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Sadist sucht auf Augenhöhe

Feinsinniger versierter Sadist (42/182) – mit Niveau, Verstand und Erfahrung in vielen Extremen – erwählt, erzieht, befehligt eine Sklavin, vorrangig masochistischer Natur.

Sehr gerne gut erzogen, verdorben, Intellekt auf Augenhöhe, bis 40. Zuschriften von Anfängerinnen sind willkommen, wenn sie sich ihrer Neigung absolut bewusst sind.

Diskretion, Respekt, Offenheit und Vertrauen sind fester Bestandteil. Gern auch mehr.

Soziale Bindungen gleich welcher Art werden akzeptiert.


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I Often Wonder....

So me being me, and bored silly...I was walking back down the hall from a demented female patient's room for the 20th time last night and it struck me... "How will I act when I'm old and unable to care for myself?"

Then it hit me. I am going to be that little crazy lady who constantly screams,"DADDY please hurt me, it feels so good, Thank you Daddy my spanking!" and everything that goes along with DDLG... My poor little family...they are gonna have their hands full when I get old!!! Wink

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needles and wax 4

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needles and wax 3

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how many holes do we have in our body? i think i had quite a few..

this was such a nice feeling....charming, sweet and painful.. looks worse than it was. well, to my opinion.

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my pimp fantasy

i am taken by a pimp-, a nasty one who is violent cruel and twisted, being older and fat he has special clients that r just as brutal violent , ones who need want meat to torture [filtered word] hurt. i am beaten up for many days suffering brutal [filtered word]s while i am chained up, then pics are taken of me, he has a client, i am to go to he brings me there walks me in , we go to the basement there is some men and women, my pimp zip ties me to a stripper pole, a tarp is moved.

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just another day....

he said to me 'within 30-40 spanks you'll be crying and asking me to stop. after 300-400 spanks, he told me he had to take a break of a day or 2. next day he sent me a picture of his hand with 2 cracks on it. lol.

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I dreamed last night that all the submissive women's faces had suddenly shattered like butter-fly's profile picture. However, each had a distinctive fractional pattern and when they found their Daddy/DOM/Master, their faces would slowly heal back to a normal face.

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