traintoy's picture

Lonely makes for fantasies...

Not a dark fantasy this time... Pretty vanilla if I do say so myself.

I frequently find myself at odds with reality. I want so much to find a man who will love me for who I am and use me as I so desire. I read stories, I smile at anyone who glaces in my direction, and I try to be available for the "you never know" meet. Well, he still hasn't found me, but I'll be patient and put my fantasies to print.

painandpleasure's picture

Where are you??

All I seek is a lady with very few limits, to serve me personally. you would be treated with respect, and used for my personal pleasure. You will be ready for use 24/7 for whatever I require. You do not know the meaning of the word "no"
Master1Alan's picture

Precocity in slaves

Down in the ads (the first one at the time I am writing this) is a girl whose ad title reads "female slave seeking a new master". So I clicked to see who this new talent is.

An impressive bio, I must say - though she limits herself to Austin, Tx. But let me quote the last few line

smudgr's picture

Our Play Toys

Slave is attached to a shur grip steel bed that is biting into her delicate flesh. She is displaying our furry bunny tails whip. Used for those times when a little softness is due.

Full text available to premium subscribers only

smudgr's picture

Our Play Toys

Tickler, A grouping of feathers for when you just want to tease them. Great after or before a flogging too!Care to give it a try with her?

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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Vacuum massage

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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Slave wanted in Chicago

I want to a part time female slave that can obey and serve when I require it.

Master Ted

bmymodel's picture

Master Seeks Female Slave Whore

I want a new female slave whore in Chicago for my personal use. Must satisfy me when I want it. Master Ted
bmymodel's picture

Chicago Master Seeks Slave

Master Ted seeks female slave in the Chicago area. Not 24/7 but on demand. Be prepared to service me and be humiliated by me.
bmymodel's picture

Chicago Master seeks Female Slave

this master seeks female slave in Chicago. I will not re-locate anyone here but you can come here on your own. Not 24/7 but when I demand to be pleased (which is alot).
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