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Big Bad Daddy Dom Seeking

Big bad and dirty-minded dominant back for truly submissive, filthy-minded and fucked up slaves to play with. Bonus if you are a homegrown sub from my side of the pond (aka London) 'cos then we might get the chance to have some hands-on fun.

I know how to treat all kinds of subs. The dirty-minded girl aiming to please or the drooling dirty fuckpig that pledges themselves or their bodies to me. Shame should be non-existant when you belong to me. I've seen and heard all the nasty kinks in the world and have a couple of my own, so nothing surprises me. Let's see if you can Wink

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I'm back. Looking for a slave to control.

Hello. As the title says I have been away for a while. And honestly, it kinda sucked without having a slave to boss around at times. Sense I am on mobile now.(my damn cpu fan decided to pretty much go fuck this shit I'm out.) it was an older machine anyway. The point is is that the best way to get in touch with me as of now is through one of the messanger apps listed on my profile page. I'll be honest and say skype is my preferred method due to being a text&calling based app in one. I'm still going for the strictly online way of bdsm.

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My fantasy about acting as public toilet

This is my fantasy about acting as public toilet.
Hope you like it.


At that day, I lay down in a men's toilet dirty floor,
totally nude with a pair of high heels only.
A rope breast bondage make my small breast sensitive.
I bend up my legs and master bond my legs and my left arm together so I cannot move.
A tube is insert to my ass, one urinal's pipe is detach and connect with that tube,
so if someone use it everything will go into my anal.
Then put a funnel gag in my mouth, and connect to another urinal's pipe,
so if someone use it everything will go into my mouth.

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More about myself

Hello everyone, happy to see lot of messages.

I am a lesbian femme, I had normal boy friend before and can make love with men.
But I prefer Masturbation / toys with other girl.
Me in real life was shy and barely have friends.
When I was young, during secondary school time, I searching for adult movie in the internet,
I prefer solo or video without men, then I found one is a woman put clothespin on her nipple,
insert a didlo and light 2 candle (each on her hand) and dip wax to her breast.

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I am a japanese who love BDSM. I don't have a real life master. I like to do punishment by myself.
I masturbate everyday.
I love pain but i'm afraid of blood, I usually use clamps and sometimes candle wax.
Too bad that my breast is too small and not suitable for many plays.
I also like dirty, for example I enema myself, lay down bend myself with my bottom up, then shit on myself.
But I cannot do this often because I hate the cleanup of the bathroom after play.
I also like humiliate myself like dress like a slut at night and writing on my body.

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Women to film in northern Europe

Zero budget amateur seeks women to film in humiliation and torture scenes. All right film rights go to "victims". I have no money just a camera. Most scenes are improvised with whatever we can find to do.

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