heavy swears, extreme insulting disgusting namecalling, extreme verbal degradation, extreme humiliation, dehumanization, objectification, being mocked, being ridiculed in front of a group, being mocked and ridiculed with her ugliness and physical look, being destroyed her self respect, being ignored as a person, being not care of…

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Cropped Again

Dom gets me wet, then crops my cunt and asshole very hard. I must be a masochist. I crave it and when it happens I relish in the experience.

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Dom seeking a submissive female or slave girl in London or UK

Hello, I am looking for a submissive / slave / pet female. You can be inexperienced ( I also train ) or someone experienced who is looking for a new owner.

Ideally, I would be interested in someone who is mannerly and craves control and is into a few of the fetishes attached to this post. Please contact me and tell me a little about yourself and we can discuss further.

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Kinky Sailing Adventures - submissives wanted!

Company wanted for escapades in Northern Europe first, the Mediterranean and around the world later

Any adventure is more fun if shared by the right company.
Sailing is not any different, actually sailing leaves room for lots of kinky activity while you are on your way. You often need something to keep you occupied when crossing open waters in calm weather.

I have a few escapades planned, some in near future, some in the horizon. I would like to invite younger, sweet and sexy sluts to join me!

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Brisbane master seeks young perverted slave

I'm dominant, demanding, controlling with a dirty mind to match my high sex drive. My kinks are extreme and taboo. I'm relatively fit and active and am looking for a young fit attractive slave.

If you want to be my slave, you must know what it means to be a slave; to be owned, to be my property, to have every facet of your life controlled by me, and know how to follow my rules. In return for your obedience and eagerness to serve, I will look after you and take care of you. Despite how I may sound after reading thus far, I do have a softer side, and can be very affectionate.

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