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Overcoming feeling ashamed about New Discoveries

Never really thought of myself as a masochist, rather the place i have come to as a result of pushing beyond boundaries; a growth spurt expanded by exploration of coming to terms with from whence i came and a new found craving of forward motion. Maybe it is due to having limits pushed beyond mental capacity or perhaps discovering more of the raw, loss of control, thoughtless essence of the true me. At first i was ashamed and guilty for feeling like this emotionally.

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I am 20 and i am looking for a master online who will control me anything from pissing to what to wear what to eat (i am a fat slut who will not be worthy for a real master until I'm thin)

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Day 3

Day three was amazing. Master came over after work. I greeted him at the door and immediately went to my knees, which is where my place is. He said hello and instructed me to crawl and get him a beer. He relaxed in the chair while I got him a beer and took his shoes off. I washed his feet, and worshiped them. Master likes his feet to be taken care of. I cleaned them, massaged them, and then licked them and sucked them while he enjoyed his beer.

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first weight in tits

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question for slaves

are there any slaves out there that truly live there day to please there master for self fulfillment do you wake up thinking about how to please your master do you day dream of how to please your master do you push your self to be better for your master if your that kinda slave I wanna talk to you.

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I am seeking a slave who is very submissive who loves to suck cock and often. one who will present her self to her master one who enjoys pain intense pain. one who can control her self and her emotions and commit her self to pleasing her master every day and find new ways to improve her self for her master. always eager to please. one who understands by pleasuring her master is who understands master decides every thing. one who needs humiliation. and more.

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tit tied extremely tight

Slave pain cyn, Cute puppy tit tied very tight with Wire bands.

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