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Sunday Worship 1

Today's worship and devotional session was 120 minutes of cunt, clit and udder torture - just the way My Owner likes it. My devotion to Him knows no bounds and He is free to use and abuse this worthless, fat cumdump in absolutely any way he sees fit. Aside from being bred, my sole purpose is to serve him, his cock and anything and anyone else he chooses.

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Experienced Master looking for a submissive girl. Kik MasterToroNL

I'm a 36 years old Master and experienced and since. I love things like sexual abuse, bondage, pain, humiliation etc.
I'm looking for a girl who wants to become my sub or slave online or in real life. I prefer a young girl (18+), so if you're unexperienced that's no problem as long as you're eager to learn and willing to try new things. Your hard limits will be respected.

So are you a girl and want to explore your submissive side? Send me a message at kik

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Experienced Master looking for a slave girl. Kik YourMasterNL

I’m a experienced Master, kind of sadistic, but always will respect the limits of my slave.

I love humiliation, degrading, pain, sexual abuse etc.

I’m looking for a girl who wants to be owned and become my (online) slave girl.
If you haven’t any experience, it’s no problem. As long as you’re eager to learn and willing to try a lot.

My kik is YourMasterNL

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Experienced Dominant Master looking for curious young slavegirl

An experienced, very strict, kinky and demanding Master, looking for a young, obedient, loyal and dedicated girl into complete submission, pain, humiliation, degradation, and abuse. I will make you realize how worthless you are. I am into a lot of kinks and fetishes including hard ass spanking, slapping, abusing you and making you cry, biting, hard pussy fucking, toilet slave activities, bdsm, bondage, humiliation, body writing and much more.

My ideal slave:

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Any girls who like to be used like a slut? Kik me @ theslutlover

I'm a Master, looking for a girl who wants to be my slave or just wants to be used like a slut.

I will respect your limits and it's no problem if you don't have experience.

Only girls, so guys don't waste my time!

Kik me at theslutlover

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European Dom looking for online slave to own and train longterm

First off al, about me:
I’m a guy, straight, in his mid twenties, experienced in training subs and owning slaves both online and irl. Sadly there’s not allot of slaves/subs in my area so I decided to focus on online training for now. I’m into allot of stuff, just ask me~ but creampies/breeding are my absolute fav.

Anyway~ i’m looking for a dirty little slave girl. One that is ready and willing to be trained, owned and used online. One that is willing to do all I ask~ as I train her to be an even dirtier and naughtier slave slut and cumdumpster.

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Master looking for female

Looking for a female slave, mistress or milf
Kik me antoniomaster699

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Experienced Master looking to train and own newbie/inexperienced curious little girl

Experienced dominant master, looking for a young, obedient, loyal, and dedicated submissive little/slave girl with a strong desire to learn, serve, obey, and please master to the best of your ability.

You will be master’s property, you will belong to master completely. I have a lot of fetishes and kinks including spanking, pain, bdsm, humiliation, anal training, potty training, body writing and much more. Previous experience is not necessary, newbies are encouraged to inquire.

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Master looking for a slave or pig

I am a master that has four years of experience willing to train and teach newcomers or get experienced slave or pig to talk to and be mine if instead please pm me

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Master looking for dutch slavegirl- (be it online or irl training) if you are into humiliation/dirty talk/the being used as toy

Master (in his mid twenties) is looking for a dutch slavegirl to use, humiliate/degrade and train.

Questions can be asked about this relationship: but i’ll be expecting a willing horny slut thats willing to be trained- fucked and used like a fucktoy. Id the relarion stays online then i’ll expect at least the training through the making/taking of pictures, recordings and cam.

If you are inteuiged or even willing: message me here or go to kik and message me directly at mr.baka123

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