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Need female for breeding, cum dumpster, creampie, domination

Seeking ovulating slave female in the Vancouver Island (Canada) area for breeding. I can help with travel to the island if necessary.

I'm an experienced dominate white male master, very clean and healthy. I have a very high sperm count, and I produce an excessive amount of cum.

I want a white slave girl who can take my entire load - all without spilling a single drop. Slave must hold it inside for as long as I demand while my sperm impregnate her defenseless womb.

I will treat you like an [filtered word] and breed you using a kitchen funnel. Masked, and 100% anonymous.

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Looking For A New Pet

Dominant white male looking for his new pet. I'm a 24 white male who has been into this for three years. I successfully trained one slave to become the obedient slut that she is today, and she's happily serving me. I'm looking for an online slave (preferably Kik) who will submit to me and only me. She will be degraded, humiliated, and will allow me to use her body completely. Since I have a deep fetish for lactation and breast bondage, I would prefer a slut with big tits, but any body type is fine.

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18 yo seeking sub for online and possible play

i am 18 im looking for a sub for online play and commands and if possible for meeting when comfortable kik me at nickcor9 and pm me to discuss more

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Master/Daddy Dom Seeking Plump Juicy Sub/Slave

Hi there

Experienced Master/Daddy Dom and proud BBW addict from across the pond here to share my primal lust for big girls. Looking for a plump and filthy-minded true submissive female to play with on Kik. If we click and you're in London or close, we can have some hands-on action too

I'll treat you the way you deserve to be. The dirty-minded playmate aiming to please or the drooling filthy little pigslut who knows her place and everything in-between. I know how to treat 'em all

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Master seeking live-in sub/slave

I'm looking for a woman who wants to live out her sexuality as a submissive slave and who hopefully happens to read this post,
sees herself in it and decides to respond to make this a reality for herself.
This is an honest search for a LTR, and relocate live with me not something quick/short-lived.

You must be obedient and submissive.
Untrained is best; I prefer to do your training according to my taste and standards.

You're looking for complete power exchange. You obey. I will be your owner and you My devoted submissive.

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Master seeking lifetime permanent live-in slave/sub

Naturally Dominant Man looking for the right permanent submissive woman to own and keep for the rest of her life for domestic servitude including humiliation and objectification and strict rules.

I prefer the woman who has no much life outside.

I can discuss and agree on her limits (things she can't do).

I do not care about her past experience. I will mold her to what I want her to be.

It is a private life at home.

I have a clean vacant corner in my room for the right woman. She can not ask for more than good food and proper cloths if I want to take her out for fresh air.

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master seeking female slave

I am an 18 year old dominant male looking for a submissive slave girl preferably between the ages of 18-25 must be willing to experiment with a variety of kinks and must be a resident of north america, for more details contact me at

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master looking for submissive female

Hi i am a male master seeking a long term female slave(age is not an issue) interested in relinquishing total control of herself. I am looking for a girl that loves serving and doesn't care what happens as long as it pleases her owner. Of course if there are any limits those will be respected. Fee free to message me but FEMALES only.


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Master seeking a online slave

hello there, i am a 22 year old master, seeking a petite submissive female to be my online slave, to be my slave 24/7 whenever i call, and to command and dominant. i have a caring nature when not issuing my commands, but can be firm, rough, and overall extremely dominant when i issue my commands.

so, any slaves out there that are around or below my age, who are young, petite or average figure, and willing to let themselves give themselves to me, in every way i desire, then i await for your message to me. in the mean time, i wish those out there a nice day.

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Dominant Master looking for Long Term Kik Slave

Possibly looking for a long term slave girl, for control over Kik first then real. Must be open minded and willing to obey my orders, however I will respect personal limits.
Reply or (preferably) pm me with Kik names and I shall talk to you presently. Prefer 18 - 20.

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